[Guide] How to not get killed by an infiltrator

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  1. Tasogie

    As per usual people like to make something sound as bad as possible to prove their point. FACT IS.... though, that infs are not this world ending drama people make them out to be. If you are alone an standing there, you deserve to get stabbed. I have played inf for 2 years on my guy an Just now I am learning how to 1 shot stab people.
    IT IS REALLY HARD.......

    This whole thing bout how infs are so bad they ruin game play is a load of bollox. As per always players dont want to be responsible for themselves. They demand the devs do it for them.
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  2. Heini

    We just need something better than the short ranged dark light flashlight that basically shouts "I'M HERE; KILL ME NOW!!!".
    A scope like the nightvision one that highlights players would be really good. It would limit your vision and is overall pretty bad but you would be able to clearly see cloaked enemies at short range (but still way more than the flashlight). Perhaps the screen could be pretty dark and you can hardly see anything, even normal enemies, in return for making cloakers easily visible.
  3. Bejita231

    the problem isent killing infiltrators i kill more than they kill me because i play sentry in a squad and watch our back whll the goons all face forward, the problem is the risk vs reward for infil is skewed and lets unskilled players get easy kills they dont really deserve, stealth is too much of a crutch and yet this game is suppose to be the "dark souls" of shooters (according to youtubers)
  4. Littleman

    The problem with infiltrators was giving them regenerative shields and 1HK snipers that way out distance anything any other class can carry. They put a 1HK weapon exclusively on a class that very much is invisible beyond 30 meters. Desperate return fire doesn't have any real lasting impact because of A: damage reduction B: CoF C: Recoil and D: If you ain't cutting through their shields and hitting HP, you've cost them nothing.

    So yeah, you damn well better expect people to scream to the high heavens when dealing with something that can jarringly end their fun and they feel they can do nothing about except snipe back. No other FPS developer worth a rat's turd would think this is okay. Fundamentally, the class is broken because the design philosophy is beyond stupid. There might be "skill" in sniping, but the tools and risk-reward ratio are too skewed in the infiltrators favor to call sniping "skill." It's more like shooting minnows in a barrel. Frustrating for the sniper, but not risky/challenging.

    There's a host of balance tweaks that could be done to reign them in considerably (pick ONE: no cloak while sniper rifle is equipped, no shields for infiltrators with certain cloaks, damage fall off beyond X many meters well within automatics range negates 1HK on targets at 100%, etc.) but at this point in the game's life, the only people left playing are the one's comfortable with and possibly abusing the status quo.
  5. JibbaJabba

    The delay has been broken since the DX11 update. I'm not sure if they changed the time on it, or the graphics makes the decloak slower or what.

    The net result though is: Infiltrators can kill you BEFORE you can see them.

    It's a pretty broken mechanic and super frustrating for newer players I'm sure. It reeks of a fairness issue.

    I think if DBG fixed this, the complaints about the class would drop substantially. You infiltrator mains would be fine, you were before DX11.
  6. Scroffel5

    I know right? I am glad I am not the only person who checks this. Whenever I lead a squad, I keep them updated on approximately how many enemies are in the hex, or if there are any there at all. If it says 1-12 enemies, and you have 50%, then the numbers can be 1-1, 2-2, 3-3, 4-4, 5-5, 6-6, ect, all the up to 12-12. Or is it 11-11? Either way, I like to estimate about how many enemies there are.
  7. Scroffel5

    Cloaks help you get away. Logically, if you were an engineer for a war, you would make your silent assassins able to get away from a bad engagement and relocate. Also, do you understand how hard it is to headshot someone when they are moving? When you are within 100 meters, you have to lead them a bit more, but it is easier than say, 300 meters. Also, it does have a damage fall-off. The only sniper capable of 1 headshot killing infantry at every range is the Railjack, but it can only 1 headshot kill Infiltrators, AKA your main threat, at such extreme ranges as 300-450. At that point, you are pretty much useless to the battle, and you are only boosting your own stats. That doesn't help the battle. In fact, the farther away you go from the battle to snipe, the less helpful you are. Sure, can you OHK anything in its effective range? Yeah, but it isn't the easiest feat. If you are too close and you miss, that is their queue to light you up. If you miss in your effective range, say 150-200 meters, you have just alerted the enemy to where you are. The problem is, most PS2 players are extremely stupid. They don't get that when you hear a bullet whizz by your head that you were just shot at. They don't get that it matters what type of gun you just heard, who has access to that gun, who is trying to kill you, and from where. If all players were smart enough to question those things, they wouldn't die so much to infiltrators.

    Also, going along with whoever posted that comment before about deserving to die, yes. If you stand still in a battle and think you are safe, you deserve to die. Its called tough love. Now what you should be doing is learning from that lesson. YOU ARE NEVER SAFE, NOR WILL YOU EVER BE SAFE! Learn to be paranoid. Someone always wants to kill you.
  8. Ypsilon-Oh

    If u think like this than as inf i also get forced to a playstyle from HA... i can't show me first cuz than he will always win just because of the 3rd health bar...
    sorry thats a really stupid argument
  9. Scatterblak

    *Every* class's existence dictates how you must play, if you want to prevail. LA's make you look around and check your flank, Medics dictate your target prioritization (if you think strategically as well as tactically), HA's make you focus on flanking and noting available cover before you engage (unless you just play the 'spawn-run-shoot-kill-die-rinse-repeat' style of gameplay).

    EVERY class has an impact on playstyle. The reality is that the only people really complaining are those who want to play PS2 as a straight up large-scale FPS - and it's not. There's a strategic element that remains, and those who leverage it will have an advantage over those who ignore it. There are plenty of people who give the stinkeye to LA's or HA's, etc - for the same reasons. They don't want to adapt their playstyle to account for all the variables the game was designed with.

    And don't confuse a reason with an excuse. I'm not restricting you to any sort of playstyle - I'm leveraging the available gameplay as designed. If you don't dig it, there's always Fortnite.
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  10. Scroffel5

    There are things are obviously not supposed to do. You can do them all you want, but you are probably going to die to it. For instance, standing still. Whenever you stand still, you are at a higher likelihood of getting sniped and killed. It is called an easy headshot. The class you choose impacts your playstyle quite a bit. As a Heavy, you can tank a few extra shots. That is pretty useful, but should you think that it doesn't matter if they shoot you? No, not at all! If you do that, you are running the risk of becoming complacent, and then you are going to die more often because of it. You are going to basically let them shoot you, thinking that you can absorb it so you are fine, and still die because they chain headshots on you.

    It makes sense that he lists "Dos and Don'ts", because this is a guide as to how not to get killed by an Infiltrator. It doesn't matter if it reduces your options. It also reduces your chance of dying stupidly, it being all your fault. Playing it safe comes with reductions in your options, but you are less likely to die, which is the point of this guide. (How to not get killed by an Infiltrator)
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  11. Twin Suns

    The basics

    Don't stand still.
    Use the buddy system.
    If you see a friendly skull & bones on the mini map, and no red dot around. ;)
    Stick to the beatin path.
    Dark light on you're side arm.
    Terminals, terminals, terminals. Don't let your guard down.
    Traveling long distances on foot, Crazy Ivan, Crazy Ivan, Crazy Ivan. Clear you're baffles.
    "Hey, that looks like a good place to hide". It is, just not for you. :)
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  12. Scatterblak

    Darklights don't work like that -- when an infiltrator sees a darklight, we hide or run - there will always be some other guy on the other side of the hill, standing on a rock, not moving, emptying clip after clip into a firefight, waiting to post another thread about how infs need to be nerfed after we drop him.
  13. Scroffel5

    Can confirm, does work how Scatterblak says.
  14. iller

    As a long time Infil Main, I can tell you that this isn't the problem. There's next to NO PLAYERS left in this game who stay in one spot for longer than the firing delay interval of a RailJack (TRUST ME). The problem is that you can still be mowed down super fast by an SMG even at 40 meters.

    All the advice in the world is useless when the Stealth class finally gets it's super highly visible Transparency Shaders fixed by a DX-upgrade yet it also gets to retain a spray and pray BULLET HOSE which is nearly on par with a Medic's Assault rifle in every single way. The DX-upgrade was 100% absolutely deserved by all Stalker & Scout rifle infiltrators because the average player was lagging WAAAY behind all other classes on Cert & KPM rates there. But the SMGfiltrator should be forced to use a completely different "Cloaking" module from all other Infs (maybe one that only provides stealth of any kind while crouchwalking)
  15. Gen.Drake61

    yeah, im a heavy main on ps4,its funny when you get the drop on them from behind (especially against a skilled player who's missed and revealed his location, not so fun when you go for him only to get knifed frm behind after almost killing him and he retreats,you chase him,lose sight of him and then he doubles back around at 20-50% health, i often try to play tactically while in "beast mode" when im dropping 10-15+ opponents (i work well in cqc, especially when with friends that are just as skilled or better as me,its funny when the bodies start flying,im using cover to the best of my ability and just mowing down opponents who are like *wtf...hacker/cheater/ u op noob!!!) me and my friends have even pissed off players(in my oppinion some of the best) who become ******** and just hunt us down into the spawn and just spawn camp us while trolling us because of "beast mode"