How would this laptop perform?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Codex561, Dec 25, 2015.

  1. Codex561

    This is just a quick question because I am having trouble finding any proper bench marks for this setup.

    How well would this laptop run PS2?

    CPU: Intel i5-6200U
    RAM: 12GB
    GPU: nVidia 920M 2gb
  2. Multispastic

    mate i play on a tablet..its a razer edge normal edition... i5 /640m/4gb ram and the game runs fine on medium to low mixed settings...i only have a problem in 96x96 fights which i avoid but 24-48 fights are fine and i get 30 fps avg..
  3. user101

    30 FPS is dog meat on PS2, that is like trying to get killed. Stay away from PS2 if you have a lap top 2 core. Just wasting your time. You can't even run PS2 with 4GB of ram ... that's bull. PS2 take 5GB+ now to run it.
  4. Multispastic

    ok i must be lying then?? i have been playing on and off since beta...but hey..
  5. Frankei

    lmao I just got a labtop with those exact specs and im running the game fairly fine without lag spikes.
  6. CorporationUSA

  7. FieldMarshall

    My laptop had similar specs, except the cpu was a 3.2ghz i7, and it had 8gb ram.
    I got a stable capped 60fps in most fights with low settings. ~60-50 fps on medium settings.
    The thing that held me back was the CPU in larger fights. 24-48 fights were fine, but 96+ dropped me to ~40fps.

    Hope that gives some idea of how it may perform.
  8. Shiaari

    Hey OP, that laptop will handle it fine. You may run into some memory issues, but you don't need multiple cores to play PS2, just one fast one.

    This game is optimized for single core performance. You have plenty of video memory, but you may need a little more system memory.