How would planetside 2 be if.....

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  1. Regpuppy

    I chuckled at the thought of pre-nerf hacksaw maxes. Even I could admit they were broken and it would be fun to get tons of free certs before they were nerfed again. But then it hit me. "This would mean pre-nerf HE and post-buff prowler mechanics" This thought eclipsed my happy thoughts about pre-nerf hacksaws. At least they were relegated to biolabs and building fights. Pre-nerf HE and prowlers would be horror... every base blanketed by HE explosions and infantry forced into large buildings that would be the only thing to protect them from it.

    We'd end up with TR dominating most of the map while NC dominated bases with large indoor areas.
  2. Zerran

    Pre-nerf air? No thanks, I like being able to leave the spawnroom occasionally.
  3. Robes

    Good players kill you even in the spawn room.
  4. Silver Fox

    I generally wouldn't consider those kinds of people to be good players.. but neither are the people who are repeatedly spawning in the same spot and getting killed by the exploiters.
  5. SolLeks

    Tech test lock-on rocket launcher, useable only on April 1st!

    100,000 SC.

    ALot of AA has been buffed since launch. Air would be more powerful, but just as fragile. thats the point of the reserve nerf of everything.
  7. deggy


    I would endure pre-nerf rocketpods for this.

    There has been a TON of AA buffing. pre-nerf libs would not be anywhere near as powerful as they were at release. They would be very strong, but just as fragile. It would actually balance out quite well.
  9. Aegie

    Flinch? Terrible.
  10. NachoFoot

    No one uses it anymore. Players barely used it pre-nerf. Now its just as bad as the Enforcer modified...
  11. Vastly

    Pre-nerf Bursters + pre-nerf skyguard + pre-nerf annihiliators = no air.
  12. Botji

    I have it on my NC character.
    Think I only have like 5 or 6 shots on it but I can pretty much kill a ESF in one reload if im close and its fun to use on ground stuff too.. its not better than the rotary but imo everyone are really underestimating it and just like to talk crap about it, its not a BAD weapon.

    Oh yeah, didnt think about the Skyguard... if things went back to that the pilots would just leave PS2 entirely after the first hour or two :D
  13. Liquid23

    Pre-nerf Crazy legs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. NachoFoot

    It used to reliably kill infantry. Now you have to be way too close and use your whole clip to kill just one in the open. Not good for an AI weapon.

    Thats what i was trying to relay to the person I responded to.

    I do disagree with the no air part. There was plenty of air at the worst point of balance in this game. I have ALWAYS been able to get successful lib runs with my brother. Pre-nerf everything would not result in the elimination of air. THe only weapons that actually shut down air power completely is the lock-ons. that I agree with.