How would light semi-auto primaries be balanced?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by SlugSniper, Feb 10, 2019.

  1. SlugSniper

    Ever since I started playing Planetside 2 (and uninstalled and reinstalled it several times over), I've been wanting to see some kind of smaller-caliber semi-auto weapon that resembles the Mauser M1917 Trench Carbine (featured in Battlefield 1) or the M1 Carbine.

    One of my first suggestions was for a Light Assault weapon (unique to the class) with these characteristics along with laser-accurate hip-fire for airborne sharpshooting. It seemed somewhat pointless to the community since I originally intended it for the NC along with TR and VS weapons with questionable characteristics and later reimagined it as an NS weapon (which seems to be taboo these days).

    I'm not even sure if something like this would be best as an all-kit weapon, a special Carbine, or even a Scout Rifle. All I know is that the idea of a compact pistol or intermediate-caliber DMR-like weapon is very appealing to me for some strange reason.

    Am I the only one? How would something like this be balanced properly?
  2. DeadlyOmen

    In a game that features asymmetric combat and an infinite number of possible engagements, talk of balance can only be self-serving.
  3. FateJH

    Swing and a miss.
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  4. TR5L4Y3R

    depends on how effective you want it to be at range, there is a reason why lights don´t have access to battlerifles for example ..
    and asking for a carbine (which i can see be useable for the engineer as well anyway) to be able to snipe while airborne sounds pretty strong for how mobile lights are ..
    you would have to either bring it to gausssaw levels of being punishing on a miss or throw a x1.75 HS multiplyer instead of a x2 HSM ... heck maybe even both .. or lower the dmgprofile ..
    aren´t there NC carbs that kinda fill that role or automatics that have semiautomodes?
    also speaking of laseraccuracy .... yes it should need a lasersight for that ...
    could be a nc or ns carbine ..
  5. SlugSniper

    Looking at the M1917 Trench Carbine in BF1, it's placed into the same category as SMGs, being mostly effective at close range. However, it has miniscule recoil and a 40-round mag. It can be effective at longer ranges, but it takes a lot of shots.

    Although being a bit of a peashooter beyond CQC, the main idea is an extremely controllable, high-capacity weapon balanced by being limited to semi-automatic fire at roughly 400rpm. It's basically a pistol on steroids.
  6. Demigan

    The reason LA's dont get long-range weaponry is because unreasonable fear. LA's have an easier time getting to a vantage point but once there are inferior to the Infiltrator.

    Just look at bases where snipers have an easy time getting a good vantage point. Tower bases for example, or when attacking Howling Pass from the north have almost instant sniper spots that are easy to defend as it's hard for other classes to reach them. Yet they dont dominate the fight. So we know that simply reaching a vantage point is in no way going to make snipers OP.

    This leaves the abilities of the classes. Infiltrators can use stealth to take their time for shots and then prevent counterfire by resuming stealth and popping behind ridges and cover. LA's once they reach their sniperspot have nothing to add. So infiltrators have more accuracy (can take longer per shot and have better surprise) and more safety (can stealth before and after against counterfire) than the LA.
    But for some mystical reason, the LA is still considered too dangerous with long-range weaponry. You could give the LA every weapon the Infiltrator has and the Infil will be superior anyway!
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  7. pnkdth

    In some situations, I would agree, but it is hard to deny the LAs ability to much more swiftly change positions. Most infiltrators are quite predictable since they do not often change spots and if they do then that's time spent when they're not firing. Meanwhile, an LA is the master of flanking moves and can simply not be around when people come looking. Similarly, taking out an infil can often be done with flying up and taking it out.

    In the end, it is a wash and I don't really see any downside in giving LAs semi-automatics. It would be another way to enjoy PS2 which isn't a bad thing in my book and hardly OP or game-breaking. Semi-automatics are also one of the less scary weapon classes.
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  8. TR5L4Y3R

    so lets say it´s 167dmg till 10m and 100dmg after 60m?
    or better go 143dmg till 10m and 100dmg after 60m?
  9. TR5L4Y3R

    i think it´s more about putting an emphasis on the LA to get into fights instead of staying in the second row like engineers/medics or range infils ... else a medic/engineer could just grab an aircraft and go to a vantagepoint that way ...
    personaly i am rather indifferent to weither or not LA´s should get ranged semiautos or battlerifles, neither would i mind if infils would get shotguns if there were ways to better spot them outside of flashlights ..
  10. SlugSniper

    Probably 167 or maybe even a little higher, and maybe out to a slightly longer distance.

    If BF1 is any comparable example at all, this video has good gameplay of the trench carbine.

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