How to use the jetpack sound of the LA to your advantage

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by InfamousOrnio, Apr 18, 2013.

  1. Goretzu

    Except they can't, except in the case of the cloak noise, which shows why Jetpacks needed a noise increase.

    A sniper rifle aiming at you noise is something else entirely, but you agree that sniper rifles are powerful (so do I) and you think that noise would "balance" losing the ability to silently OSK on a LA.

    Which shows how powerful you genuinely think silent Jetpacks were (so you agree with me - we just disagree on what needs to be done now).
  2. Hagestol

    It doesn't. You're wrong. It was a hypothetical example to show you what everyone else understood, and even then you didn't get it. Even when everyone tried to tell you your logic was off you didn't get it. So we gave up.

    Still doesn't mean we're wrong. Still doesn't make old LA jetpacks OP. Only makes you wrong. Sorry.
  3. Wolfwood82

    I don't recall ever saying that it never happened. Ever. And seeing as I don't lie or make **** up just to try and win an argument (that's what you do), I really doubt that you will ever find any kind of quote proving other wise.

    I did say that LA didn't need a sound nerf. I also said that LA needed to have pump action shotguns removed from their arsenal, a much more potent nerf in my opinion, yet one that I personally think should have been done rather then nerfing everyone who plays the class because of one specific play style.

    Would you like a shovel Goretzu? Might help with that whole digging yourself deeper thing.

    Also, don't insult Hagestol like that. Unlike you, he deserves respect as an intelligent individual.
  4. Goretzu

    So you agree it was broken we just disagree on how best to fix it. Removing Shotguns wouldn't have fixed the issue, it would have just removed the most obvious components.

    It was an absolutely terrible hypothetical example that didn't in any way at all match the issue.

    The one that does is the cloaker sound, which shows exactly why the Jetpack sound levels needed to be raised.

    Now if you wanted to nerf snipers (for whatever reason) I'm imagine the best thing you could be arguing for would be a kill camera.
  5. Wolfwood82

    Again your rude *** shoves words in my mouth.

    I don't believe the shotgun is broken at all. I believe it's combination with LA is broken. This nerf does not solve that problem, it just makes the entire class as a whole less effective at it's role.

    Meh, I give up. You are officially a brick wall, and therefore not worth talking.
  6. Goretzu

    We disagree on how it should have been fixed, not on that it needed to BE fixed.

    Again I doesn't see how adding a sound to tell people a sniper is aiming at them has anything to do with anything here.
  7. ArcKnight

    its not easy to not spend your certs on anything

    I managed to save up to 100certs twice and got the piston and AV MANA turrets (