[Guide] How to Potentially Earn 1mil EXP per Day

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  1. CertFarmerExtremeMLG

    Some of these screenshots were taken from Reddit.

    250K EXP = 1,000 Certs

    You can earn 100k+ EXP Per Hour

    So, you could earn 1, 1,000 Cert weapon every 2 to 2 1/2 hours roughly if done right. But, lets say you are not so hardcore. You could earn 50-75k per hour. What does this mean? You no longer need station cash, boost or a membership, if you don't want one. Yes, the cert farm will be slower, but it will be much higher than currently are getting.

    Now, how do you do this? Most would think you would have to be a pilot. Nay. I will explain why most of these people are pilots though. So, all you do is arm and destroy generators. That is it. The reason why so many pilots do this is because they go from base to base arming generators and when they blow, you can get a ton of EXP. If there happens to be no one reparing the gens, they get in their ESF and farm some kills on their way to farm more generators. Daddy is about the best example for this. Every day he earns roughly 500-650k EXP.

    With a 100% bonus EXP, you earn 500 EXP per overload, and then a further 1000 EXP for each destruction. That's 1500 EXP per generator.

    A lot of AMP stations and Tech Plants have 6-7 generators. You can earn 10000+ EXP in about 5 minutes. That's more than winning a 2hr alert.

    Does this need to be fixed? Yes. Will it be fixed? More than likely no. SOE has already been informed of this and it seems it is not really a big issue. So, farm away!

    Here are some examples of this.



    I encourage anyone to check out the daily leaderboads. The only reason people's scores are so high is generator farming. This was not like this prior to SOE increasing the score per generator arm and blow. What could easily fix this? Simple. Make it so you cannot arm a generator if you do not have a link. If that is too harsh, make blowing the generators worth just about nothing and make capping the base worth a ton of EXP. More reason to take territory rather than just generator farming.
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  2. Gimpylung

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  3. Teegeeack

    Potentially earn a million if everyone else wasn't doing the same thing. Only late at night will you have your pick and choice of generators to destroy. Anyway, it gets pretty boring after a while. If a BR1 wants to do it, let them. The cert rush becomes less of an issue once you've been playing for a while. I can't imagine there's many BR50s who do this sort of thing.
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  4. RF404

    They need to add a requirement for adjecency to a territory before you can blow up generators.

    I admit, I farm generators myself every now and then and it is waaaay too rewarding. You can easily earn 60-70k xp/h at a task that is so simple that you can perform it while eating crisps. With the current setup you'd have to be a fool not to do it.

    If they don't make adjecency a requirement they should atleast lower the xp gain to 1/10 when the facility doesn't have adjecency to your factions territory.
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  5. Teegeeack

  6. }{ellKnight

    Don't let people overload generators unless they're in territory connected to friendly territory. Should fix it if I'm not mistaken without screwing over infiltrators who prep the base for a friendly force.
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  7. Teegeeack

  8. RF404

    Why not?
  9. CertFarmerExtremeMLG

    I still think the best way to accomplish this is to revert back to the EXP you got for arming and blowing up generators and instead put the rest of that EXP into the base capture. This would give bases with those generators much more appealing to take. It would definitely encourage more continental conquest if people knew there would be a big payout.
  10. RomulusX

    does infil hacking cert decrease the time to overload generators? random question :)
  11. Mambakiller

    OP plays a shooter game to overload random generators.
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  12. Teegeeack

    Why change things just for the sake of it?
  13. Teegeeack

    No, it doesn't.
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  14. StrikerKOJ

    I'm not sure they should give experience for blowing generators or destroying terminals in the first place. The incentive to perform those activities is the benefit it gives the attackers. I don't understand why every action in the game needs an xp value attached to it. All it does is create scenarios like this.

    That is not to say they shouldn't allow generators to be destroyed. They should always be vulnerable, regardless of proximity to the front line, and regardless of some aribtrary capture time percentage. They just shouldn't be giving me 1500+ points for holding E for a few seconds.

    I would agree that the experience should be given in the base capture, as that is the ultimate "objective" of the game.
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  15. Adamar09

    I recall it being stated by Higby (in the "impromptu Q&A" on the test server a while back, maybe) that this is something they're looking to implement.
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  16. jelf

    There are already too many people doing this and it is a lot less profitable than it used to be.
  17. CertFarmerExtremeMLG

    Problem is that no one really knows when the lattice system is coming out. Until then, something clearly needs to be done. I mean, if nothing else, SOE is actually loosing money from this. That is why I am unclear as to why this isn't more of a priority... Anyone not doing this clearly hasn't figured out that the generator metagame is truly where it is at.
  18. Puppy

    Sounds... Boring...
  19. vastaitku

    That's like saying side quests shouldn't give XP in an RPG because helping people is your moral duty anyway. Progress (cert gain, basically) should come from doing the right things. If objectives gave no XP people would be moaning that the message to the player is that only kills matter.
  20. Teegeeack

    It is. And I expect most experienced players don't bother doing it. I don't see what the big deal is.

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