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  1. Qasar

    So, I like looking at my stats. I'm not looking at them really to compare to others, but to compare to myself and see where I could use improvement. I think it gives me trends to follow and consider as I run around trying to shoot people. As a primary HA, where kills = SPM = Certs = sweet new weapons and extra certs for Sundies, etc... I'm looking at my KPM and frowning. I've plateaued at .49 with all three HA weapons that I use. Seriously, take a look:!/5428100110516095569/weapons

    If that's not a trend, I don't know what is.

    Anyways... I need help figuring out where the ceiling is so I can break through it. It might be accuracy, as I'm average there. It might be my KDR. It might be that Waterson just doesn't have a target rich environment and I'm spending too much down time between fights (although I know that other HAs have higher... much higher KPM than mine on Waterson...)

    I really just don't know what it is. Anyone want to take a stab at this and help me improve it?

  2. KnightCole

    Prolly ur down time in fights. I think mine is .3 or .4. I know i spend alot of time looking for smallish battles.
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  3. Volccis

    I rarely play as infantry, but login only when there is big fights in bio lab. Guaranteed increase. For real, go to big battles and dont run in open field, sneak in buildings and so on so you dont die immediately. As much you die the less you can kill.
  4. TheTreeness

    Amazing positioning skills takes greater importance than Amazing accuracy, but both are needed to achieve a high SPM.
    Your current goal for kills per hour should be 60+ (better than average infantry player), pro infantry players do 120+ kills per hour.
    If a fight ceases to provide kill farm you immediately redeploy elsewhere make sure your using the enemy filter on the map to look for large fights. Your accuracy still needs improvement, here is the best infantry player on PS2 currently to look at to mark your personal goals.!/5428011263296905681!/5428021759062401409!/5428064957328260241
  5. Posse

    My advice at this point would be to focus on improving accuracy and KDR, get your accuracy to around 25% and your KDR to around 3 (not the global averages, just what you're doing everyday), with that improvement KPM will improve by itself because you're having less downtimes, it won't be a huge increase though but once you get to that point, then you're probably good enough to start playing more agressively, that's what will make your KPM go up, but to play agressively and be effective at the same time you need 3 things: confidence, knowledge of where are your limits, and knowledge of your opponents' average skill in order to know when to be agressive.

    In my case, when I could finally pull daily K/Ds of 4+ I became confident enough to start playing more agressively and in a matter of weeks my daily KPM went up by around 40-50%. Another thing that doesn't appear in the stats but always needs to be worked on if you want to play agressively is your situational awareness and positioning.

    Just one thing, don't look at the global average because making that go up is really hard (the more you play it becomes exponentially higher), I'm pulling around 1.25 with my Orion right now (same as my SVA's global average, which I started using relatively recently) but my global average with the Orion is still at 0.86 (the fact that I already have too much kills with it makes it harder of course :p)

    (btw, you know you can ask me on TS whenever you see me online since I'm probably the guy in XOO with most time as HA by far now that Aeros and Utherix are not logging that often, though you already know my first tip will be: grab the Orion :p)

    Almost nobody pulls 120 kills per hour, last month I was looking at the monthly leaderboard for kills and save for 1 or 2 exceptions, everyone was at around 1.2-1.3 KPM, and I'm talking about the top infantry players of the server. I'd even say that 0.5 is already slightly above average, 1 is pretty good, around 1.2 or 1.3 is really great.

    Btw, wasn't that Glorin guy a cheater?
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  6. Nakar

    You're dying too much, I think that's the issue. You can kill people at a decent rate but you're spending too much time dead. Learn your positioning, be less aggressive (but don't become timid or you'll lose KPM from that), redeploy to fights where you aren't in a hopeless situation (a target-rich environment is no good if you're isolated and killed all the time), and figure out how to approach the same situations you're approaching now from a more advantageous angle (whether literally or figuratively).

    Do you use Medkits? What shield do you favor? Your weapon selection looks fine, but what attachments do you use? Why are you sometimes dying 4-6 times in a row, what's causing that to happen to you?
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  7. umbrellapower

    I'm pretty sure Glorin was legit, he was just an extremely good player. That, and his playstyle was geared entirely around killing fast.

    Increasing KPM doesn't have much to do with your own ability in terms of shooting, but your ability to pick fights and how lucky your faction is to be defending all the time. Bases with towers are guaranteed to increase your KPM by a significant amount, especially if two of the three cap points are taken and you then get 20 solid minutes of pure farming. In general, aggressive play on your empire's defensive actions will net you a large amount of kills very quickly. Check the daily leaderboards for your server, the top killers of the day will probably have a large amount of defenses and very few captures.

    Be warned, KPM actually isn't a good indicator of skill. Killing unaware enemies in large amounts means nothing if you can't kill skilled players who might have a much lower KPM than you.
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  8. Posse

    Keep in mind many don't bother to wait for a base to be capped after the fight is over before they switch to the next farm.

    I disagree here, if you look at the best infantry players, they have both a high K/D and a high KPM.
  9. Qasar

    Answered in order:

    Yup. Always have medkits on me. 2 right now.

    I'm using the Resist Shield. It's the first I capped due to lower cost. I also have Adrenalin Shield at 4 and am considering going back to it. I think I'm not good enough with discerning what direction the enemy will be coming from to use the RS effectively and need that bubble of protection that AS gives. I've been playing for 3 months now, but still don't have the map layouts completely memorized or angles of common attack, etc. This is typical for me in MMO PvP, though. I always dig into the classes first then learn my way around later. I'm starting to get better at navigating the common maps like Bio Labs and towers but have a long way to go yet.

    I, much to Posse's chagrin, rather like the Flare and my accuracy with it, although I know there's room for improvement, especially with headshot percentage. Compensator, foregrip, HS/NV or 2x reflex, SPA. With the Orion, laser sight and HS/NV or 1x(?) reflex. With the SVA-88 I've tried various long and short range setups, but the sound of it grates on my nerves, so after 1400+ kills, and another go with it last night just to be sure, I think I'm all done with it. It's like nails on a chalkboard to me. Plus, I never really liked it all that much. For everything it does close range, I prefer the Orion, and anything beyond that, the Flare.

    Why do I die that many times in a row? Few reasons that I can think of: I get stubborn when pushing a point because I want to not just get kills, but also win the objective. My lack of map knowledge doesn't help. My aim can be off some nights so I lose face to face fights that I should be winning. I suffer the occasional tunnel vision. Honestly, though, I was getting better at all of that until the past couple of weeks. I started playing Combat Medic more and also looking to expand on other classes because outfit play requires some flexibility there. But I think it jacked me up. My KDR had steadily gone up from 1.54 to 1.82 but it dropped .4 over the past 2 weeks and I think it's just because I'm all over the place with trying to fill in various roles. I just don't change gears very well and never have. I'll keep changing roles when in a platoon as needed because I want the platoon to be successful. I just suck at it. :p
  10. umbrellapower

    High KPM players also play in a way where it's easy to get a lot of kills, and then KDR is tied into that because of the farming mode gameplay many higher level infantry players prefer to engage in. Not going to lie, I love me some good ol' farming sessions, but it does get old playing in this way. You don't improve and you don't learn anything. All that happens is that your stats get padded without any noticeable skill increase.
  11. TheTreeness

    That's not true, when I first started Planetside 2 I had horrible accuracy (20%), KPM (0.4) and HSK (less than 5%) for the first two or so months, now my accuracy, HSK and KPM are much higher due to me changing playstyle to farming infantry as a HA.
    NC alt that reflects my current accuracy stats as my VS stats are still plagued by my earlier skill level.!/5428018587890626673/weapons
  12. Souleater

    Even if you suck you are probably adding more strength to your platoon than if you simply upped your KPM. If you are swapping out to Engi to repair a MAX and drop an ammo pack, for example.
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  13. Gheeta

    Obviously shooting well, moving well and good positioning are something that always increase your kpm but that is only one part of it.

    Trying to minimize your downtime is one of the most important things if you wan't to increase your kpm. Once fight is over you redeploy to somewhere else and never wait for base captures.

    Then there is the art of finding the good fights which is hard at times but very important. For me the best fights usually are slightly outnumbered defensive fights but that is not always the case, at times there can be very good attacks as well.

    I personally wouldn't force myself to play HA all the time, there are situations where you can get much more kills with SMG infiltrators and light assaults. For example attacking towers with HA is usually bad idea since you have to run to the meatgrinder stairs and most likely die to a max but with LA tower assaults can be very rewarding.

    These are my current stats!/5428089605702246433/weapons
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  14. Qasar

  15. Gheeta

    It's all about practice and keeping the right attitude, if you concentrate and aim to become better player you will, it won't happen instantly but it will if you keep at it. I have played shooters on a competitive level over 10 years and there are still better players than me.

    Something else that might help you is watching streams from top tier players such as TheTwF and ItzMurda

    I suggest watching the highlights from twf for motivation and good examples.

    Murda streams pretty much every day
  16. Qasar

    I watch Murda. twf I wasn't aware of. I'll add a bookmark. Thanks!
  17. Nakar

    Not getting as many kills because you're serving a support role is fine, but if you are Heavy Assault your job is to (1) kill guys and vehicles and (2) not die. So definitely work on your aggressiveness. A last-second push to contest a point is a time to throw all caution to the wind, but if there's 1:30 left you have time. Stick to the periphery, pick off the enemy, soften with grenades or rockets, and push when the whole team's ready to go.

    If your map knowledge isn't great then work on that as well. Go on a tour of all the bases that are behind the current fighting lines. Learn the layouts of all the prefabs. Find out where all the tunnels go in Tech Plants and Amp Stations. Study the lattice to see which direction people are going to be coming from (handy at Tawrich for example). The new Esamir bases are especially rough, study those and find out especially WHERE THE ENTRANCES AND EXITS ARE. I've managed to get a lot of kills at the new Saerro Listening Post because people don't know there's multiple entrances to the tower courtyard. Be the guy who exploits that and your KDR will go up (and be the guy who's aware of that and you won't get it done to you).
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  18. Posse

    mmm, it depends, Tower attacks with a HA if you can get to the floor with the elevators are probably the best farm for me (aside from dropping on top of a tech plant :D), and it's not that hard really, you need a beacon, nothing else, with good use of the elevators you can have almost the same mobility as a LA (with the plus of more ammo and the overshield)

    Agree here, that's the kind of fight I try to look for. 12-24 vs 12-24 or 25-48 vs 25-48 with a slight % disadvantage, something like 40-60 or 45-55, those are the fights I like the most.
  19. Serafine

    Get a shotgun for Biolab fights. I have the Nova (extended mag & slug) for my Medic and it's such an amazing gun. If you're lucky (and have good aim when things get tense) you can shoot 3-4 people without reloading.
    Also stay mobile - a HA is durable but if you run directly into four people you will most probably still die. Use cover - kill two people, strafe behind a crate/doorway, pop up and kill one more, get into cover, change your approaching angle and kill the last one. And watch out for proxy mines.
  20. Qasar

    I have a Thanatos, but I vastly prefer an LMG for Biolabs. There's some long corridors there and you can get some great flanking shots if you keep your distance. Towers, however, I try to bring out the Thanatos when I know the fight is going to be in the tower itself.