How to set smoothness to 120 fps instead of having capped at 60 fps?

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Greddy, Nov 12, 2013.

  1. Greddy

    The title says it all. What do I have to change in the Useroption.ini?
  2. richardcwc

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  3. EmmeraldWeapon

    please learn what smoothness does before asking silly questions like this. There is a reason the patch notes said you may get lower overall fps, but less sudden drops in fps.
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  4. Greddy

    Setting smoothness to 60 fps, still grant me down to 40 fps in certain situation, so I dont see what your issue is. Going back to 60 fps hurts my eyes.
  5. McToast


    Set smoothing to 0 and MaximumFPS to 120.

    the Toast
  6. Wuldor

    This thread should help you.

    Specifically, this bit;

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  7. codeForge

    We set a default that we expected would give the best play experience to the average player, NOT the "highest framerate".

    Feel free to try setting your SmoothingMaxFramerate to 120 and see how that works for ya. We're still tuning the smoothing code also, so if you don't like it today, check back later!

    The purpose of the smoothing code is to keep framerate at an "average" rate even though what we're asking the CPU and GPU to do every frame is almost never average. =) So instead of getting a frame rate from 40 to 200 at any given time, you would just get a good average 60 almost all the time.
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  8. Greddy

    Another question arise is what happens if the computer can't deliver the SmothingMinFramerate at that given moment? As in is there any reason to put that line in there?

    EDIT: nevermind I saw the rest of the thread:

  9. Inu

    I imagine the OP's reasoning is because he owns a 120hz monitor and thats his target fps.