[Guide] How to not be a C4 victim as a tanker

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  1. EliteEskimo

    There is no risk if you die before you reach the tank because you lose nothing and have no cool down. If a gunner is good he'll be helping the tank driver kill his targets so they can move from one target to the next. Watching out for LA's in a big battle takes an immense amount of skill since looking in a 360 degree circle every few seconds is ridiculous. Or should Gunners get a 100XP bonus every time they spot a flying LA to compensate for the infantry/tank kills they could be getting ?
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  2. vanu123

    Sure. C4 just doesnt need a nerf.
  3. KlyptoK

  4. Curanos

    I don't use my tank all that often anymore, but even when I heavily used it I rarely got killed by C4, and when I did it was usually because I was an idiot and getting tunnel vision on a target, not paying attention, etc... I also run it solo 99% of the time, so there's no second gunner to credit with my lack of C4 deaths.

    Inattentive players are becoming an epidemic in the game it seems. Sadly, there's really no cure.
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  5. jak

    Did you make fun of my mother? If you did, I will cut you.
  6. KlyptoK

    No I was going to post a real C4 guide and accidentally hit post before I finished typing it.
  7. jak

    Okay, just making sure. I would like to see your C4 guide.
  8. Kenny007

    This is really all it boils down to. There are pages and pages of arguments for nerfs but no one seems to be able to argue why their stationary, tunnel visioned tank shouldn't fall prey to multiple (not 'one shot' like some insist on arguing) C4 placements. Just nerf this headache of theirs for them please, much like the decline of adequate AA that pilots no longer have to deal with while podding.
  9. Mambakiller

    I am a prowler use, WITH FULL UPGRADED ANCHOR.
    You tell me to move often?
    Dumb... nerf is coming to c4 vs tanks, i am a la also with double pack , and I even think is not fair, that a guy paying 500 pts to spawn a 4000k certed tank die to a scrub LA who use a 100 pts c4 brick.
    Nerf is needed.
    Anchor fully upgraded...and this "duud" tells me to move often and play liek a coward , while inside a 4k certed vehicle.
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  10. Draxo

    They just want their easy XP/certs.
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  11. Mambakiller

    When one tank appears, there is basically a gazillion of heavy's aiming rockets, and 2 gazillions light assaults trying to stealth their way to it, to c4 him.
    C4 needs balances against tanks, no way around it.
    And dont tell ppl to l2p
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  12. Sock

    jak, thank you for making this thread and giving me awesome things like this to read.
  13. Mambakiller

    Yeah, i play LA a lot, i have unlocked double bricks both on my LA and heavy, and i still think it aint fair that one lonely dude can blow up a tank, with c4, a tank who cost mabe 4k certs or more, fully upgraded.
    But then again, they will tell you to l2p.
    This is why i havent loged in 2 weeks, i play some other games atm because is unbearable
  14. Sock

    Post your main character's stats page.
  15. Mambakiller

  16. Lolroflcake

    Tell me why shouldn't you be killed when you make yourself a target. That's what your doing when you lock-down your making yourself vulnerable in exchange for a high rate of fire and longer range. Its perfectly reasonable if a light assault decides to take advantage of the fact that you are locked down and tunnel visioning, its even better for him if you decided to do so at the base of a hill or in a base itself for some silly reason.
  17. Gunivar

    My problem with the Suicide Bomber tactic is that it is more effective than say, a coordinated team of Engineers with AV MAXs/a AV Tank, a skilled team of rocket-focused Heavy Assaults or infantry/ground vehicles/MAXs keeping AA off their ESFS/Libs so they can fire upon the mass of enemy tanks.
  18. Sock

  19. jak

    FYI, C4 is not very efficient at cert farming.
  20. jak

    I didn't tell you to l2p, I told you how to avoid dying to C2.