[Suggestion] How to make dual weapon viable yet not OP.

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Bibibla, Feb 6, 2015.

  1. Bibibla

    The obvious problem with dual gun is that when a gun is balanced to be used alone, it would be OP to be able to use 2 of them : twice the damage output is a huge difference.

    Yet, dual guns would be cool ! (especially akimbo pistol on LA)

    One simple fix could be this one :

    Pretends dual weapons use a special kind of low recoil ammo (certifiable) that diminish damage by a factor (gun dependent).

    But I find it a little bit boring, so I'd rather have this one :

    Pretends dual weapons use a special kind of low recoil ammo that's less effective against infantry shield (not heavy shield). Basically, it deals half damage to the shield, and full damage to health.

    So the overall effectiveness is less than 2 : it does normal damage half the time, and double damage half the time, hence 1.5 times the damage of a single gun. Considering the average pistol have 2/3 of the DPS of the average automatic weapon, it balances out nicely.

    This second fix have the nice advantage that even the Max could be rebalanced : their standard gun are weak because of the dual weilding hability. With such a mechanism, they could be buffed safely to 2/3 of their actual power.
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  2. NinjaKirby

    I think the only game I've ever played where Dual Pistols were nice to use might be Perfect Dark (N64 version), twin scoped Falcons anyone? Awww yea.

    PS2 version would no doubt end up like CS:S dual pistols, lulzy at best.

    To be at least a little constructive, making Dual Pistols both Primary and Secondary slots, with significantly extended reload times? I guess that's still pretty high DPS though... but blazing through 12 shots with something like the Commissioner and enduring a long reload could be a reasonable trade off, since the only fallback would be the knife.

    Ultimately, I guess "elite" players would use them extremely well and pwn everyone though.

    Edit: Oh god, if it's anything like Max weapons they'd make us re-purchase all the guns a second time for the second hand, HEHE, oh u soe
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  3. OldMaster80

    This might work, but it wouldn't fix the second big problem of dual wield weapons: they would simply add nothing new to this game. We don't need another good close quarter weapon.
    We need devs to quit messing around with tanks and tanks weapons and focus on those weapons that are obviously underperforming (battle rifles I'm looking at you!). We need devs to explain why the **** after 6 months the Valkyries is just a slow big useless target for training practice instead of being a badass alternative to the Galaxy.
    We need them to explain why the hell the roadmap does not exist anymore.
    We need them to explain why they implemented just the completely idiotic 1st phase of the mission system without developing the other parts.
    We need them to tell us when the **** do they plan to introduce the ANT and the rest of the resources system because that was the only thing in the roadmap that sounded barely close to a form strategic feature.
    We need them to re-think redeploy rules because they screw the battle flow continuously.
    In the meanwhile it would be nice to have news about battle islands, working warpgates (after 2,5 years they still do not teleport people around that's crazy) and intercontinental lattice.

    Seriously, dual wield guns are the last thing we need at the moment.
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  4. Bibibla

    Sure, especially with the high damage pistols : they would instant kill with headshots. That's why I suggested half damage against shield : with a commi, the first 2 shots would be half damage, the third shot would finish the shield, and the last one would kill. So we would be going from :
    3 body shots or 2 headshots
    to 4 bodyshots or 3 heashots at twice the firerate.
  5. Liewec123

    i dunno, maybe have the ability to dual wield take up the ability slot so an LA can choose either jetpack or dual wield,
    i know i wouldn't mind the change of pace of trading jetpack for 2 Mag-scatter's, you'd feel like a weaker NC max lol
    or eastwooding it with 2 commisioners
  6. MasonSTL

    One idea I had to make them work is to have a long reload, animation and all. Like a good 3.5 - 4 sec. AND not allow ADS. And if that is still too strong increase the CoF.
  7. Bibibla

    That's what would make sense. Unfortunately, that means you'll have TWICE the damage per second. With a pair of commisionner, that means instant kill.

    SoE (or should I say Daybreak?) have allready nerf the old commisionner + knife combo that was killing instantly. I doubt they'll introduce an akimbo that kill in one click.
  8. LibertyRevolution

    The only way they could do this would be to introduce a new line of secondaries that come in pairs.
    Like Dual Elites in CS, so the set of 2 would still take up the only sidearm slot.
    Dual wield would have a max style crosshair and COF, and the combined fire DPS would deal SMG level damage.

    This dual wield ability will take up the jet pack slot they said.
    So this would be your secondary, so you would still be able to carry your long range carbine.
    So you are giving up your mobility to carry both ranged and CQC setup.

    There is no way they are going to let you dual wield commies and underbosses...

    Anyways, I am against this idea, I thought it was a terrible idea before they said they wanted me to trade my jetpack for it...
  9. Kanil

    Light Assaults can already give up their jet pack for the ability to kill things better -- it's called Heavy Assault.
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  10. LibertyRevolution

    A light assault without a jetpack is just an engineer without unlimited ammo, mines, turrets, repair tool and battle riffle. ;)
    I don't think having dualies is going to make up for all that.
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  11. BlackSand

    It can add some fun to game.
    but It should be a CQC weapon with high cone of fire and heavy recoil for trade with high DPS and RPM.
  12. MasonSTL

    Well, technically you can do the same with one shotgun. That and a commissioner would kind of suck if its CoF is nerfed and can't ADS.

    EDIT: wait, I should note this; I am under the impression that duel wield would replace your primary for 2 secondary.
  13. Pikachu

    Long relod is not a way to balance things in a 1 man pvp game. Having super dps just ruins the experience for the other player even if the long reload makes it look balanced in the AKPH stat sheet. People want a fair chance of fghting back or escape which is whythey hate shotguns. No infantry guns should be able to mow down multiple infantry with ease just because it has long reload to gihe it a low KPH.
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  14. Pikachu

    Got to love Higby's explanation of the mission ststem, a way to help players who are new to fps and have no idwa qhat to do. No one could be dumb enough to not get that its about fighting ovee bases. Its like they even try ti make r-***** play the game.
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  15. MasonSTL

    what about the other 2 points of balance i made?
  16. Iridar51

    This is the worst idea I've seen.

  17. asmodraxus

    Double the CoF, remove ADS
  18. repairtool6

    Dual melee. Knife & Axe.
    Bring me this.

    Or maybe a sword. A sword AND a pen? Ultimate beast-mode
  19. CipherNine

    Why bother with dual wield when TR can simply make dual barrel pistols?