How to "kill" PlanetSide 2

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Elkybam, Mar 17, 2014.

  1. Elkybam

    Let's start jotting off the list:
    -Delaying of many performance updates (and I'm not even sure if they help at all)

    -Population imbalance

    -Weapon imbalance (though it does not seem as major as it was previously)


    -No possible metagame(???)

    -MAXes (personal problem, but others have had issues too)

    And much more to come!

    Yeah, this leans toward the complaining side of the forums...............oh well.

    Negative replies are expected, so have fun making insults at my content.
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  2. gigastar

    If the performance updates didnt work for you, then its time to get a better PC.
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  3. Camycamera

    huh? i don't understand when people bring up this.

    aren't zergs like, what makes PlanetSide PlanetSide? you have massive armies clashing together that make massive battles.... that's the whole point....
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  4. DevDevBooday

    Uh yeah? Thats pretty true i spose..... Is there actually a point to this post OP or is it just a random thought process?
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  5. Camycamera

    it's just forumside being forumside.

    and there is also this post i saw, that shows a new player posting a video of a massive battle, saying how awesome it was and how epic the game was. further reinforces my point.

    by "kill" PS2 you mean to loose players, and if zergs are what are bringing in players..... well, it is self explanatory really. zergs wont/dont kill PS2.
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    I didn't notice any difference with the update. And I highly doubt I need a better PC.
  7. gigastar

    Then you must have been among the few who had good performance before the updates.

    After all, your i7-4770k@4.4ghz would have been ieal for the old CPU-intensive PS2.
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    I was getting around 40-50fps in huge 48 vs 48 fights it begin with. Since it didn't change anything it didn't work :p
  9. miraculousmouse

    Point and aim at blue and purple people, click or hold down lmb until they go away.
  10. Tycoh

    I think he's talking about the 48+ player zergs that hunt lowly peasant 12-24 squads and avoids the other 48+ player zergs.
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  11. Tonberry76

    sadly its always zerg vs none zerg
    its seems they always no when the enemy have no zerg atm

    so yea spam 20 tanks 10 airplanes and capture areas how great that is
    when the enemy just sit in there spam room and force back ea area

    but i dont see that as much fun in this game
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  12. JudgeDeath

    Eh ....

    PS2 without big battles aka zergs would be a game I wouldnt play.

    If you want 6-64 players go titanfall,cs:go,COD,BF4. Dont try to change the one game that does the big numbers into small numbers clone of the others. Instead go play those others and let us enjoy this one.
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  13. Aesir

    I get consistently less performance out of my PC with every update ... for some odd reason however not on the CPU end. Which is only a mere AMD Phenom II 1090, not even overclocked, which I did try to see difference, nothing. But on the GPU end, which during late beta I disabled my triple crossfire and was running a single 6970, running the game with everything cranked up in the .ini files, prior to the actual Ultra settings.

    Nowdays I have to crank up the heat and turn atleast two 6970's up to get a similar performance. Which is odd and still bugs me like crazy, I did re-installs, cleaned up the fans, checking heat, tried a ton of different drivers, new and old, windows re-installs. But it keeps getting worse and worse with every update and patch.

    I've basically given up on finding the cause and accepted the fact that I probably, in the near future will need to ramp up the third 6970 at one point and than start reducing the settings ... at which point I than will probably start upgrading my PC again ...

    So performance isn't really the issue, the game crashes on almost every PC every 4+ hours because for some odd reason the game can't seem to dump it's needed memory. Which in my book is the way greater flaw and spawned for me more frustration than most other things.

    To kill the game from a gameplay stand point and it's already hard to kill fanbase that still keeps on hoping, despite getting crushed over and over again ... hell I don't know ... why am I still around? Probably for the same hope that SOE might actually deliver more than what is now, because the potential is there, it's just not realized ...
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  14. DrPapaPenguin

    Oh yeah, zergs. Because it's only natural that after dumping several hundred players onto a continent they will divide themselves into neat, orderly squads and disperse evenly amongst the territories. Because Chivalryside 2.
  15. VakarisJ

    Having armies crashing one into an other is the definition of a war. Having scores of lemmings crash into each other is called a zerg -- disorderly crowd. The meaning of zerging is far different then where the word came from -- in Planetside 2 the zerg doesn't have a hivemind, they just have some idiot shouting "let's go take X for 500XP" and everyone blindly following him.
  16. Bush82

    want to kill it?

    give it to EA, job done.
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  17. AltF4Fun

    This forum alone slowly kills the game itself,with all the ******** im reading lately.
  18. VakarisJ

    They won't kill it. There's no money to be scammed out of people if the game is a complete corpse. They'll just rerelease it every year and increase the number on the end by one each year without changing anything significant, while calling it progress.
  19. Lord of Pain Ostrik

    :p currently, I run with zergs because its honestly more fun IMO. Which means I'm in fights similar to your 48 vs 48 and I am holding steady at 800+ fps... which is odd because on SWTOR i cap at 60 fps
  20. Beltway

    You just need to make valid points and explain them. That being said let's not pretend that this game was alive past it's official beta and from launch the game has flat-lined. Some of your points I did find valid so I will add my interpretation to get a intelligent discussion going.

    Weapon Imbalances in my opinion are a constant bane on the game. Constant nerfs/buffs to weaponry will always leave players wondering if they gun they have today will be good tomorrow. Normally this would be no big deal except for the fact people are paying cash out of pocket for these weapons. Spending $20 to $50 bucks on the best possible weaponry only to have them less effective when you log in the next day puts a bad taste in a consumers mouth. It's a very ignorant business practice that encourages everything from cheaters to quality of the actual game.

    Zergs While I will agree that zergs are a (vital) part of the planetside franchise the fault doesn't lie in the player base but the design of the game. Allow me to explain what I mean with a little more detail.

    In the original planet side massive armies were an everyday occurrence. However it was controlled by the game's well thought out structure. Base and tower design completely halted vehicle progression, which meant if you wanted the base you had to walk in and get your hands dirty. Max units & Vehicles where controlled by the certification system the game had in place.

    In this installment zergs are left unchecked because of poor base design, out door spawn rooms, and a complete lack of certification structure. A new player can access any vehicle, and armament in the game. In my opinion this the worst possible aspect of the game which I will cover in the next point.

    Meta Game Giving players access to all of the armament the game has to offer was the biggest mistake the developers could of made. Firstly it makes levels, rank, and roles a non factor. This was a major part of planet sides appeal, the ability to specialize your character and EARN new abilities every few ranks. In planetside 2 everything you had to work from in the old installment you now have access to completely eliminating any kind of specialization classes.

    Continental progression no longer exists. Taking over any continent gives the conquering faction no reward, no tactical advantage, or sense of accomplishment. While on the subject of continents, 9 months ago hossin was scheduled to be released and I am not in the least bit surprised that it still has yet to see the light of day. This game is suppose to have 10 continents total on release that was on November 20, 2012. Over a year and almost 4 months later the community is still playing on the same 3 continents. Meta game cannot be created with 70% of the game missing.

    From my time away to seeing the game now all I see is more things in the cash shop that I can buy, and nothing else. There are those of us that had/have very high hopes for planet side 2. However seeing the progress it's made over the past year is very disheartening. It still stands that this game has gone from a forced early release to a constant cash grab with new guns,decals,and flare being cranked out every week. The most disturbing part about it is that the community welcomes it with open arms with the lack of true debate.