How to shoot better?

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  1. Brainiac88

    Really guys, I know this is a basic ability in a FPS game, but sincerally >.<" I never was strong in this skill, since my CoD 2 days! passing throught CoD 4, BF 2, and other classics shooters i can't remember, so here is the deal:

    I'm a casual TR on Soltech, my style is variable, sometimes zerg (even in SC2 hell yeah o/), sometimes lonewolf and teamworks, I run mainly with Engineer, but use the others classes too.

    I watch a lot of videos of PS2 ppl with remarkable shooting skills, from infils to engis, they aim, they shoot, they kill, headshots everyone, over and over again, in long range, mid range, close range, whathever, ridiculous streaks like 10~15 kills before die.

    Then I got motivated, log in the game, hot drop in (the further possible from the crown, hate that place), hey thats an enemy! ADS! But damn it! How hard is line up! When I get it, start shooting! Them Mr. Recoil says: "Hello Brainiac :) ima sorry my boy, u have no skill with a mouse, so ima gonna let hit just the first shot ok? lol good luck dodging bullets!", them after i wasted half clip on nowhere, red screen blinks, followed by the death board and redeployment.

    This happens in any range: Close, Medium and Long. Im just terrible in infantry shooting, terrible! My average accuracy is ~15% (i think, don't remember exactely).

    Then I ask you good folk of PS2 Forums, that is some way I can learn aim and shoot better? some practice, exercise, tutorial, or else, just something to make me feel better playing this game when my burger tank and ligthining are on cd? :3
  2. Hael

    Practice. That's really it. The people you see aiming well are the people that have been playing FPS games since they were a kid. A lifetime of CS will naturally carry over to PS2 much better than anything else.

    If you're really looking to practice, pick a rock and work on controlling recoil at various ranges. Basically turn it into a firing range and try to keep your bullet spread tight.

    In addition, knowing the layouts and popular "routes" will allow you to get the jump on people, and shooting them from behind is obviously the best way to start a firefight.

    Also, consider adjusting your mouse sensitivity. You may legitimately just have it set too high so your "twitches" are throwing your aim way off. You'd be shocked what adjusting the mouse sensitivity can do to your game.
  3. Dusty El Lion

    It's mostly muscle memory and fire discpline, though your mouse set up can affect your accuracy as well.

    Some helpful tips are in this video.... somewhere....
  4. Makwa

    Dont get frustrated and give up. Keep at it. Two/three weeks ago I had almost no fps experience. What little I did have usually ended in screw you guys I'm going home. I adjusted my mouse sensitivity and practiced practiced practiced. Now I am noticing that I am getting a few kills a night and even getting the drop on some people. Nothing spectacular and I still feel like free xp most of the time but I do see myself getting better.

    Let me reiterate....almost no fps experiance
  5. Whiskey Victor

    Practice, and more practice. It's been two months and I'm just now getting smooth at straight focus on heads as the target. It will come, but it might take weeks. Stick with it and relax.
  6. Morpholine

    If you're constantly over-correcting, reducing mouse sensitivity may help. The converse is also true.
  7. Gavyne

    Generally to get a more accurate shot, you want shorter bursts. Spray and pray works sometimes, but your prayers won't always be answered. The longer you hold down to the shoot button, the further and wilder the bullets spray. So if you remember that, next time when shooting at someone, learn to release the shot for a fraction of a second, then press it again. This gives you a more accurate first shots again, something that happened to you only once if you only spray & pray.

    I know at times it may feel like if you don't keep shooting, you may die. Well as you've found out by now, keep shooting isn't exactly killing the enemies faster. So start getting a feel of it. When you see that you're missing, and the hits aren't registering, it'll be a good time to release the mouse button and press it again. This part comes from practice, because only through experience will you know when you should stop & start the burst.

    When in close combat, during the re-aim, try to aim for their head initially. But quickly move down because that recoil is going to spray upwards & to the side. You'll be surprised how many head shots you may get by actually trying to go for their head during the re-aim.

    For longer range shots, you need even shorter bursts. Sometimes it's better if you actually just tap for 1-2 bullets at a time. Longer shots require you to aim just a tad higher for the bullet drop, but if you are using a gun with higher recoil, you actually need to aim a bit lower because the recoil kicks the shot up. If someone's moving you have to aim a tad head of where they're running.

    Now getting better at shooting isn't the only thing in the equation, it's also how you stay alive. Because you aren't the only one missing the shots, someone else may be missing their shots too. So part of it is evading the shots. Some people like to just A & D back & forth, but then that becomes predictable. So you may need to switch it up, by going left, right, left left, right, etc.. Avoid running straight at someone, that's a good way to get yourself killed.

    Also try not to spazz, you can over compensate and end up missing your shots more. Most importantly, remember it's OK to die, don't get too worried about K/D ratio. if you know you need the practice, then you aren't going to learn by avoiding combat.
  8. TheShrapnelKing

    An FPS was the second video game I ever played, and I've played a lot of them since then.

    I still suck.

    That's why I play this, cuz if I try to play something like Counterstrike I just....die. Repeatedly. No kills at all.
  9. 01101010

    Bursting is really only effective with the guns that do not have a HUGE first shot recoil. For those guns, it is probably better to just keep your foot on the pedal and keep spraying to avoid it. The other guns with minimal first shot recoil work much better with bursting. Something to keep in mind.
  10. wingspan

    Learn when you can/can't spray your gun and win. You might need a new gun if you hate how yours aims and fires.
    Learn the distance when you should keep aiming down the sights, and when you just need to hipfire and keep moving.

    Don't stand still for people while they move around you.
    Try to take cover when possible, and avoid getting caught out in the open against people with cover.

    Unless you're going to show us an example video, I don't think we can be more specific.
  11. Gavyne

    Very good point. T9 CARV has a very bad first shot recoil kick, making it suck to short burst. It however has very high rate of fire, so it's a great spray & pray gun for close to medium range combat. On my NC character, EM6 has a light first shot recoil kick, making it great for tapping short bursts for longer range shots, and it's great for re-aiming.

    There are times though, when it's still beneficial to re-trigger because you aren't getting shots registered.

    Edit: Since OP mentioned about playing an engineer, make sure you get the right guns for the right situations with the right cert upgrades. Engineers can be squishy, but in exchange they get access to very good carbines & fast firing guns.
  12. itzCujo666

    Burst fire (or use a semi auto), don't unload everything at once.

    Take your time to line up your shot, even if you're being shot at. Just shoot when they are in your sights.

    Shoot from behind cover, so they are less likely to hit you. That gives you more time.

    Crouching helps. You could practice drop shooting and it'll improve your survivability by reducing the target you present and steadying your aim at the same time.

    Aim for the head, or at least upper chest and general head area until you can confidently hit the head.

    Practice...a lot. BUT, it's not really practice, it's just playing the game, huh?
  13. phreec

    Lower your mouse sensitivity and try getting as high frames per seconds in a fight you can.
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  14. Syphers

    I'd say play a deathmatch fps with insta respawn like CS but that would be wasted time since you have to gather certification points in PS. Dont spray and pray, burst in like 10 bullets to regain accuracy, aim the neck-head as much as possible, dont forget crouch, if you have to spray lower your mouse to compensatate the recoil, practice your red dot aim on the head on your allies in movement, without shooting of course lol. Dont always zerg in analyze under a good cover, shoot in semi-auto or 2-3 bullets burst from afar and most importantly have fun!
  15. kamenjar

    MattiAce actually has two great videos on this. I found myself doing the same thing when I was tweaking my mouse sensitivity and aiming and then I ran across these:

    A bit on muscle memory/sensitivity.

    Burst fire and recoil
  16. Jakko

    I feel your pain. My FPS experience started with BF3 and I was horrible. I think the video that helped me the most was a drag shooting tutorial that helped get my sights on target quickly along with about 20 hours of practice on an empty server. Rivalxfactor also had a few great videos on aiming and mouse settings. These videos along with practice took me from 8-10% accuracy to 19-21%.
  17. itzCujo666

    Yeah, that's really good advice that is often overlooked. Many people say crank your sensitivity for speed, but I find if it's to high, it gets to hard to be on target, especially going for head shots. Especially in a game when most people aren't getting 120 frames, better to have lower sensitivity (within reason) and be on target.
  18. Bill Hicks

    Shooting better is not just aiming better.

    1. Always flank, always move.

    2. Never shoot past your killing power: Do not try and have a shooting match with a sniper with your carbine.

    3. Run away. If for a second you know you are going to be hit or die, run away and kill another day.

    4. Outthink the enemy. If you see a squad of enemies in your base; they are going for a generator, be waiting for them

    5. Get a good squad

    6. gauss saw
  19. Bill Hicks

    There are good games to learn how to shoot better. Unreal tournament, counter strike, team fortress 2. Dont play modern warfare shooters to learn, you will just get owned if you play a real shooter.
  20. Duvenel

    I was just about to go looking for his videos. Beat me to it :(

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