How to use the jetpack sound of the LA to your advantage

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by InfamousOrnio, Apr 18, 2013.

  1. InfamousOrnio

    Step 1: Gather a squad or two of Light Assaults.
    Step 2: Go to a tower, biolab, or anywhere where there are lots of enemies
    Step 3: Make whole platoon use the jetpack, so that the sound will annoy enemies, they will turn their sound off.
    Step 4: Kill everyone and capture territory.

    No need to really QQ, although SOE could have buffed the Infiltrator, they decided to increase the sound of the LA, we just have to learn and get better. Another solution would be to remove the insanely stupid OP shotguns and give more utility and features to the LA, but SOE chose the short way out of the problem.
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  2. Hagestol

    A platoon of LA? I've never seen that before, hard enough to get two squads together with certed ones.

    LA is underplayed before this nerf. We'll have to wait and see, but I'm betting that the class will be even less players now.
  3. Puppy

    Pfft, I love that they changed this. LA isn't supposed to be a stealth class... Maybe infiltrators cloak won't be as loud at some point.
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  4. Mythicrose12

    I've yet to see SOE declare LA isn't a stealth class. Infiltrator cloak will get changed to a constant loud pinging sound instead of a single on/off sound. Why? Because now that people are done ******** about LA, they'll once against turn their ire to infiltrators and smgs. Even on low settings, it's still difficul to see a cloaked infiltrator unless staring right at them.

    For the record I don't want a constant pinging noise on the infiltrator. Have no doubt that the new NS pistols will spark many nerf infiltrators thread coupled with the SMG.
  5. Puppy

    Infiltrator cloak has always been loud and very visible..... I'm extremely confused what you are talking about.
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  6. Aegie

    SOE should have buffed the infiltrator and the LA because both are underplayed and are the least rewarding classes to play.

    Every other class outscores LA and infiltrator by 1,000-3,000 points per hour. Why nerf one of the least used and least rewarding classes?
  7. InfamousOrnio

    They looked for the easy way out. The jetpacks maybe needed more sound, but not as much as it is now. They should have removed the sound of the Infiltrator cloak and increased its invisibility, give LA more utility and maybe remove shotguns, but increasing the jetpack sound was reasonable, but they need to give some buff to compensate to this nerf!
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  8. Mythicrose12

    In essence, now that people have *****ed about the LA jet pack the introduction of new powerful pistosl + SMG + near invisibility will start even more nerf infiltrator threads. Instead of the single on/off noise, I wouldn't be surprised if the cloak a constant loud pinging noise. I'm not advocating this change by any means, but it would be the same crutch that the LA now has with constant, loud noise while remaining slow and highly visable.

    Sadly, I fear it will be LA players leading the forefront for any infiltrator nerfs.
  9. {joer

    SOE wouldn't know "fun" in game play if it bit them on the ****. They "fix" things not broken, and break things they weren't even fixing.
  10. CoffeeBreak

    Don't see it stated in the patch notes. Do all the factions loud, annoying jetpacks sound exactly the same?

    For my LA playstyle it's more of a buff because now I'll hear the shotgunning LA trying to counter my annoying carbine LA tactics.
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  11. InfamousOrnio

    I'm kinda pissed off tht I'm not rich enouhgt to buy he shotguns, my LA playstyle is very similar to yours.
  12. Separatists


    really? LA was underplayed already? wow o.o never actually noticed it. thought it would be one of the most played considering it is the only class that can get to certain spots for some nice kills.
  13. CoffeeBreak

    I have shotguns but once they became more popular(with the first wave of pumpactions) it became a little dangerous getting upclose and personal. I don't play LA to go 1:1 and that's what end up happening counter shotgun LA with a shotgun LA. More fun to engage them from farther away so they wildly spray hoping a few pellets will hit you.

    But as to my original comment about having the same sounds for all factions. Not only will it be annoying but it will be confusing for your allies. If nothing else it will show nonLA players how much we use the jetpacks to move around :) And after enough "omg this is really annoying" threads it will be toned down again.
  14. Aegie

    Well, here's one LA saying I will not ask for an infiltrator nerf- despite so many infiltrators complaining that their ability makes a loud noise so LA's should too.

    Should they have made the jetpack make more noise? IMO, no because LA is the second least played and second least rewarding class so a nerf was uncalled for regardless. If they made the jetpacks make more noise should they have provided some form of compensation? Absolutely, because before the sound change the LA was the second least rewarding class to play and if the change has the intended effect of making LAs more obvious then we can only expect these disparities to increase- they should have buffed both infiltrator and LA to bring them in line with the rewards of playing other classes. Now that they have nerfed the LA it would seem they will need an even larger compensation if they ever want them to be in line with the other classes.

    I am in the other camp where I think they should buff both infiltrators and LAs because if you look at the stats these are the least rewarding classes to play. All other classes outscore infiltrator and LA by 1,000-3,000 points per hour.
  15. Mythicrose12

    I'm not advocating for infiltrator nerfs either. I do think the jet pack noise is overly loud and shouldn't "boom" each and every time I throttle. It's bound to drive me insane. The sound makes me believe my jet pack is fast, but that is sadly not the case. Now that I announce my presence to the entire world I wish it were a bit faster. I do honestly think a rise in "nerf infiltrators" threads will happen shortly. There were already more complaint threads on infiltrators with smgs than threads about jet pack noise prior to test server change.

    I honestly wish the developers would've at least waited for the LA class update to implement the sound. At least then we'd (hopefully) also received some love to go along with the sound nerf.
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  16. Aegie

    Yeah, it's just bogus and after a laundry list of terrible ideas and bad implementation I think this is the end of my subscription until/unless SOE can earn back my trust.
  17. Wolfwood82

    We didn't even need any more utility. Remove the stupid shotguns and we'd be back to normal.

    IMO the PAS are a lot like C4, all they do is blind the more gullible people into feeling a sense of power but in reality they are no better then normal shotguns (worse in many situations, no better in many others). What they should have done was worked on giving the NC a viable short range carbine, the TR a sniper carbine, and the VS a long range assault carbine. Instead they broke their game and used an ineffective means of fixing it.

    They are gearing us towards 1vs1 which means our ability to flank is going to be on the chopping block. The PAS are step one, nerfing the sound was step two.
  18. LeanV

    Word of advice: Don't believe a word anyone says on the Official PS2 forums. Everyone here cries over the smallest thing, hyper-exaggerates/lie to validate their non-existent arguments, and feels that the Devs owe them a first-born child. This is coincidentally why the devs themselves never visit these forums and only tend to answer questions on Twitter and Reddit.

    Take literally every comment posted here with a grain of salt.
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  19. InfamousOrnio

    I think LA and Infiltrator are the only class which have the least amount of dedicated players than the other classes, I'd say the ration in game would be 1 LA = 3 HA and maybe 5 LA = 1 Combat Medic
  20. PanH