How to use the jetpack sound of the LA to your advantage

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by InfamousOrnio, Apr 18, 2013.

  1. Rickenbacker

    They were, in the sense that no-one ever looks up. The new banging noise makes them look up, and you die :). Still, not as bad as I thought it would be, people still don't pay much attention.

    What's worse is the new "DING DONG, THE WITCH IS DEAD" headshot noise. I wish they'd get rid of that.
  2. Hagestol

    Scrub players never looked up, most organised outfits got you right away. Always expect people from the roofs was always a mantra and if you don't pay attention you die. Kinda like you die if you stand still. Situational awareness is supposed to be key in this game, not catered to so we can continue being a giant meat grinder where only forward momentum matters.

    In that regard a (now reported 200m) warning of LA in the area is kinda like getting a warning when a sniper is hovering his aim above you, telling you you should move. Not sure if the INF community would like that one.
  3. Goretzu

    LA can still sneak, they just can't use their Jetpack in utter silence, the two things are not the same. :)
  4. Hagestol

    So you mean you can't compare the sneaking of two non-stealth classes, but you can compare the sound of two competely different utilities of a long range sniper class and a short range flying class?

    Still waiting for the kill warning for infiltrators, perhaps we should spam their forums until we get it? It would only be fair and equal.
  5. Goretzu

    I mean:

    Sneaking = sneaking.
    Cloaking = cloaking.
    Flying = flying.

    Flying != cloaking.
    Cloaking != flying.
    Sneaking != flying or cloaking although both may be used to some effect when sneaking.

    Kill warning, eh? :confused:
    Let me help you through this:

    What can an inflitrator NOT do when cloaked?
    What happens when they uncloak?
  6. Hagestol

    Sniping class = ! sneaking class.
    Flanking = catching unaware = form of stealth
    Exploding sound = ! stealth
    Problem = detected

    I can play this game to.

    I don't care what a sniper can do while cloaked. I can't hear that sound 200m away and thats a problem when the sniper is 200m away. My problem is being sniped without a warning, it is lame and surely not intended. Thus I'd like a warning, preferably a sound that everyone can hear so I don't die without having the time to react. Lets get a kill warning.

    You wanted a sound for LA so they don't surprise enemies from within intended killrange. I want a sound for the INF so they don't surprise enemies from within intended killrange. Balance? Based on the same logic? Yup!
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  7. Goretzu

    This is the point though, Infiltrators have sound that gives them away cloaking and uncloaking and they cannot fire when cloaked.

    Flanking can be done in many ways, it doesn't require a silent Jetpack........ which isn't even a theoretical discussion now, because people are still flanking quite happily with the current Jetpacks on Live.

    Cloakers already have a sound when they unstealth and they cannot shoot stealthed so they have to make a sound to attack......... this is beginning to remind me of when you said HA shields should have a sound (which of course they did and do and it is louder than the Jetpack). :confused:
  8. Hagestol

    Cloaking sound doesn't reach 200m, which is their primary designed killzone. So no, they don't. They only have a sound so they can't abuse CQC weapons like they did in beta - because they weren't designed as a primary CQC class, but they were used as such.

    Snipers don't have a sound, I'd like a sound to the primary utility of the infiltrator - the sniper weapon. Cloaking is a secondary tool, and not as important to the inf as the jetpack is to the LA. It is only fair.

    Please throw more insults at me, I can handle them. Your arguments fall apart so easily.

    And yes, nobody means this. Nobody wants INFs to get a nerf. But my goal is perhaps to make others see that adding a sound to snipers primary function is idiotic, and so is adding sounds to LA primary functions - because neither have decent protection once discovered.
  9. Goretzu

    Where have I insulted you? o_O

    I see so you're not talking about people Infiltrating at all, which you think is fine as it is - fair enough we agree on that. :)

    You want a sound warning before a sniper rifle hits you? :confused: I'm not sure where you are coming from with this, no gun in the game gives you a sound warning before they hit you.

    Perhaps you can explain your rationaly for this idea?

    Again I can't see the correlation to adding a "sound" to a sniper rifle aiming at you (which is I guess the only way it would work) and LA having an audiable Jetpack.

    The two things have absolutely nothing at all to do with each other. :confused:
  10. Hagestol

    I don't want a sound before it hits you, I want to be given a warning sound when the reticle is hovering above me. So I have a chance to get away, to respond before a sniper kills me without being able to react.

    Correlation is that snipers designated way to work is to snipe, and LA is to flank from above. Before LA can flank, they must jetpack and they added sound to that, so they should add sounds when INFs hover over targets. The correlation is clear, just before they kill without a chance to defend they should at least give a way to get away or respond.

    It would only be fair.
  11. Wolfwood82

    According to your own logic, they do. However you are inconsistent with your own logic so no surprise that you can't (or more likely won't) see a connection.
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  12. Stargazer86

    Oh jeez. You're arguing with Goretzu. You're not going to win. The only winning move is not to play. It'll save you aggravation and brain cells.
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  13. Klondik3

    We must abuse this new jetpack feature as much as possible. Hopefully SOE will nerf it back to what it was.
  14. Goretzu

    I'm not sure about arguing, but this sniper rifles should warn players idea is intriguing to say the least. :)

    Well you'll have to explain my "own" logic too me then, because I've never said weapons should give a warning before being fired at someone (I agree they should make a noise though)......... it's an interesting train of thought thought.

    So what is the "logic" in making sniper rifles warn targets they are being aimed at? :confused:
  15. Goretzu

    So just to be clear you want a sound when a sniper rifle is being aimed at you?

    Would this apply to all weapons or just to sniper rifles?
  16. Hagestol

    Just snipers. Other guns you can respond to, either by spotting or taking damage. Sniper rifles are OP as you can't see it coming and they ohk.
  17. Goretzu

    You can spot a sniper though and certainly some LMGs, battle rifles and even slug shotguns can hit you out to decent Sniper rifle range, surely they should have this drawback too?

    Out of interest how do you think SoE should code this ability?
  18. tutzdesPS

    Nobody here wants inf nerf or to add sniper rifle sound. They just tried to tell you, that removing flanking ability from LA is like destroying sniper rifles' ability to actually snipe people. New jetpacks now have a feature - large neon "hit me" sign. Using the jetpack to ambush people from unexpected angle is now MUCH harder. Flanking and ambushing is not stacking good with neon signs, horns, sirens and everyone looking at you.
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  19. Goretzu

    It's not though, adding a sound that warns a target that a sniper is aiming at them is absolutely NOTHING like making the Jetpack noise a bit louder than it was. Nothing. :confused:

    Can you please explain to me how you think it is?

    It is very similar to the cloak/uncloak sounds, but then so it should be.
  20. Hagestol

    Well, when 4-5 people on the same thread page tells you your logic is faulty and you still can't accept it.. Then the time has come to give up trying to explain.

    Anyone up for Fish&Chips? I hear it comes with extra batter if you provide a H-sign or provide proof of playing LA ;)