How to improve Infiltrator stealth

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by Timeraider, Nov 21, 2012.

  1. Timeraider

    Atm while stealthed pressing the shootbutton or any ability does nothing and leaves you in stealth.
    If some1 sees you while stealthed and you want to shoot back, you first need to uncloak before being able to shoot.
    What i think should be done is: You will be able to use shoot and abilities during stealth, but it will unstealth you.

    Atm its to annoying rendering you useless if you dont uncloak very fast after some1 spots you.
  2. Kalocin

    I think a lot of people have cloaking all wrong...It is so useful to hide yourself AFTER a shot.
    Few situations:
    1) You miss and somebody looks around and spots you.
    2) Body shot, they turn around and spot you.
    3) Headshot, but somebody saw him die so they look around and spot you.

    If you stealth afterward, you usually can avoid most of those situations IF your back is against a wall/rock/terrain.
  3. Thanatar

    i am with you on this. just uncloak infiltrators on attack.
  4. RoaRawR

    it si a cloak and not stealth

    I love how you can reload in stealth and it only atke max1 sec to uncloak (why the **** do you uncloak in someone sight anyway?)

    the cloak at max rank is sick btw, regen so fast that you never need to be outside stealth for more than few sec if they not changed it from beta ;)
  5. Anethma

    How about going the Crysis way?
    If you fire while stealthed it drains all your energy.
    I honestly have no problem with how the system is now, I never get caught out while stealthed, but if it must be changed go the Crysis path.
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  6. Yutty

    I'd have no issue with this at all. I binded the stealth key to my side mouse buttone so i usually don't have an issure with uncloaking.
  7. anaverageguy

    I would be fine with the suggestion as long as the uncloak automatically comes first, before the gun is fired, similar to how when one attempts to shoot while running, it takes a moment to stop running, then fires the gun.

    Else... well, I'm not keen on being one-hit-killed by a threat I only see as I'm falling dead to the ground and I doubt many others are either.