How to make Valkrie Sexier

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  1. thed1rt

    Allow the 2 front seats to allow engineer turrets.

    Allow the 2 back seats to allow 2 max units.

    Allow the Valkrie to have a Global Spawn Generator that generates 3 spawns a minute built up. And when you activate the ability it allows global spawns onto your valkrie even from people that arent in your squad until your buildup is depleted.

    But it only generates 3 a minute so people cant zerg with valks unless they coordinate with 20 valkries.

    This will make it so that people who havent found a good squad to play with yet can still use the valk and get the 3 global spawns a minute, and good squads can use it to move their 2 max units around and maybe have fun with man turrets.

    Would this put way too many valks in the sky?
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  2. Liewec123

    The spawn thing is a neat idea, though I think maxes might be OP
    (though you can currently get one max in a valk using a bug requiring coordination of a few people)
    I do like the idea of door guns though, perhaps valk should have an extra slot,
    And choice between the current open back allowing 4 person transport and in flight repairs,
    Or a closed back with one door gun sticking out the side, turning it into a 3 person combat vehicle
    Ofcourse this door gun would need a minigun! (Tight cof, high rpm, capable of damaging all targets)
  3. InexoraVC

    No! Make it available for the squad only. And make players to wait for repawn each time they need it. Make the game waitside and redeployside! (sarcasm)
  4. JustGotSuspended

    Would be really sexy if each faction got their empire specific reskins on each vehicle. Sure, use the same guns for balance purposes, but the vehicles should at least look unique!
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  5. Demigan

    • Give the Valkyrie an AMS module.
      • Valkyries are much softer than Sunderers but can reach more spots at higher speeds. Their short lifespan would be a good trade-off to their spawn positions.
      • The module could be in one of the Valkyries item slots rather than auto-granted.
    • Give the Valkyrie access to an afterburner
      • The fact that the Liberator got an afterburner before the Valkyrie is ridiculous. Valkyries could benefit far more.
      • Make the afterburner unique. Make it an omnidirectional afterburner that takes your keyboard input as the afterburner direction.
      • The afterburner could be altered to give just a second or two of afterburn bursts, but regenerate in a few seconds as well. This fits more with the way the Valkyrie is set up as a quick and accurate troop transport. It would also allow the Valkyrie to dodge incoming fire from other aircraft.
    • Allow the Valkyrie to swap out it's rumble seats for other things. When you swap them out you lose the squad-spawn ability.
      • Swap them out for 2 turrets.
        • The players inside the turrets can use a button (X for example) to swap which side they are on, making the turret move through the opening where the Rumble seats are. This allows the turrets to aim for the same target and makes sure that if the Valkyrie is circling one target one turret isn't useless. Allow various turret loadouts for AI, AA and AV.
      • Swap them out for pilot-fired weapons.
        • Weapons like the Hornets and rocketpods would be far better suited on the Valkyrie, which would function more as an attack-helicopter in this role without the ability to instantly escape any situation due to the lack of afterburner (or only a short duration afterburner). You could add a variety of weapons for different purposes, such as AA oriented weapons, AI and AV.
    Naturally, I'm assuming the ground units will get some actual AA rather than deterrents, and that this type of AA is more prevalent rather than the current "oh you didn't bring an AA unit well I guess you are dead now" routine we have now.
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  6. thed1rt

    I think AMS module would make valkrie too powerful if it had infinate global spawns. I really think it should have 3 global spawns a minute if you are not squaded up that way your faction needs to have 20+ valkrie drivers if they wanna push a main lattice with it with randoms people.
  7. Demigan

    It would need to be deployed on the ground ofcourse. It wouldn't do it while flying.
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  8. thed1rt

    Hrm that might be kinda cool. Or once you deploy it it digs into the ground and can never be undeployed.
  9. xMeserionx

    MAXes where kicked out of Valkyries because Burster MAXes in mobile Aircraft is literal cancer as they can fire while aboard. If they disabled the MAXes ability to fire while in the Valkyrie I would be ok with it. Otherwise the idea of having two side turrets would actually be kind of cool.
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  10. thed1rt

    Yes the 2 maxes in the valkrie is just for transport not spamming burster maxes that would be WAY too op.
  11. JustGotSuspended

    HAHA let's revert to the olden days where galaxies were like sunderers.

    I also miss the terminal they had at the back, you don't realize how good that was until you need it!
  12. Demigan

    The Valkyrie already has a drawback in it's lifespan when it's stationary, I don't see a need to throw another drawback on that by making it unable to undeploy again.

    The AMS Galaxy was far too good when it was in the game. More health, more armor which made it easier to keep repaired, more weapons, higher speed, no reliance on roads, able to deploy in places the Sunder can't. It was so good the Sunderer just became obsolete.

    Rather than bring the old AMS Galaxy back I would make it a pocket base. Can only be deployed a certain distance from a base, then you can spawn both infantry and vehicles up to a Lightning there. If necessary you give the pilot access to a Cortium miner and use the cortium for all spawns, allowing it also to be refilled by ANT's.
    That would already be far closer to what Construction should be moving to anyway: Quick, tactical and useful. Then abandoned or relocated somewhere else.
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  13. thed1rt

    THAT COULD BE AWESOME. If your outfit can stockpile Cortium and take it to a base's ammo resuply station for vehicles and it adds to the outfits Cortium for that map. Then make the Valkrie take cortium for each trooper respawn. Actually give the ANT's a use besides stealth vehicle.

    Having to drive to the valkrie to fill it up with cortium would suck. But if you could unload your cortium into a vehicle ammo station like a silo and your outfit gets the cortium that would be awesome.
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  14. Demigan

    oh no absolutely not. Teamplay means playing together with all players, not just Outfits. This should be available to everyone, all the time. It should not become another F-you to players who aren't in the same Outfit/Squad/Platoon.

    Also I wouldn't want the Valkyrie to be the one using Cortium, the Valkyrie would work similar to the current Sunderer in all respects. The Galaxy however would be OP if it worked like that. So instead if it's pushed into a pocket-base role where it can potentially be powered by Cortium, cortium brought to you by anyone at any time not just your Outfit, it would be a tremendous boon to the game as a whole.
  15. thed1rt

    Nope. Way too OP to let valk act like sunderer.

    On PS4 the ANT has no use anyways so it would be good to make it a cortium collecter for global spawns in the valk and galaxy. Or a timer based one. This is the way.

    Sorry you are having trouble finding an outfit to use the outfit only stuff like collosus and bastion. It makes the game way funner.
  16. Demigan

    I've been in an outfit for most of the game's lifetime. That isn't the problem. The problem is that content that could have enhanced the game for everyone is instead gated behind memberships of outfits and squads/platoons. People present these things as "teamwork" yet these mechanics are actively segregating players from each other. People in the same squad/platoon will ignore people not in their squad/platoon. People in an outfit will almost exclusively play with their outfit. A random showing up is rarely seen as someone you can play together with as long as they don't join the squad/platoon/outfit.
    Placing things like Bastions, Colossus, some resources etc behind an outfit requirement has hurt the game. You shouldn't join an outfit for some juicy stuff, you should join an outfit for the players that are in there. Now players are left out of content until they join an outfit, likely a zergfit that they don't really interact with other then "everybody go there", which also cuts off their access to a Bastion and Colossus as they'll never be high enough on the internal social ladder to get access.

    The Valk wouldn't be OP if it acted like a Sunderer. It's far more vulnerable whenever it's deployed on the ground, giving it a solid trade-off.

    Making the ANT collect for spawns completely seperate from squads, platoons and outfits is an idea. Although rather than global I would aim for a more local area, such as the base it's delivered at can supply a Valk/Galaxy in the surrounding bases.
    You could use the ANT for anti-infantry purposes though. Pick a proxy-radar and Kobalt for example, if you are in the gunner seat it still signals you where nearby infantry are moving. That makes it a powerful anti-infantry tool.
  17. RRRIV

    Valks already are AMSs with beacon/router drops. you would have to rework/balance out beacons/routers for the AMS to be viable
  18. OneShadowWarrior

    It should be a heavy gunship like the Hind Chopper.

    They did have it awhile back they were going to introduce a variant called The Vulture where you removed the seats for more firepower, but it never happened.

    At this point even afterburners would be nice. The Wyrm gun should get moved as nosegun for the pilot. Maybe better sight optics options for the pilot, I often find what the Valkyrie pilot can see the gunner often can’t see. So the coordination of teamwork on such a vehicle can often be skiddish as it underperforms.
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  19. Demigan

    Both the beacon and the Router are much smaller, harder to hit and easier to place. The beacon is harder to hit and allows players to modify their "spawn" position before they land. The Router can be placed inside of buildings. Both beacon and Router don't have a terminal.

    There's a lot of differences between them to say that they are unique enough. Otherwise you could argue that the Router needs to go because it's just like the Beacon.