How to improve your KD by focusing on the game

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  1. ReNz0r

    Hello and welcome to another episode of Being Professional Matters where we explore the world of information waiting to be exploited outside of the regular minimap and pointers on the hud. This video hopes to teach how to notice and use all the cues that come at you during gaming and points out that at the end its worth it to be focused when you play planetside 2. Hope you enjoy!

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  2. Bindlestiff

    Loving these videos - keep em coming!
  3. DCWarHound

    Haven't watched your video yet since i have limited bandwidth at work but hopefully you added a tip on installing "recursion stat tracker"
    Game is bloody fun with it and i don't think i can ever play PS2 without.I've also noticed large improvements in both skill and K/D after using it.
  4. ReNz0r

    • no i didint, the video is about something different although the stat tracker is a good way to stay motivated
  5. Iridar51

    Situational awareness is like 50% of skill, yet it's always been the part that's hardest to explain properly. This great vid shows the tip of the iceberg that great players base themselves on.
  6. ReNz0r

    thanks for the kind words
  7. GroundTrooper

    Sadly there's no shortcut to learning this besides trying and trying until you begin to get it right.
  8. Demigan

    I would rather see one on "how to get people to focus on other things than KD".

    Things like vehicle destruction, special tasks completed, unorthodox kills (knifing a MAX for instance), attempts at point recapture, amount of fights won with lower pop, amount of damage dealt per life against tanks or infantry, damage received per life etc.
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  9. ALN_Isolator

    How to improve KD:

    1: Realize that your KD is 0.6 because you've been diving off broken arch road with C4 the past 15 minutes
    2: Go get a HE tank (either works) or your favorite bolt action with a 12x scope
    3: ????
    4: Profit
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  10. Zombo

    some infiltrators are just mind-numbingly stupid, stalker cloaking with their powerknife on, cloaking and spotting, cloaking and sitting on a point, cloaking in extremely obvious places (corners for example)
  11. RainbowDash9

    they all have to start somewhere and learn
  12. CaptainGallows

    These things, exactly. I aint even watching the video. KD has ruined this game completely and anyone who avocates trying to improve it should just quit. That way we might lose some people in the beginning, but the game can become a unique experience based around fun again, rather than being yet another call of duty alternative.

    Oh, should you devs read this, you do NOT want to be a COD alternative, cause you can not compete with other FPS games that revolve around KD and such. Uniqueness, fun and open battles were what you had over the others. Now its unbalanced zergfests and people giving a damn about the wrong things. You're not standing out as much as you used to. But ey, thats just my view on things and I could be wrong. Good thing I'm making my own game atm, I'll balance the *** out of the pvp.
  13. ReNz0r

    Im one of the most team and objective oriented players out there so you dont have to worry about that. This video is not about farming but more skills that matter in an fps enviroment.
  14. customer548

    Nice video about useful tips.
    I didn't ever think about the Q trap.
    *Turning on loud music again while feeling a bit more guilty about it than i ever did.*
  15. breeje

    i often play as a stalker or smg infil and i did learn everything the hard way
    ReNzOr why did you not make this video 2 years ago
    well lets hope the new infils will learn something from this video
    ReNzOR have a thumps up
  16. TheRunDown

    Want a High KD?
    Play RedeploySide and defend anything, anywhere on any continent.
  17. TombsClawtooth

    How are you suppose to preserve your KD when doing seek and destroy sundy missions for your outfit?

    I get really tired of people who get caught up in KD, as many things in the game require suicide runs to really pull it off in a timely manner. A higher KD does not push you into the next base. Sitting in a spawn room and sniping people does nothing to help anyone, but generates an amazing KD.

    The key to situational awareness is to realize that the second you focus on anything, you're going to lose focus of everything else. You just need to be very fluid and very aware of your own short comings, so that you can compensate.
  18. Reclaimer77

    Oh come on you're being all kinds of silly with that.

    There's a difference between all out killwhoring and not being a burden to your team. KD is important. I've never seen a bunch of dead people capture a base, have you?

    Ruined the game completely? What are you even talking about. It's a FPS MMO in a never-ending war simulation. When has KD ever NOT been important to players exactly?
  19. Khallixtus

    I worry about my KD, but I always try not to put it above victory. I always try to make sure I'm doing something contributive. My KD still matters to me, but I feel fine doing it this way. I know some people that would rather be warpgated than die a few times because it would damage their oh-so-precious KD. This is stupid. Try helping the team. That's the general idea.

    But I need to work on my situational awareness and get out of my habit of doing really crazy suicidal stuff that sounds great in theory, and falls apart as soon as I walk through the door. This is what hurts my KD. Don't know about other people. But I don't mind all too much. Sometimes these things work out, and even if they don't, its still fun.

    Remember, this is a game. Have fun. If you are not enjoying the game, you are doing it wrong. *cough* workingontheKD *cough* Learn how to have fun whilst dying. (Does that seem weird to you as well?) More importantly, learn how to work as a team. That's how you have fun in this game.
  20. ReNz0r

    sounds like a reasonable idea