How to use the jetpack sound of the LA to your advantage

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by InfamousOrnio, Apr 18, 2013.

  1. InfamousOrnio

    I like to use the new jetpack by flying on top of a MAX, he gets confused and tries to search for a Light Assault. I drop a brick of C4 and he goes BOOM, this applies to tanks too :D
  2. SinerAthin

    My experience is actually quite different.

    When I'm defending a base, like 70% of the attackers I kill are usually Light Assaults sometimes.
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  3. tutzdesPS

    Most of the engies are tanked, HA are bombarding from afar, infiltrators are hiding, MAXes - you're hiding from, medics are nowhere to be found, when needed. Only the LA are trying to breach defences and are exposed :}
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  4. SinerAthin

    I find that LAs are just there to soften up the enemy for the HAs to finish :p
  5. Ghostloadout

    I'm a primarily LA player and I'm not calling for nerfs on the inf, instead I want buffs for both and compensation. Also getting killed by an inf SMG/Rev is completely your fault, as currently infiltrators are easy to see and you can hear them across the map. Both classes need significant buffs to be useful in the metagame, the infiltrator more than the LA right now.
  6. Stargazer86

    Just an FYI guys, Infiltrators were silent during beta. They were given the cloaking noise once it became apparent that having something that was nearly invisible and completely silent was a little too much.

    And let us not even speak of when they were capable of carrying shotguns...
  7. Goretzu

    Which is the same reason LA were changed.

    The biggest buff LA and Inf could get in PS2 however would be genuine city fight contients, actually as bad as it was LA especially would have reigned supreme in Core Combat.
  8. Hagestol

    LA were invisible? Schwaaaah?
  9. Wolfwood82

    That's exactly what light infantry did in Roman armies.

    They made up the front lines and engaged the enemy first by throwing 1-3 pilium spear things (I doubt that's spelled right), then walked forward and hit the enemy in melee. The entire formation would then break and fall back through heavy infantry lines and most enemy armies would end up breaking because now they're tired and dealing with heavily armored soldiers who are really just there to slaughter them.
  10. Goretzu

    Again we agree! That is largely a LAs role, it's not a stealth role though, although stealth may play some part.

    SoE would be far better moving LAs in that direction than trying to make them Inflitrators without cloaks.
  11. SinerAthin

    I thought it was the Roman Heavy Infantry that used those Pilums, and that for light Infantry; they usually hired mercenaries/used auxillaries.
  12. Wolfwood82

    Conscripts actually, Mercenaries were probably used where ever they could serve the best, likely front lines. And no the purpose of the Pilum was to get lodged in the enemies shield ranks and were thrown just before a charge. It was an easy weapon to learn and throw so training in it was short and cheap. The heavies had too much armor and too large a shield to charge, and were just meant to force the enemy back into it's own ranks and slaughter them. Kind of like riot police do (minus the slaughtering part).

    No, we don't agree. The two strategies defer greatly, LA soften locations through flanking maneuvers and sowing confusion and chaos, not by charging head on into an enemy formation. If anything LA function more like the pigs the Roman Empire would cover in greek fire, then ignite and set loose running towards the enemy formations. Though in reality our functions are more related to modern special forces then ancient imperial strategies.
  13. Goretzu

    None of which needs to be done in absolute silence to be possible.
  14. Hagestol

    Just like infiltrators don't need stealth to run through enemies in the fray and infiltrate, use camo and the correct movement and you can basically walk freely during a siege. I know, I've done it plenty of times wearing giraffe and using NS weapons.
    So they should attach an continuous sound equal to the LA jetpack and make them more visible so things are equal. They are after all comparable. Right? Infiltrating doesn't need near invisibility for infiltration to be possible?

    I swear it is like arguing against a poorly painted wall.
  15. Wolfwood82

    .... I read this as a request for the infiltration suit to have a constant sound while active. Maybe an irritating crackly static sound. Obviously no one needs absolute silence to do anything in this game. Tank fire should cover it up nicely.
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  16. Wildclaw

    Total play hours is a better number. For NC faction, 2013-04-14 to 2013-04-23 that gives:
    * Engineers: 151k
    * Heavy: 115k
    * Infiltrator: 65k
    * LA: 50k
    * Medic: 45k
  17. Goretzu

    Yes I imagine you would. :)

    Everyone else would realise that the cloaking sound still being louder than the Jetpack sound is probably more than generous enough. :eek:
  18. Regpuppy

    My main beef with the sound change isn't the fact that it's more audible to other players, while I do feel that it was uncalled for (simply removing the infil cloak sound would've quelled any fuss about that)

    It's the fact that the sound of the jetpack ends up drowning out things I hear. To the point where I have to further turn down ingame sounds in order to hear commands in TS or ingame. Leaving me less aware than a player playing at average volume. Damnit man. Do I need to hear a loud as hell boom every time I use the thing that gives any purpose to my class?
  19. Goretzu

    You are talking about sneaking about (which still can be done, of course), he was talking about LA used in the role they we almost certainly intended for (which isn't that).
  20. Hagestol

    Well, infiltrators are designed as snipers, so if LA aren't supposed to sneak (cloak sound and removal of shotties answers that question) then we have no more sneaking classes. I guess that is okay?

    Still, I expect more utility, defense and or better weaponry from the LA pass. Not like we can cloak and close distance, and not like we can jetpack silently anymore so we have to have the utility to match head on fighting from all classes - minus HA; where we should have enough utility and defense to reach cover so they can't murder us every time we jetpack.