[HSTL] Hostile Paradigm: You uh got any more of them bastions?

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  1. Dr. Coathanger


    Alt Ttile: 7 Years drunk and counting

    HSTL is an older TR outfit that's somehow managed to exist since the early days of the original Jaeger server, 7 years on the drinking hasn't stopped and we're slowly drifting back into PS2 once again.

    So a little about our drunken selves; we're old, drunk, and rather uncoordinated but somehow that works in our favor.
    Our core group is a welcoming bunch of delinquents who will gleefully join in your very poorly planned idea if it means we can do something really stupid with explosives/galaxies/harassers/anything.

    Right now we're looking for players who are interested in just playing the game, doing really dumb ideas, and have a laugh while doing it. Or take squad lead from me

    How to join!

    We only have one requirement please be 18+, we're old and way to inept to learn the ways of youth. Otherwise you got three lazy easy ways.
    1. Join HSTL via the outfit browers
    2. Find an HSTL squad and join it to scream about the end of days
    3. Join the Discord and grab the Planetmans tag.
    So if you are interested in joining/playing with us or you really just want to experience the HSTL Lore (seriously we have 7 freaking years of it God help us) just join up and maybe regret that choice for a very long time.
    Our outfit ops are Wednesday and Saturday at 7pm CST, all are welcome to join in our unhealthy love of Australia and explosive.

  2. Dr. Coathanger

    HSTL Presents Mongolian Mondays (even though we do it on Saturdays)

    Tonight we had this amazing harasser op while throat singing was played to motivate our brave riders in the hunt for certs.
    If you enjoy dumb ideas like that pop in to our discord next major op is on Wednesday so who knows maybe we'll find some other awful theme to take advantage of.
  3. Dr. Coathanger

    You ever wana see how many dare devil flips you can do at 1am just because you can? HSTL is still looking for people to make huge mistakes and question life!
  4. Dr. Coathanger

    If you think angering a bastion with your big boi tank into hovering over your location while the platoon of players try to rain death on you is a good idea HSTL might be for you.

    If they finally kill you and your big tank after 20m and you decide to pull another from the base next door and do it again HSTL really might be for you.

    If your second tank dies to the fact they rain the entire air squads on you all at once while shelling your tank once more to kill a hard point then HSTL is for you.

    If you do it again with a 3rd tank because you can then lets be honest, HSTL has been waiting for you.[IMG]
  5. Dr. Coathanger

    HSTL is still going strong, our idiot skilled boys need more drunk brave souls to join in our efforts to do such questionable things like kill almost an entire bastion with infantry, die in fiery crashes as our galaxy clips a tree, and organized intersquad TKing sessions.

    If those sounds like awful ideas but you want to take part feel free to reach out to the outfit ingame, add CoathangerPhD as a friend, or even join our discord. No membership required just a questionable sense of whats fun or not