[Suggestion] Hunter QCX isn't up-to-par with other sidearms

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  1. Nehemia

    Edit: If any forum mod sees this, could you perhaps move it to Ideas & Suggestions sub-forum, where it belongs?

    Actually, it can be considered the least effective side-arm (unless heavily specialized). The Hunter QCX lacks in all important fields for it to be considered a viable choice as a side-arm.

    While it is the only side-arm that can in some cases indeed one-shot with a headshot (Why does it have 0.5 lower headshot multiplier anyways), its ridiculously low fire rate and muzzle velocity drop it out of the league in instant. Currently, the only real viability can be considered from equipping it with explosive bolts to "finish off" those Sundies after you've C4'd them to near death as LA.

    Stats wise: Hunter CQX has minimum of 200m/s less muzzle velocity, and 110RPM less fire rate in comparison to any other pistol. While it yes, deals the highest damage with a headshot (975, which is 75 more than the second highest, of Commissioner). It still has extremely low time-to kill in comparison to others (2 seconds minimum). Its firerate is so ridiculously low that if you don't get that headshot, you're dead (and if the opponent isn't infiltrator and has any points spent in armor, you're dead even with a headshot). To make matters worse, the 1 shot per second makes the weapon completely unforgiving, when you can fire at least twice on any other pistol during 1 second period. Did I also mention it has ridiculous bullet drop? What was the point of increasing its damage ranges, when the reliability of accurate hits is still so low beyond 30 meters the only target you can possibly hit is a stationary rookie, all thanks to its low velocity & high bullet drop? The cream on top of the cake however, is the lowest clipsize (while the reload speed min. is good), 4 ammo clips make it even worse for sustained fire.

    It has inbuilt silencer, that's the nice part. However even with inbuilt silencer it isn't difficult to pinpoint the player in organized play thanks to all the hit markers and the fact that the direction of fire is shown on death screen (if you manage to kill someone). So that doesn't justify its inefficiency. Best scenarios that make you laugh is when you manage to "ambush someone" and shoot them with bolt to back of their head, and while your guy loads in another bolt the enemy has already turned around and killed you.

    Suggestion: Increase Muzzle velocity to 220m/s (+70m/s) to reduce the weapons rather "insane" bullet drop. And increase fire-rate to 110RPM (+50RPM, to allow it to fire 1.8 shots per second. In comparison it still has 50 RPM less than Commissioner and with the clip size lower by 2, I'd find it a decent balance to start from. Other option is to try to work with 100 RPM and look from there).

    In short, it seriously needs some buffs to muzzle velocity & fire-rate. You could slightly drop its hipfire accuracy (why is it so high with laser sight?) to compensate.
  2. Hibiki54

  3. Plunutsud pls

    The Crossbow is the only sidearm with scopes and the only sidearm that can kill with 2 shots.

    It actually has great range for a sidearm, it's essentially a short range sniper rifle.
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  4. ironeddie

    It's fire rate is to slow. I do get kills though. You have to be a little distance away. You have to be accurate, miss and your dead. Ideally your target stays still between the first and second shot. It's amazing how many do.
    I've used the bow a lot through lack of better options on my vs infil stalker. It's not to hard to compensate for the bullet drop.

    But i agree it's a pretty poor weapon. Though I suppose it would to easily be made op. And given its not a sidearm the devs probably made it how it is so it wasn't a primary.
  5. Crayv

    It could using a little something, I have had people turn around and kill me from full to dead after I ambushed them with the thing.

    A faster RoF or better velocity and/or drop would go a long way to improving it. Also make it so it doesn't have really and tracer effect what so ever.
  6. Alectfenrir

    I do agree with OPs suggestions on how to buff the Hunter QCX since now the weapon is lower than mediocre. However I think that slapping in a 2x head shot multiplier would be a better idea and make the Hunter QCX a viable weapon.

    And OP, next time when making suggestions please post it in the Ideas and Suggestions forum :p
  7. FieldMarshall

    The 2shot kill is why i dont use it. I mostly die before i get that second shot off.
    Its also very hard to calculate drop, because it starts off normally, then suddenly the projectile will drop like a brick for no reason.
    I tried to redeem it by slapping a sensor dart on it and using it on my support engineer, but because the sensors doesent give any xp at all i couldnt be bothered with it.

    What i do like about it is the scopes, as i really hate ironsights on pistols.
    (the recoil/kick that blocks my screen/aim for a split second usually makes me miss the second shot if my target decides to move)
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  8. Nehemia

    Incorrect, for example Commissioner deals 1800 damage with 2x headshots, which is also capable of two-shotting a target.

    I just can't believe I missed that sub-forum, errr...
  9. Plunutsud pls

    Oh yeah but the Commie has accuracy comparable to a shotgun.
  10. hansgrosse

    The Hunter QCX lets my Medic, HA, and Engineer spam motion sensor darts. That alone makes it worth the certs imho.
  11. JOups

    If they buff the corssbow, i demand a buff the the patriot guns, making enemys get blinded by the light ...(höhö) and the snwoballcannon should freeze enemys hit or at least make them slower :D
  12. Iridar51

    None of the other sidearms can boast this:
    • access to scope attachments of 1x through 6x, including 2x and HS/NV
    • damage model 650 @ 35m - 500 @ 60m and 1.5x headshot multiplier
      • this means that crossbow can drop most targets with two hits, and can OHK infiltrators on a headshot within 43m.
      • consistent two-hit kill against full nanoweave targets within 40 meters
    • suppressed by default, i.e. you don't show up on enemy minimap when you shoot
    • available to all factions, so when enemies hear the shots they can't be sure if it's an ally or enemy shooting
    • one arrow and a knife swing instantly kill any infantry target, save for HA with overshield
    • has no visible tracer
    Aye, there are a lot of disadvantages to this weapon as well, as it should be.
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  13. Alectfenrir

    You've got good points there, but you forgot the fact that the chambring time for the Hunter QCX is 1 second, doesn't sound much but its more than enough time for a player to react when they get hit. Not only that, Gun + Knife has been "nerfed" a while ago making it very difficult to perform the action.

    Nevertheless I still love my Hunter QCX Gold, probably because I love crossbows in general XD
  14. Iridar51

    What do you mean? Nerfed how? The only "nerf" I remember is knife damage nerf.
  15. Thrasis

    The Hunter QCX is a very good sidearm for an SMG Infy. It's ok for an SMG Engineer. The range and damage and lack of noise can be a big deal in some situations. When you hit somebody from a hiding spot with the x-bow frequently their partner has absolutely no clue where you are.
  16. Vikarius

    Xbow should have been infiltrator exclusive from the get-go (SMGs should have been Inf and LA exclusive as well). If its not going to be, sensor bolt needs to go. Infiltrator is already lacking on having tools that contribute to teamplay, now you are basically giving access to their only one to every class. Sure, sensor bolt isn't as powerful as radar dart (per) but they can be spammed WAY more so in reality becomes just as powerful.
    Is infiltrator going to get a pistol that heals and revives? how about a repair gun? RL pistol?

    I heard the xbow is also not acting as described and dotting you on the map as if you fired an unsupressed weapon. That needs to be fixed ASAP

    Explosive bolt needs to be replaced with a concussive round similar to concussion grenade but at like 1/3rd the radius.

    Regular shot should OHKO on headshot every class (except HA with shield active) at 15m or less, so a small damage buff
  17. zombielores

    The weapon is a utility equipment primarily, now any class can have recon detect bolts or damage vehicles now (although it's miniscule).
    It fills the gap of a utility secondary because we already have 5 other side arms for each faction that can kill.
  18. Alectfenrir

    Okay this may be a bit difficult to explain but I'll try my best.

    Previously before the nerf as I stated, you can fire a shot and immediately knife your enemy causing what would be a insta death. In a bit more detail when you fire your shot and knife immediately you can see the projectile flying out of your torso while your knife swings out to hit its target.

    To sum up pre-nerf, the projectile and knife will hit the target at the same time which will regard as an insta kill.

    But after the nerf when you fire your shot you will experience a delay when attempting to knife an opponent. This is what the nerf was.

    Sorry if it may sound vague to you :D
  19. Iridar51

    I understand you, but I'm not sure I experienced this thing myself, and I shoot+stab regularly.
  20. Dracorean

    Its a weapon with designs origin dating back to 500 BC, what more can you expect from it?