How to hide this game from my dad?

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  1. Shadownium

    Hey guys, I am a teenager, and my parents are stubborn and won't let me play games. I need a way to hide this game in my computer without getting caught. Any tips? I use windows 7 and I play on Steam, and I know how you can go into properties and make the Planetside 2 folder invisible. But then it prevents me from accessing it also. My dad is not some old guy who is totally ******** in our terms and don't even know how to use the computer, he is fairly well educated in computers 10 years ago, but he don't know any new technology. Are there any ways so that he won't find my game files and I can access it? By the way, what are some tips to secretly play games and not get caught? If I leave my door open my dad can just sneak in on me and I can't hear it. If I close my door he can just suddenly shove the door open, and most of the times I just panic and minimize Planetside 2 instead of closing it, and he comes to check my dock and I'm screwed. Is there a way that I can quickly close Planetside 2 via hotkeys instead of clicking on the x button? (I play in windowed mode to increase my chance of not getting caught). Thanks in advance, please help me so I can rejoin you guys on Auraxis!
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  2. KnightCole

    Lol.....playin on the PC when your not supposed to. I used to do it, almost always got caught, parents are on to your games, muwhahahaha.
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  3. Fry_Poncho

    Easy, don't get it and don't play it. I did this when I was younger, and I regret doing that.
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  4. PurpleOtter

    Save your money, buy a gaming laptop capable of running the game and then don't play at home...
  5. 00000000000000000000

    This is adorable.

    When I was 12 or so, its been a while, I remember sneaking out of my room to play more Everquest. My first MMO.

    Ah memories.
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  6. gigastar

    I thought we were only supposed to reccomend gaming laptops out of spite?

    A normal laptop will probably do just as well, and at half the price.
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  7. Some1

    Getting a job and moving out usually does the trick. If thats not an option then I suggest dealing with it and focusing on getting a good education so as to make the getting a job bit and moving out that much easier.

    Life sucks get a helmet.
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  8. Yuki10

    Don't play it if you are not supposed to. I know this is not much of a help, but you should either work it out with your folks or not play it. Hiding it will only get you in trouble as they will eventually find out.
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    Kill the power to the entire system if they walk in.

    Then always have a book right in front of you. They will never know you were on your computer.
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  10. Hatesphere

    this is like asking how to hide your **** from your parents. guess what you shouldn't be playing if they dont want you to. sorry have fun getting caught. that or sit down and talk to them and see if you can hammer something out. like extra chores or a specific school mark to be able to keep playing. until you hit 18 you are theirs.
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  11. MahouFairy

    Get good grades first and prove to your parents? Or else you can always use alt F4 whenever you feel someone is coming. ;)
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  12. ReconTeemo

    Kids these days, when I was 12, outside was more fun. Playing with friends and 90's was the best memories of my life.
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  13. WorldOfForms

    I find it funny people are telling this guy to not play the game. You're telling me you never disobeyed your parents?

    I'm a parent now, have 2 young kids. They are not old enough to play yet, but I have thought a lot about how much to allow them to play games.

    One thing that is absolutely NOT reasonable of a parent is to tell a kid they can NEVER play games. That is utterly ridiculous and old fashioned.

    Sure, if the kid is getting bad grades or plays way too much, play time should be restricted. But NEVER? Give me a break.

    I say, go for it kid. Your parents are unreasonable tyrants. Play when you can. However, the first, best course of action is to try to convince them to let you play some. I don't know what you've tried so far, but bargaining helps. Promise to do extra chores. Promise to always finish your homework first. Promise you'll set a timer on the desk and you'll stop when it goes off.

    If they are totally unreasonable and just say "NO, you may never play games!" Then might as well sneak in playing when you can.

    Don't ask us here how to hide it, do online research. I'm sure there are clever ways to hide programs and hide your playtime.
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  14. qquqq

    Your seriously going to question parenting methods of people you have never met based upon the childs version of it in a forum that he is reading? poor taste,
    These people may be telling him to obey his parents but its only because no one wants to help him hide it in his computer,

    planetside 2 is a large registered program, if they look in the computer at all they will find it,

    if you really really want to play planetside then play and risk getting in trouble, And when they ask why say really I want to play.
    being honest and open will get you further than hiding things, they may change their mind, unless there is some unnamed reason, (financial, bandwidth restrictions, epilepsy, time constraints)
  15. Mystogan

    Do some online reaserch. They should be ways to hide folders behind passwords or something.

    I was many times told by parents not to do something I liked. I always disobeyed and did it.

    Just go for it. If they catch- just say straight that you want to play. If they still will say No- just do it again.

    Parents are also humans and need to be raised. It is not only that they rise you. You also teach them what does it mean to be parent. And one side of that is- kids do not listen and are not well trained pets.

    But in the end all your troubles will end when you move out kid. For now- fight for your own happieness :)
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  16. STR1D3R109

    Play in borderless windowed mode and alt tab if they come past your room. (moving the pc into an area where it takes them more than 2 seconds to see is also a good idea.)

    but tbh just do whatever housework and if they get mad then laugh and walk away. lol
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  17. dngray

    Aw man, I went through the same exact thing OP. Tough situation especially when gaming is so healthy and a great way to exercise your mind and vent competitiveness. You could try making a partition on your hard drive and setting security features that only let you have access to the partition (where the game is installed).

    Also try talking to your parents and show them why this game is so amazing. Tell them that PC gaming teaches you how to use a computer and navigate the internet more efficiently. Also show them how many other people your age are gamers. Gaming is not a fad, it is here to stay and a multi-billion dollar industry.
  18. vanu123

    Have some BS educational tab/window open in the backround, turn the sound down, and alt tab. Or idk make a deal with your parents like: 1 hour of chores/getting good grades = 1 hour of video games and relaxation. Maybe set up a work/reward system or something like that. If your goal is to hide it, find a friend with a PC/PS4 that plays planetside and hangout with them.
  19. Ownasaurusrex

    This guy is 100% right.
    Focus your efforts on education and advancement in life:). You WONT regret nice paychecks ;).

    Think of this for a moment:
    As a teenager, it seems like a waiting game before you can have control of your life and autonomy. Don't waste the time you have. It's beat you explore the questions like what job you want to have, do you want to study in grad school. It seems like a long way away, but perhaps with this focus towards your education, you'll find that games aren't theonly thing that can occupy your interests and time. Perhaps you see in 1 year a clear goal for your adult life. If you achieve this, you're ahead of the curve in life. Who cares about a game when you're winning in life earning 120k as a data scientist? You'll be able to buy your own comp and all that jazz....In the meantime, try to round out your interests and passions when it comes to a vocation.
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  20. Ownasaurusrex