How well would this perform?

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  1. Codex561

    Can someone tell me a rough estimate on how well this machine would work?
  2. Risae

    40fps medium
  3. BobSanders123

    I would not buy that. The graphics card is about 3x worse than an Nvidia GTX 760. It would perform very poorly on high settings. Everything except the graphics card is fine.

    I recommend these items.
    i7-4770k - $325 to 290 USD <-- Better for multitasking, gaming is good as well.

    or the

    i5-4670k - $200 to 190 USD

    8GB of DDR3 RAM - $50 to 70 USD

    Nvidia GTX 760 - $200 USD <-- Highly recommend this one

    AMD Radeon HD 7970 - $300 USD <- Slightly better than above.
  4. Alarox

    That PC has the same specs as mine.

    You'll be GPU limited 90% of the time but your CPU will have no problems. Playing on a mixture between medium/low I get around 30fps in the largest battles and 40-60fps in medium sized.

    If you give me specific settings I can give you exact fps values so you know what to expect.
  5. NC_agent00kevin

    Heck, I got than on a Phenom II x4 and a GTX 460 SC. After PU02 that is. Actually, better because I ran a combination of high, med and low settings - not all low.

    Better GPUs are...better, but my kids dont have issues even with 9800 GTX 1Gb cards. Just dont expect to set everything on high. You might get away with textures on high but you'll have to turn down other stuff. Quite honestly, a combination of med/low gives the best visibility anyway. I set my textures to Ultra and graphics to high but everything else is low or off. It makes everything clearer and more visible for better effectiveness on the battlefield.

    However, bear in mind you wont be turning up newer titles to max settings on single player where you want that eye candy. Never buy a PC for one game; always consider future gaming too. I keep myself on a ~4 year cycle of building new PCs, and the ones I replace are still great for the kids. They just cant use max settings like I can :)
  6. Iridar51

    I'd recommend to buy used PC. If you can find a trusted source, you can buy something like used 3570k and GTX660 for the same money, and it will give you twice the performance. They shouldn't be too expensive, considering they're two generations old.

    PC parts don't really age, at least in my experience, and even if they do, they will become outdated long before they run out of resource.
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  7. Alarox

    I mistyped and fixed it. It is a mixture between medium/low, and I could crank up shadows/flora/textures if I wanted to (since the CPU can take it).

    The PC is fine for playing games in general, the only problem is the GPU that needs upgrading for high settings. The OP would need to upgrade that PSU as well though, but mine has a 500W so that isn't an issue.
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  8. Tommyp2006

  9. Codex561

    To what should I upgrade my GPU once I can?
    Oh and also how much FPS will everything on very low and render range of 500 get?
  10. Champagon

    30-40FPS on medium

    I Recommend against going prebuilt. If you are spending $650+ on a PC, you can scrape a custom build together that would be better :)