How to make Oshur AWESOME

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Logray, Mar 24, 2023.

  1. Logray

    Here are some quick fixes to make Oshur water FUN.

    - All infantry upon entering the water get a move speed bonus of something like X8. You can't fly in the water, but you can now get where you want to be in a hurry making infantry more dangerous and less burdensome upon hitting water. Infantry can only spot other infantry while submerged in water. C4 privileges might need to be refined.

    - Corsairs need a submarine mode where they can be deployed into sub mode and fire something like slow moving torpedoes under water (maybe only by a gunner). This would let corsairs escape the surface where they are sitting ducks too often and lets them be a more versatile menace to anything in water. They should not be able to roadkill infantry.

    I love the game and want to see it in the best shape possible.

    I did not make this, but if you are here you know the beauty.
  2. Walking Shark

    We also need an option to repair under water and since the water movement device is the only one in the slot it should be enabled and equipped by default (it's insane that this got through testing without being the case). Also, every gun that works under water should be clearly marked as such. Torpedo/water variant options for launchers should also be a thing. Basically 75% of gameplay is somehow disabled in the water and it makes every fight the same and boring.
  3. VV4LL3

    * Focusing on balancing out the weapons would be a decent start, instead of one faction having more weapons that can fire into water more than others... etc..

    * Being able to build in the water would be great too AFTER there's a building overhaul.

    * Allow repair, turrets, .... under water so more than light or heavy, or TR/NC, can have fun.

    * Why is the thumper able to shoot underwater, but other grenade based launchers, no? (NSO MAX)...

    * Mosi main gun, reaver rockets, liberator dalton fire terribly well into the water... balance??