How to report someone on PS4?

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  1. xLluisett

    The player yipao of PS4 ceres teabag me for no reason. I want to report him,but i try the command /report and does not work. So what? And please the je rks stay away from this thread.

    I have no idea of why teabag me,the last day we are in a squad.
  2. Mithril Community Relations

    Please check out the article that was published here. If it applies to your situation then follow the instructions on reporting.
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  3. JustGotSuspended

    Is it really worth reporting? Sometimes people teabag their friends for fun or may not even intend to taunt. Even if they do mean to taunt you, does it really matter that a few pixels moved up and down on the screen? It's really not hard to ignore, and you can just focus on getting them back. As long as insults and threats aren't flying around, there's no issue in starting a bit of friendly competition by teabagging each other.

    It takes 2 people to start a conflict. One person being stupid/silly/whatever provocative act, and another one to attribute enough importance to the person and the act to respond to the provocation. If you decide that teabagging from that player is really concerning enough to report him, try this website:

    Basically just report through an email at
    Include screenshots and videos if possible (must be uploaded through external links, not attachments) and include the player name and the date/time of the incident.

    This doesn't mean the player will immediately be banned, but he will be investigated, and dealt with if that is considered toxic behavior.
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  4. DarkQuark

    If we are now banning people for crouching over our dead bodies in a game where we murder people in ever creative ways.

    Then we might as well ban everyone and shut down PS2 and every other online game because clearly it's not something we can handle as a society.
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