HS/NV 1x Scope, please fix!

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by Tehknorabble, Dec 22, 2012.

  1. Tehknorabble

    So I've seen a few mentions of it, and even saw a post a while back, tried searching and came up with nothing so I figured I'd post it again.

    The HS/NV 1x Scope is an amazing concept, but the white and black contrast with a black cross-hair RUINS the scope, if you ever have to aim at someone on a horizon with sky behind them (black) the cross-hairs completely blend in so it's impossible to see.

    PLEASE! Change the color of the cross-hair to either green or red so it will actually be useful!
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  2. m44v

    yeah, this is something people complained during beta, dunno if they will fix it.
  3. RoaRawR

    if they fix this, they must fix the " scope press Q = SPOT EVERYTHING" you can see , even the guy 500 m away get spooted

    I think will balance it out
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  4. Zanduh

    to be fair, if you can see someone then you should be able to spot them
  5. icesail

    neon green or at least bright orange for the mill dots of the scope would be REALLY helpful.
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  6. Ipecac

    The limited range is a balance factor, the invisible crosshair is just a design mistake. Hopefully they'll get around to fixing this sooner than later.
  7. Tehknorabble

    As far as the fix being needed on the "spot everything" function it won't really matter with HV/NS scope since it cuts off your vision pretty fast it's really only effective at very short ranges which in itself is a balance mechanic, you sacrifice your long range view for enhanced short range
  8. RoaRawR

    Indeed but you can see that one dot that you need a eagle vison implant in skull to see if you just scope with it or even behind walls and corners, while you can sometimes barly spot the guy who is right in front of you in hipfire spot.