Huge FPS down after last patch 16/09/14

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Ikarius77, Sep 16, 2014.

  1. Ikarius77

    i5-3570k 3.8ghz
    8gb Ram
    Geforce GTX 660

    Playing with Medium Settings

    Yesterday 58/59 FPS
    Today 29/30 FPS

    Come on.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ..
  2. Tyrant103

    Welcome to my world:D
  3. Colebuscus

    Was just notified that it is because of the last patch. Many people are experiencing the same thing... including myself, really all we can do is wait for them to fix it...
  4. DizzyMoods

    Game was running fine but once again, a new update destroyed the performance for me. Lost 10-15 FPS easily (Everything on High except shadows)
  5. Ikarius77


    right now I have the same FPS... 29-30, never above 30, after testing with medium and ultra settings.... in middle of huge battles or alone in warpgate....

    I missed something ?? ?? ? o_O
  6. CptLegshot

    Try to disable vsync or smoothing. If it's constant 29-30 without drops then something is limiting your fps.
    You can also check MaximumFPS= line in useroptions.ini but i highly doubt that's the problem.
  7. Ikarius77

    Don't know why, but smoothing was activated and forced in game settings, unable to disable it, after editing at useroptions.ini my game now runs at 150 fps... wow, thanks a lot for your advice.
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  8. Damz49

    Unplayable since Valkyrie update (crashes, freezes, frames drop) and thanks to this update it's now WOOOORSE.

    2mn loadings, then 1mn to display map, 3-7fps in any fight (even at warpgate), freeze from 32bits client arrived to 64 now.

    And my task manager said only 2.3GB of ram and 40% UC were in use.

    How is it possible to be so uncompetent, seriously.

    A 15 dev team unable to fix a problem they brought with a update in 3.5 weeks !!!
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  9. slawo

    I dont believable sony employ coders who cant fix damn game in 4 weeks, **** this game i lost hope this game already will playable
  10. SynaptixBrainstorm

    And now everyone imagine a new player who just downloaded the game with a good pc and good hopes for some nice gameplay.. they dont know yet that they have to edit the useroptions....SOE should let a little widow pop up which says how they got to do this and WHY< the why is even more important..

    I dont know how the current status of new players joining the game is but i would be amazed if the games overall population goes still up...