How to hide this game from my dad?

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  1. RIctavius

    Do your homework first, play, go to bed.
  2. lukenukeum

    Edit: don't listen to all these ***** giving the braindead zombie answer of "Just don't do it!"

    Simple answer: powerstrip with flip switch, just have your foot near the switch, turn everything off instantly. (I do this accidently too much)

    complex answer: You are wasting your time with video games, seriously, they are fun, but like others have said, develop a skill besides gaming, because its likely you will end up deadbeat playing video games your whole school career.
    I'm not saying don't game, its fun and you should, but try to develop a skill along the way. It's easy to get caught up in gaming and do just that. But when push comes to shove, gaming is all you will have done and then you're ******.
    If you were on the computer learning to code or do 3D modeling then your parents wouldn't be so against you playing games in the first place.
  3. ohmikkie

    A normal laptop won't cut it with this game.
  4. gigastar

    A normal laptop wont melt after a year.
  5. Runegrace

    Could try running a virtual box. Takes some overhead but might do the trick.
  6. Goretzu

    Playing with 90's? 90 year olds? Or the 1990's? Not having access of some sort to 16bit (or at least and older 8bit) computer or console of some sort in the 1990's was pretty rare in the western world (and that would be the early 90's, by the later 90's PCs were becoming ubiquitous).

    All things in moderation tbh (and being able to outsmart your own parents is a pretty good lesson for many aspects of later life).
  7. KnightCole

    But dont parents already know all the tricks? They always know what your up to. They hide like they dont for a few days and then when you think its all clear and they dont know, out of the son, who has been on my computer? son: what? no one. Dad: some one has, cuz PLanetside 2 has been played recently....son: oh crap....
  8. Goretzu

    Heh yeah, maybe. :) But practice makes perfect.
  9. miraculousmouse

    I hope you're not playing video games now, old man. Go work.
  10. entrailsgalore

    You can't really hide Planetside 2 from the "Installed" programs list. I assume your dad knows how to use the search function or check for installed programs on a computer. The only way to "hide" that, would be to dual boot, and have one partition for Planetside 2, and one for everything else. Or just run a virtual machine.

    As far as what everyone else is saying, there must be a reason why your dad doesn't want you playing games.
  11. Halo572

    Pretty bogus advice on this thread.

    My advice - 1) covertly play as much as possible to get to rank 100, 2) Put it on your CV, 3) apply for your dream job and wait for them to beg you to work for them with your 1337 uber soldat 5k1llz.

    Works for any online game you care to choose.

    Just sink as much time and effort in to the detriment of everything else in your life, max out and gain the respect of your peers and betters and fight those laydees off with a faeces laden stick.

  12. Gretchen

    When I was a teenager...we didn't have computers back in the day (yeah I'm that old). In those days the problem was how to hide from my mom the fact that I was reading (non-study) books, aka steamy romances and horror novels :D
    Every generation has their own problems it seems lol
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  13. Caydn

    Just put the game on a external hardrive and hide that with your dirty magazines
  14. TheBurningLegion

    This thread really brought back some painful and rage inducing memories.

    I'm 25 and of Nigerian descent. When I was 5 we moved in to suburbs of London (UK) and I had no friends or siblings to play with because we lived so far out. And at that time it was just me and my mother and an 'uncle' who dropped in frequently. The only chance I had at socializing with people my age was at primary school and of course I acted up. So I got suspended alot of the time - even though I intelligent and did my work. I had only 6 hours a day to spend with children my age, then it was back to a house of adults who never played with me or bought me any toys. Just books. I never had a good childhood, saw things too early and was exposed to things too quickly.

    We got a PC and there was this fantastic game on it (Fatal Racing 95 - best racing game ever made and made way before its time). Any time I tried to play it I'd get beat. I'd try to play it at night and they'd sneak up on me and I'd get beat. There was an occassion where I was suspended and my mother went to work. I went to go play it, she snuck back in the house, caught me and I got beat. Eventually, I fell in love with books and now I'm at the top academically (PhD). Still, I highly doubt the BS in my childhood was worth it.

    Looking back, I could kill them both for what they did. We're just kids who want to play some games. Why do you have to mad and beat a kid for playing games? Even if I was naughty, there's always a reason why kids are naughty. Maybe I had... I dunno, NO FRIENDS?

    Seriously, tell your dad to go f*** himself.
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  15. 4wry

    I assume your parents have the best interest in your future. Your real life is more important than some fictional alter ego. This matters.

    Are you performing well in school?
    Do you have a social life?
    Do you participate in sports, or other activities?

    If the answer to any of the above is no, you are at risk and it may become a problem for you. Game addiction can be a real problem.
    Learn to household your time. Get your homework done before. Have balance in life.

    Its fine to be a gamer, in moderation. Discuss with your parents and negotiate - that is part of becoming an adult. Step up for what you think is reasonable.

    Hiding is not the solution.
  16. Jake the Dog

    You could get a external hard drive or large usb and put the gamefiles on there
  17. sjtw_w_stot

    lol, reminds me when I had to do this to listen to Black Sabbath tapes. Remember those?
    • Step 1: Play with a headset
    • Step 2: Turn the computer so you can see whom is entering your room so the monitor is not facing the door, then you can alt+F4 to close the game immediately. (keep a Word doc open with school work in the background so it shows when you alt+F4 PS2.
    • Step 3: as for hiding the game on the computer, you can change the game icon on the desktop. Right-click the icon, goto [properties] > [change icon] Browse to a system directory to pull up system icons instead, something uninteresting that your dad wouldn't likely focus on. As for changing the game folder names... well you can try changing the default install directory when you install the game, but you may face complications when the game does a system call to a default location and it's not longer found on C:/programs/planetside but now resides in c:/programs/my_custom_folder_path.
    • Step 4: Remove program listitem entry from Program menu (Start Menu)
    • Step 5: Profit.

      This has been an introductory course on steganography 101. Please submit all monetary gratuities through paypal.

      Question: Can you not reason with your parents that once all your homework is done you can play for 2 hours each night?