HUD Color Schemes

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  1. BlackKobra77

  2. IMTasty

    It doesn't though, playing as TR the objectives were red, friendlies were blue TR capture points were green on the display and enemies were red, With the new HUD you have the choice of one color, for everything concerning one faction. So Empire colors make everything TR red, friendly players included.

    Personally I've gotten used to it, still think a classic option would not hurt for those who want it.
  3. KM131

    The dropbox was there before and empire colour scheme works only for NC.
    As TR all the red names are your allies and the blue/purple ones your enemies.
  4. HoboZero

    That's not quite the whole story. If you have Empire Colors on their default colors as TR, purple names can be either Vanu or your own Charlie squad. Clearly, this was WELL thought out.

    So black, yellow, green and purple are taken up by squads. That leaves us with blue, red, and orange if we're just talking primary and secondary colors. White shows up the same as black. So as TR, we can either be Red ourselves with purple and green friendlies in squads, but then we have blue enemies to differentiate. And the other enemy is orange or maybe some other shade of blue. Or we can set TR to blue, which is probably the best option. But at this point, there's hardly any reason for Empire Colors to exist unless you just want your enemies to be red and a slightly different red.

    Making map icon colors and name/marker colors necessarily the same was DUMB.
  5. Shinrah

    I use white for my empire, and 2x red for the enemies. Pre GU-2 was imho way better, having different colors for objectives etc was nice. I understand that especially for color blind people an option to change the colors was absolutely neccessary, I simply don´t understand why no classic option was implemented. Or why you can´t customize the colors differently for objectives and even squads. I can only hope SOE will expand the HUD customization soon.
  6. FateJH

    I just leave friendlies "blue" and enemies "red" and, when it comes to objectives, keep track of who owns the base while we're in it. It doesn't really matter to me what faction we're fighting against at the time.