How will valkyrie impact gameplay?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Codex561, May 31, 2014.

  1. Phyr

    It will be mostly useless unless you load it with lockons or maxs, then people will cry that it's OP.
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  2. Krayus_Korianis

    Doesn't matter what we think. All that matters is it gets in our hands to tinker with!
  3. Cinnamon

    This is probably when they will get round to nerf liberators so that will be an impact. But this will probably ruin the game in it's own special way.
  4. sindz

    Nada. Liberator will blow it out of the sky. Im afraid to think about what a pro lib team can do to that flying coffin when they already demolish faster and smaller flying ESF's.
  5. Fenrisk

    It will be good for a month or two till SOE get's done selling the guns for it in the store then they will nerf it to make their Libside 2 population happy and it will end up like the harasser. A PoS.
  6. Spude

    I can already imagine Valkyrie doing low altitude drive by over enemy sunderer and dropping engineer with pizza boxes on top of the sundy.
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  7. dohh

    I think it looks like a potato :confused:
  8. applepienation

    I feel like it is going to need to be extremely fast (I'm talking 400KPH+ with afterburners) and very maneuverable (More than dogfighter frame scythe) to serve any purpose at all. Without any decent offensive or defensive capabilities, it will get chewed into bits by ESFs, libs, skyguards, bursters, and lockons. Especially lockons I feel.

    And let's face it, it's probably going to have a Basilisk or Drake as its default chin gun.

    What I'd personally like to see:

    - Built in stealth to increase lockon time and reduce auto detect range. Since it will be acting as a light dropship/ close air support I think it would make sense for it to be harder to detect than other aircraft.
    - Regular top speed without afterburners of maybe 175 kph. Very maneuverable at these speeds.
    - VERY powerful afterburners, long duration with a top speed of ~400kph. Less maneuverable at this speed. Make it a get-in drop get-out craft.
    - Alternatively, keep maneuverability but reduce afterburner speed. Must be able to either outrun or out maneuver ESFs.
    - Armor halfway between liberator and ESF.
    - 4 passenger seats, can carry either 4 people or 2 people and one max (Max cannot shoot). 2 passenger seats on each side have mounted turrets, something like a Kobalt, Walker, or Fury. Other passengers can only use primary weapons. Passengers are vulnerable to damage.
    - Immune to small arms fire, or at least take very low damage.
  9. Silver Fox

    I want it to have an impact on the game, but it probably won't. The Redeploy system is the fastest way to get around, period, so there is no use for a fast air transport.

    Here's what should happen:

    Small recon/strike teams use Vals to drop in at strategic points ahead of the main force (who are loaded in Gals, an armored column, etc.) to scout, soften up defenses, and isolate the objective. Valkyries should be used like MH6 Little Birds, dropping in teams on raids and offering light fire support.

    But thanks to nanites--and a very uncoordinated population--they will probably be largely useless.
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  10. Goretzu

    They should have made either proper A2A fighter or a proper A2G fighter instead.
  11. Tentakewls

    It wont change anything really. No Point in using this over a gal. Having a fast transport is pretty irrelevant in the grand scheme of things since defenders can instantly redeploy anyway so they can always get there before you do. The only use I can see for this is if you want to get people fast on top of a cliff/mountain so you can wreck and armor zerg, but that doesn't happen much anyway since the space between most bases is pretty small. Also, anyone thinking about using G2A lock-ons on this hasn't used one in a long time, all that's going to do is get your own Valkyrie killed.
  12. biterwylie

    The new medical shuttle will have no effect since, redeploy is all that matters.
  13. TheMercator

    It will be pray for ESFs, since they will be faster and for liberators, cause they will be able to shoot them as easy out of air as the do with ESFs.
  14. M2_Bradley

    I'd imagine it would only work well when there is either
    1.Air superiority for your faction.
    2.No enemy or friendly air at all.
  15. doombro

    Agreed. It will probably just turn out to be a very juicy target. Unless they just abandon this nonsensical idea right away and give us the PS1 Phantasm.
  16. FieldMarshall

    Going to be the shiny new toy that everyone uses for the first few weeks, then either people stop using it completely.
    Or its OP and everyone spends tons of sc on it til its nerfed, then whine.
  17. Prudentia

    If it gets Wraith cloaking it will be amazing.
    If not it will be free XP.
  18. Govedo13

    Unless there are some major flak and air changes it would be free certs for libs and ESFs like harasser is to MBT.
    The concept of the thing is broken. WHY one would use transportation vehicles when there is redeployment button?
    Every non shooting seat is useless considering the current easy mode logistics.
    Gal would be better support ESFs and Libs would be better fighting vehicles. This thing would be useless.
  19. HighestDefinition

    2 Light assaults in both seats of Valkyrie with Under-barrel smoke grenade Launcher and 4 smoke grenades. Fly over enemy forces, smother them all in smoke, then a Zephyr lib with thermal flies over and wrecks face.
  20. IamDH

    and you can drop them over TR sundies, teamkiller :mad: