HSR 98.14% - ummmm

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  1. Towie


    lol this is just Daimyo effect, even bad player like me have similar stats on it https://ps2.fisu.pw/player/?name=ivanvanivan&show=weapons

    You probably just never used this weapon and don't know what it literally cannot kill anything with bodyshots, but bads never learn, you probably not even know how to "cloak with shotgun" and call it a "hack" too. Pathetic.
  3. Terrince

    Why the hate on this dude... Why on every forum post ppl bash other ppl. Most posters are trying to get the Dev attention, because they want the game to get better! I mean if their wrong correct them but without the club!
    The PS2 community gotta treat each other with the respect, we all want a good game to play! That's why we are on the forums.

    heh little outburt there... sorry
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    Because for me this dude looks like a bad player who searching for excuses, there is a cheaters in this game, but not that many. For example, similar players report me everyday, but for what? Because i kill them 3 times in a row? Or because i heard his footsteps and just prefire? This is so painful to see another /w REPORTED. I have less than 35fps and if i somehow manage to kill you 3 times in a row, this probably mean what you really SUCK in this game. So thats why i so rude.
  5. iStalk

    Lmfao! Dude its the NSX Daimyo. A full clip cant drop anyone (unless they are very very low on hp), so its a headshot only weapon. My god this is sad lol
  6. Marik

    So in case you still don't get it:
    Of all his shots, only about 46% hit the target. Of those 46%, 98% were head shots.


    Also falls du das immer noch nicht verstanden hast:
    Also von all seinen Schüssen haben nur etwa 46% den Getroffen. Von diesen 46% waren 98% Kopfschüsse.
  7. 0fly0

  8. Towie


    In case you still don't get it, he is chaining headshots. Look at your extended killboard - how many times did you chain headshots (like 1s or less) ? Very very very rare indeed unless you too have assistance.

    Look again at the person in question, it happens all the time.


    So three deaths in 2 seconds (all headshots) - skillz i'm sure. Not.
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  9. Towie

    So - changed your tune from this point in time then: https://forums.daybreakgames.com/ps...actually-glad-what-this-game-is-dying.252613/

    He's just proving a point. If he didn't go quite so ridiculously rambo, he'd get away with it like forever and have plenty of people jumping to his defense on this forum.

    Sadly - there are cheats in PS2. I'm looking forward to their promised effort to re-address the issue.
  10. iller


    key difference is what he cannot determinate who is cheater and who is not. As i said, bads always search for excuses, it is easier to call other guy a "hacker" than admit being a bad player. By his logic i am a hacker, cause i have same HSR stats on Daimyo, by logic of other plebs i am a hacker cause i tuned my headphones so i able to hear footsteps in the game where is 50% pop doesn't even know what they exists, same bad players report me cause i react on "spot" from cloaked stalker with pinpoint accuracy, they again report me for using heavy assault with auto shotgun and minor cloak implant, for them i am hacker cause i can cloak as non infil class. All this reports come from the same source - extreme incompetence and ignorance of game mechanics in the game they play.

    "There is a cheaters in this game, but not that many and most importantly - a lot of people think what they competent to decide who is hacker and who is not, but the truth is - they not"
  12. Towie

    You should maybe check out the guy identified in Ivan's previous post - https://forums.daybreakgames.com/ps...actually-glad-what-this-game-is-dying.252613/

    Extremely ordinary stats, not even close to the top 100 in anything, except - there is absolutely zero doubt this guy was cheating. Just because someone acquires a hack doesn't mean they know what to do with it (indeed - the people who want to stay around a while go out of their way to dodge the auto-ban - which seems pretty ineffective right now). Occasionally there is something that gives the game away, like chaining headshots or ridiculous SPM.

    There have been two notable periods where PS2 has been relatively cheat free. The introduction of Battleye being the most noticeable - like night and day difference - but the cheaters are cunning and resourceful.
  13. That_One_Kane_Guy

    ~1 KPM is not suspicious.
    ~97% HSR with the Daimyo is not suspicious.
    ~3.5 KDR is not suspicious.

    By your logic 90% of professional athletes should be preemptively banned for steroid use because they, too are in the top X% of their field.
  14. Towie

    Must admit i've kinda reconsidered on this one - it's the chained headshots that concerned me the most but considering he doesn't do this all the time and otherwise appears pretty 'normal', possibly just a bit laggy so multiple kills come in at the same time. My bad...
  15. ObiVanuKenobi

    It's very possible with Daimyo, have you ever tried it?
    Only other time i saw him get 2 kills in the same second was also when he killed the same guy 3 times in a row. I'd say he found a good spot to snipe a choke point with some medics or a sundy.
    I've never said that. If you link me a post where i say "there are no cheaters" i will paypal you 1000 eur or buy you lots of Daybreak cash.
    The guy you linked is obviously cheating but I don't think Rhaphox is.
  16. Scatterblak

    Haters aside, the moment you look at the stats and see the 48%/98%, it should be pretty obvious that it's a cheat - likely doing some CoF tuning and wild goose shots, and testing with the daimyo and the SR 200. Check the accuracy of those two weapons - 46.249% and 46.076% - but crazy headshot accuracy. All you need is a little math to confirm:

    1. Sort the weps by HSR.
    2. Pull the HSR and the Accuracy into Excel.
    3. Calculate efficiency by multiplying.

    Kill efficiency is what you really want anyway. The days of aimbots that instakill everyone are largely gone, because they're easy to spot - now, cheaters are selling solutions that simply give you an edge - hopefully undetectably - but they're still very tunable.

    Suppose you can set your CoF, hit percentage, and headshot percentages with an aimbot on a per weapon basis. *Way* harder to detect - you can get reported, and unless someone is going to take the time to go through all your stats and trend them, you might never be caught, if all you're doing is boosting yourself a bit. In this instance, it *looks* like the guy has made some adjustments:

    1. Let's apply primarily to the Daimyo and the SR200 (I've no idea why, I don't use those weps, perhaps someone else can offer an explanation as to why they might be good selections to test a bot with).
    2. My accuracy is generally in the upper 20's into the 30's -- I'll set these to hover around 45%/46% (the differences in the values between these two weapons is so negligible that it's probably due to other game factors).
    3. A 10%-15% boost shouldn't be detectable - I'll crank up the headshots to 9% or so, and since the total number of rounds hitting isn't that much more, I should be good.

    Except someone got curious and took a look.

    If you take the first 7 weapons after sorting by HSR, and then multiply across for general efficiency, here's what you get:

    Accuracy HSR Efficiency
    46.249% 97.540% 45.111%
    46.076% 86.890% 40.035%
    28.592% 47.060% 13.455%
    25.694% 39.600% 10.175%
    27.910% 35.710% 9.967%
    20.430% 33.330% 6.809%
    37.106% 31.750% 11.781%

    ...*if* there's a general trend down through most of the rest of the weapons (at least the ones where there's a statistically significant sample) where an efficiency rating is hovering around 10%-14% or so, I'd say it's pretty obvious that something fishy was going on. I haven't trended the rest of the weps - leaving that as an exercise for the reader.
  17. Somentine

    You guys are aware that the Daimyo is a unique sniper rifle in that it deals garbage body shot dmg (225?) but has an extra high HS dmg multiplier.

    Meaning that the only real way to kill anyone with the weapon is to HS, which is why even the average HS% is higher than other snipers.
  18. ObiVanuKenobi

    Except sniper rifles always tend to have higher accuracy and hsr than other weapons.
    And snipers aim for the head so hsr is typically high.
    And Daimyo is basically a headshot-only weapon.
  19. That_One_Kane_Guy

    It isn't, but let's play.
    Bud, 46% acccuracy with a bolt action rifle is ~top 10% material. Most users struggle to break 40%. This is indicative of a good player, not someone taking wild goose shots. The really good players are barely flirting with 50%.
    And it *looks* to me as if you are interpreting data to fit a conclusion you have already decided for yourself.
    Considering the burden of proof is on you to prove he is using a bot to begin with, why should anyone here do your work for you? More importantly, how are you going to go about judging anyone's performance with weapons you self-admittedly have zero experience with?
    We've just established you don't use either the SR200 or the Daimyo, so how are you comparing your own performance with unnamed weapons to a completely different person using completely different weapons and expecting to prove anything?
    With their eyes wide shut.
    Regardless of the accuracy of your efficiency equation, of these 7 weapons you are evaluating, 4 of them have less than 100 kills. One of them only has 3.
    There is no need. By your logic, not only have I been hacking since 2012, I've managed to ASP my account while doing so, all the while without ever being accused once.

    There are so many things wrong with this post I can't be bothered to go over them all. Suffice to say this is absolutely not how you interpret data and a large part of the reason I take every hackusation outcry with more than a small grain of salt.
  20. BloodArmoredApostle

    This post is bad juju. You are naming an individual on a forum. Shaming him with accusations which is a culture in and of itself. You obviously have no respect for people's privacy OP. Which in turn deserves no respect from me in my response. This is just bad analysis of the situation as noted in the post before me I do not understand why you are pretty much shaming another player on a forum. Normally, this would get this thread locked or you temporarily banned for posting an accusation which will damage a players reputation. Frankly, you should not post anything more because you have lost all credibility with this kind of post sir.