How to take a turtled Tech Plant in minutes.

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  1. Dixa

    thanks rivalxfactor. this was glorious.

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  2. RovingDeath

    Damn, that was freaking fantastic
  3. Wrek

    as impressive as the sundy assault was, you already had the point before you entered, kinda seems like your fellow allies had already pushed up on the upper floor after who knows how many minutes.

    not saying it doesnt help, but clearly this was eitehr not as turtled up as they usualyl are or the fight has been going on much longer.
  4. Dixa

    this was mentioned in the video - this will only work if the tech plant is surrounded by allies. if it's a three way battle once you're in, the third faction will flank and probably wipe out most of your forces.
  5. Wrek

    Error on my part then, currently in class so I cant have the video audio enabled.

    btu as I said, still impressive.
  6. Whet

    $30 of raaaaaape! Well played Sir!
  7. Sifer2

    Yeah I said this yesterday as a possible strategy to easily take Tech Plant, and someone said it could only go through vehicle blocker shields not shields that Infantry go through. Apparently it works well enough by the looks of it.
  8. slannmage

    You do know the base has a backdoor? Just spam forces through there.
  9. HATE_Majakovskij

    Question to author of video: how many hours a day do you play usually?
    3000+ cert points despite of all actual certifications that is a value I never earned during one and half a month of beta and not even close to it after game release.
  10. Eric Smith

    Well... I figured out where my next couple hundred Certs are going. That's a very nice strategic move. I've been wanting to up-armor my Sundy for a while, this just gives me another reason to do it.

    Like the Max Crashes of PS1 once people figure out this trick and build up enough Certs to be able to do it this will likely become a regular strategy to break up those multiple hour Tech Plant battles.
  11. Celebrinborn

    He got hired by SOE to make tutorial videos for Planetside. It looks like they gave him thousands of cert points at launch.
  12. Eric Smith

    Likely he bought the guns with SC, so the minimum cost is only about 150 Certs for the level 1 Armor (50) and Level 1 Gate Shield Diffuser (100) plus $10 in SC for the two guns. Drop more into the Armor if you can, but you probably don't need maxed out Armor to make it work. More Gate Shield Diffuser is pretty much pointless for this suicide run (yeah, he didn't die, but that was half luck), and the Performance upgrade isn't going to be much use here either.
  13. Fenrys

    I thought there were teleporters inside tech plant spawn rooms that would lead to the center of the first floor of the main building (closer to the cap point than that sunderer was) - why is spawning at an AMS that's farther away from the cap point and back door preferable to using the main spawn room teleporter?
  14. Eric Smith

    Respawn time is shorter at the AMS and your likelihood of getting camped and dieing at the AMS is almost nil. To get out of the teleporter area inside the base and upstairs means running through the gauntlet area just inside the doors, and once the OpFor has pushed their way into the base the teleporter entrance becomes a choke point where you can get camped. Also, the sheer number of kills they got by camping the Sunderer seriously degraded the back door defense (only for a few moments, but that's all you need for the OpFor to push their way inside the base and camp the teleporter entrance). Then you throw in all the newbs who don't know about the teleporter and try to run into the base on foot and you face some serious problems once the Sundy AMS has been blown away. There are reasons that Amp Stations and Tech Plants always have an AMS parked inside them, and why the bases fall quickly once the AMS has been blown up.
  15. Plunkies

    Should be called "How to spawn camp a deployed sundy while a base is already overrun."

    The tech plants that are actually difficult to take have teleporters leading into the base from the main spawn room.
  16. Beef Castle

    This is where the video takes place. The sunderer they are attacking is very difficult to get to from the double back door area because you have to cross through the garage that offers no cover and funnels you through multiple choke points. They are using a cert for their sunderer called "gate shield diffuser" under the utility category. This allows them to pass through the shield and attack the enemy sunderer.
  17. MuNrOe

    Nice one guys. That aught to break the stalemate in most tech plant fights.
  18. Hadrian

    yeah been seeing shield breach sundys break tech plant deadlocks lately , was left scratching my head first time it happened till i remembered the gate diffuser
  19. Darzok

    It all so works to load one full of LA's and sneak in the back and fly up take out the Gen to open up the SCU you can do it with any class but lights can fly up so odds are you will not be seen like if you try the lift pad next to the catwalk.