[BUG] Huge fps drop, AGAIN

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  1. varg vikernes

    Hi everyone and sorry for my english. I played this game since 2013, so i can notice some things that realy have been changed. I talking about performance. I got i5 2400, 8gb ram and gtx 560 2gb. I know that now it's not even a good sistem, but in the start of PS2 i played it on HIGH settings and it ran good - 35-40 fps in big battle. With MINIMAL settings i never had fps drop below 60 fps. Also, at the moment of 2013 i had only 4gb ram. And it was PS2 beta. after a year complete version of PS2 was released, and here starts my troubles with performance. With every patch it was dropping, and at some moment i realised that my 4gb ram is running COMPLETELY FULL. 95%. Permanent freezes. So a upgraded it to 8gb. But, for me it was just a matter of time to face fps drops again. Now, after couple of patches, a have fps drops to 20(!!!) fps on MINIMAL settings. For me, it's unplayable. And i know that my sistem isn't top, but such awefull performance is something really new for me. I got latest version of drivers, clean coolers, fresh thermopaste. Game slowly becomes unplayable.
  2. customer548

    Gtx 560 is definitly a good and reliable GPU. But it gets old. I doubt that you'll be able to come back to any decent framerate like we had by the past with this GPU. (I had it too).
    If i were you, i would think about upgrading the CPU+Motherboard and GPU in a near future.
  3. Duev

    Just a few things you can do, to get an older PC running well again.
    1. Clean the inside. All the dust hinders the airflow and lets your hardware heat up which results in worse performance.

    2. Check your heat paste. You might need to replace it, as it can get bad over time.

    3. Delete everything unnecessary from your PC. That means looking for data that wasn't deleted by the uninstaller tools and delete the content of both /Windows/Temp and /Windows/Prefetch (it's safe to delete those files).

    3.5 You can install a programm like CCleaner to help you deleting all those files.

    4. Defragmentate your hard drive. I would recommend the application MyDefrag. Works great and will reduce the amount of big frame drops due to long loading times of textures etc.
  4. customer548

    It won't help, sadly. A Gtx 560 + I5-3570 can barely render more than 20 fps during battles, all settings on low.
  5. Duev

    He might not reach stable 60 fps, but he should easily get more than 30. I was running this game on a i3 2310m and a GT 540m on my laptop before and it generally achieved 30+ fps with some drops below 30.
  6. St0mpy

    PS currently has an unfixed stutter bug tearing down screen rates. See the planetside reddit for info on how to kill the rouge threads.
  7. FigM

    what operating system?

    I think Windows 10 has serious performance issues
  8. Vanapapi

    The fps used to drop to 27 in heavy fights (talking about those where there are 100 ppl shooting and throwing anything they can at each other in close quarters)... now it feels like 12, or something, instead.

    around 50 fps in avarage fights (those with 20 vs 20 shooting and throwing anything they can towards each other in rather close quarters)... Now it's less than 30, 20 even

    When nothing was going on, i used to get a solid 80/90 fps on max graphics (minus max shadows and max render distance and vertical sync)... now it's jumping around from 50 to 80, and sometimes just micro freezes on top of that.

    What happened? Is this the new standard? If so, I'll take a break from the game again. The last break lasted almost 2 years for me...
  9. Pfundi

    You guys know theres a support subforum where there are already a dozen threads about this topic (and a fix)? Just sayin' ...