How to use Gauss Compact S???

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  1. Maxence822

    I'm trying to auraxium the carbines to get the Fortuna. So how do you guys use the Gauss compact S? What's the best way to use it? Best attachments? Also, do kills with the underbarrel attachments count as kills towards the auraxium medal?
  2. Iridar51

    Kills with underbarrel count as kills with that weapon, so yes.

    Gauss Compact S, as far as S-carbines go, is relatively good. Its only problem is that is has a recoil pattern almost identical to AC-X11 - weapon known for super harsh recoil. And GCS fires faster on top of that, so even more recoil.

    For that reason, I wouldn't recommend using HVA on GCS. While it does boost effective range considerably, it will also increase already bad vertical recoil. Additionally, you're likely to use an underbarrel attachment instead of a Forward Grip, so you horizontal recoil will limit your effective range, and HVA wouldn't really help here.

    So go with SPA as your ammo option.

    Due to strong recoil, GCS has limited effective range, so try to stay within 30-40m of the enemy. I don't recommend using the Compensator due to its strong drawbacks, unless you absolutely cannot manage vertical recoil without it.

    Other barrel attachments have other strong drawbacks, that won't synergize with GCS as well, so I'd recommend just keeping the clean barrel.

    As far as underbarrel attachments go, the grenade launcher is the most versatile one. It has a nice utility of doing a lot of damage (about 40% health) to MAXes and some damage to vehicles.

    UB shotgun is unreliable, and smoke in general is underpowered.

    - Clean barrel
    - SPA
    - UBGL
    - 1x reflex - recommended, so the recoil wouldn't seem as bad.

    GCS will play like any average carbine. Just be ready to control the strong vertical recoil, and don't rely too much on your UBGL. It can be a fun tool to bombard enemies from elevated position, but it's hard to aim properly, and has been nerfed balanced to serve very badly as a quick-fire weapon.

    Try to keep your enemies at distance, not too close and not too far.
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  3. Maxence822

    Thanks a ton! I love the underbarrel shotgun because I simply love shootguns in general and I have more kills with that then with the main gun I think (probably not but still I love it). I now understand why I have been getting so much recoil.... HVA vs SPA.... Thanks a ton Iridar :) I kind of like the regular iron sights but I will definitely try the 1x reflex. Thanks again!
  4. Iridar51

    Sure, no problemo :)

    Reflex sights are a direct upgrade, because iron sights wobble all around when you move and jump, while reflex dot is always in the middle.
    You can keep the UB shotgun if you like it, it's a good tool as well, just not as utility-ious as UBGL.
  5. Maxence822

    I don't know if you've noticed that but the UB shotgun seems much more responsive than the regular pump actions, as in it seems to shoot when I press the trigger rather than wait half a second before shooting. Any idea why that is?
  6. Skiptrace

    There's several ways to run the Compact S, or any S Variant carbine in general.

    Smoke: 2x Sight, Flash Suppressor, UBSL, SPA
    Shotgun: 1x Sight, Suppressor, UBSG, SPA
    Grenade Launcher: 1x Sight, Flash Suppressor, UBGL, SPA
    CQC: 1x Sight, Flash Suppressor, Laser Sight, SPA
    Mid Range: 2x Sight, Compensator, Forward Grip, No Ammo (HVA SUCKS)

    Any of those loadouts works, the S variant carbines are VERY versatile and can do just about any job. Just, never use HVA on any gun, and you will be golden.
  7. Iridar51

    Disagreed. HVA is more or less a toss up on Pulsar C due to specifics of that weapon, and not advised for crap carbines S-carbines, but it's instrumental in increasing the effective range of precision carbines. Generally, HVA is useless, but carbines make a notable exception.
  8. Skiptrace

    True enough, though when I used it on the AC-X11... My accuracy was really ****. I did have the AFG and Compensator on also, but they were not enough to compensate for the increased recoil. So, i tend to stay away from it. Though, it might work well on the Razor. But those guns are not the focus of this thread.
  9. Maxence822

    Thanks a ton! Helps a lot. I tried the 1x reflex site and it does help but I don't like it so much sadly. I will keep it though because it helps. The UBGL is not that great as half the time I'm too close and grenades don't actually explode and even when I am far enough away I'm not too good at aiming the UBGL. So I think I will try to have a more mid range loadout and still keep my UBSG for close range encounters. And I still love my drifter jump jets so I use those as wel ;)
  10. Metalsheep

    Personally when I run the S carbines on my LA I like to use:

    Barrel: suppressor
    Rail: UB smoke launcher
    Sight: IRNV

    if I come across a group of enemies I lay smoke on their position from above and then pick them off with my IR/Suppressed weapon. Like shooting fish in a barrel.

    For this reason I also occasionally carry the Hunter QCX with IRNV as well.
  11. Iridar51

    Placebo effect. Plus/minus 10% vertical recoil doesn't make or break accuracy. As I have discovered, accuracy depends on crosshair placement, general experience and perhaps FPS much more than recoil control.

    *shoulder shrug* You're the one who brought up "never use HVA on any gun".
  12. Maxence822

    I really really want that Fortuna!!!!
  13. Maxence822

    Can anyone who has it tell me how it is?
  14. Corezer

    put a laser sight on the mercenary.

    same gun, UBSG is almost a non-factor... people with poor aim might find themselves getting killed more than anything.
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  15. Maxence822

    I do love the UBSG on my Gauss S... I have around 300 kills with it and about 100 of them are from the UBSG. I guess I'm used to it because beforehand I got a few hundred kills with different shotguns