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Discussion in 'Player Support' started by HouseLegend, Apr 3, 2013.

  1. HouseLegend

    I just wanted to ask SOE this:

    Are you even testing new updates ? How is it possible that after every update the game is unplayable ?

    One more thing to add, can you please stop adding new stuff to the game and optimize it ? I have i7 3770k with GTX680 and I'm barely getting ~40-50ish FPS.

    Don't get me wrong, i love the game i enjoy every second i spend playing it. Its fun nice looking but its not something that should say "YOUR CPU IS BAD, GET A NEW ONE " (Because after using ALT+F it says my CPU is limiting the game FPS).

    Thank you.
  2. kayben

    Well, that's what we get for SOE trying to tinker their own engine instead of licensing one made by professionals.
  3. ShakeNbake56

    SOE are children trying to play with the big boys.
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  4. Nervermind

    1. Agree
    2. Agree - Game says CPU (Core i5 3.1 ghz) is limiting FPS but from the Taksmanager it seems that it is only 25% used.
  5. HouseLegend

    I hope we get an answer from SOE ...
  6. ThereIsNoTry

    Never (only) trust task manager. It's a good hint at what might be going on but it's not very accurate.
  7. spythere

    Best quote from every single announcement by SOE:
  8. HouseLegend

    I use some tools as well, Task Managed, MSI Afterburner, CPUID ...blah blah blah, and my System is never 30%+ loaded ...
  9. Strigoi

    Any IT guy will tell you all kinds of horror stories about when things that were thoroughly tested go live. Especially if you are talking about multiple interactions between client and servers, such as in gaming. It's part of the territory with online gaming.

    I would agree, though, that this alone would be a good reason to hasten the implementation of test servers, which emulate stress much better than any simulation.
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  10. Aurcius

    Mreh. I have an i7 2600K running at stock speeds (3.4GHz), in larger battles with many people i get FPS as low as 25-30... It's not my graphics card since I'm running two GTX 670 WF3s in SLI, and this game runs fine on just one of these. Also my cpu usage is low on this game, it would seem that the engine is unable to effectively use multiple threads for high-work load tasks such as tracking players, because many higher-end CPUs gain extra power from parallel processing.

    also i have tried running at 4.2GHz and i get a masssive fps improvement, sometimes as much as 10-15 fps. so it's basically a matter of more cycles, less threads for PS2... :(
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  11. Joshinya42

    You try releasing a client side patch that is 170mb to over 2mil PCs accross the world and tell me how successfull you are :)
    I dont care what you are patching or what it is, you are going to have problems
    In a game like this that literally has millions of client to server interactions going on every second, things are even more difficult. This isn't WoW, friend. Frankly, SOE does a pretty damn good job considering the complexity of the ForgeLight engine.
  12. Aurcius

    i agree, but it would have been a good idea to implement multi-threading support in the engine, because if they did, almost all players would see massive performance increases.

    I appreciate the developers' efforts, and i love this game, but getting sub-standard fps and bottle-necking through my cpu on a game that simply can't use the extra power is frustrating.
  13. Joshinya42

    Lot's of things to still be worked out, I agree. As is the case with any new engine deployment. We can only hope SOE has learned from the past mistakes made in some of the games they have marketed/deployed.
  14. kayben

    You don't know how complex their engine is and if they can't handle their own engine, who can? Nobody, apparently. It's an unoptimized engine based on an outdated design and still in it's beta stage at best. That's SOE's fault.

    The game is still buggy as hell and they seem to introduce as many bugs as they fix with each patch. Look at the new bug threads even now such a short time after GU06 release. Where's the test server and what's their QA department doing?

    Besides, Europeans are unable to play the game at all (on their servers anyway) at the moment. SOE can't really do much worse.
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  15. HouseLegend

  16. Bleak

    i7 3770k
    The bus multiplier is unlocked on your cpu
    You could push it easy 4.2GHz Stock voltage

    I have 3570k @ 4.2, 1600mhz ddr3
    never drop below 35
  17. HerbertKnivez

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  18. XRIST0

    Alot more than that mate ..
  19. HerbertKnivez

    Ehhmmm: 9 servers, EACH can hold 6k people, even if every single server is completly full (Most of the time they are 1/2 full at peak times) 9 x 6000 = 54000 (If EVERY SINGLE SERVER IS FULL) so NOT alot more than that, if anything it is less than that...
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  20. noMnoM

    yea id be surprised if there were more than 15k regular players at this point.
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