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  1. shoguncawwill

    how to nerf the max with out nerfing the max. some times the obvious answer is right in front of us the whole time.

    curently the point value is 475 to pull.

    what i suggest is just move it to a flat 500.

    this is to blance the inplants that make it unkillable if not focused with a fireteam detacated to takeing them down.
  2. Liewec123

    at 450 max is already the most expensive unit i can pull, my lib/gal and MBTs all cost only 360.

    zerker is a double edged sword, while it is the only way to get both health regen and survive a single brick of c4 (when used with ordnance),
    it also makes you EXTREMELY susceptible to standard small-arms fire.

    also can we stop pretending maxes are invincible? just pull one of the million counters and 2/3 shot the max...
    earlier today someone uploaded a funny vid to reddit of themself soloing a whole squad of maxes.

    maxes do not need a nerf.
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  3. JibbaJabba

    Put a battery on them. 3min ability to move unless an engie helps you. Folks using teamwork will have an engie willing to do the chore will find things have changed very little.

    But... become stationary and get laughed at if you're one of those players who crutches on them constantly.
  4. JibbaJabba

    They do.

    They're fun for the player using them but awful overall for the game and gameplay. It's a great feature for new players who struggle with survivability but becomes an abomination in the hands of anyone decent.
  5. BreakerP16

    Except if you play NC you can just 1-tap them with the masthead. Also a few heavies will wreck their day.
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  6. waystin2

    Maxes are the most expensive item to pull resource wise and far less destructive than some of the aircraft and vehicles that cost less. Maxes accelerate slow and run slow. Maxes are highly dependent on engineers to keep operating in a high intensity firefight. Maxes do not have a single implant that elevates them to unkillable status. In fact there are very few useful implants for a max (Ammo Printer, Target Focus, Sweeper Hud, Battle Hardened). Maxes are big targets. Maxes are highly susceptible to attack by C4, rockets, anti-material rifles and of course vehicle weapons. If you are getting diced by a max from any faction then you need to re-evaluate your strategy when attacking one. I rarely get kills on the players that know how to deal with a max. The ones I kill a lot of are the players that think they can stand right in front of the max and have a gun fight. Hint: This is not a good thing for a Heavy, Light, Infiltrator, Medic or an Engineer.
  7. JibbaJabba


    Ok well, problem solved then. We can all go home.
  8. JibbaJabba

    If the counter to something is itself then it doesn't really have a counter. :p

    Not quite the case here but it's pretty close. 8-10k effective health and dual wielding DPS? :p Maxes are overpowered and the only people saying otherwise are the ones that crutch on them.

    They are fun for the noobs and for that reason we should keep them. Vets should avoid abusing the OP stuff..

  9. waystin2

    I have gamed for over 25+ years and the vets/noob/crutch comments are literally the oldest and perhaps weakest in the book. Hardly a standing point to change something in Planetside.
  10. JibbaJabba

    I have gamed for ... ALL the years. My first PvP game was Pong and nothing about what you said refuted my point. But thanks for your opinion. :)
  11. Demigan

    Does anyone grasp the concept that a MAX can both be OP and UP because its unbalanced in various ways?

    They are too min/maxed. Their healthpool is so large that they can tank most ordinary weapons they face and they have two weapons simultaneously. They pay for this with no ADS (low accuracy at range), limited DPS and a slow movement speed.

    This severely limits MAX’s. In a defensive position where movement isnt much of a problem they are way too OP as they can tank too much while dishing out immense amounts of damage. This leads to farm fests with the user encouraged not to leave their position even if it would help push the enemy out.
    In an attack the MAX’s are limited due to their speed and lesser firepower compared to an ADS player. It makes them far more vulnerable to weapons that do deal a ton of damage against them.

    In the end the MAX will always be unfun for one party. Either the MAX feels unfun because you get killed quickly or the MAX is unfun because their opposition has little opportunity to destroy them.

    If I were to design the MAX I would have kept its speed similar to other infantry, let it go alongside them. I’d even add a shield. However the effective health against small arms should be more on the lines of 4000 rather than 10.000+. Also that shield would have a much lower regen to increase the downtime after a battle. It creates a far better opportunity for both sides to deal with one another. The MAX isn’t as limited in attack roles as it can better move alongside the infantry while in defense its no longer such a bulletsponge that you can hardly defeat it. Even better you can try to wear it down as regular infantry is back in the fight far faster than the slowly regenerating MAX. The dual weapons remain effective with their upsides vs downsides as well. Making the MAX much more rounded and fit in the game. Depending on how easy it would be to defeat it could become cheaper, like 200 nanites. That way its way easier to use in risky attacks without the loss being too great.
  12. waystin2

    LOL Sounds like a couple of old farts arguing. It's all good. I remember Pong and my first 8 bit Tandy LMAO. Programs were loaded by cassette tapes. 60's child here. See you out there!
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  13. Kentucky Windage

    I would agree with you to some extent that new players use the Max due to the harshness of the new player experience. But....what else are they going to use to counter all of the Air/Tank a#@ hats out there. Using the Max as a new player might piss some players off but I have no problem with them using a Max if that's the way they want to go. Plus we get a counter to Air/Tank and as a mostly ground pounding player I am thankful for that.
  14. Shadowpikachu

    Headshot multiplier 1.5 instead of 2 to average out the damage increase of bodyshots, if they are still insane when used in great positioning thats cool, if they still dont take much damage when running and gunning willynilly then they should be looked at further.