[Vehicle] How to Fix Vehicle Spam

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  1. FBVanu

    How about a few minute timer for infantry?
    First respawn 10 seconds,
    next after that 30 seconds
    after that death, you need to wait a minute before you can spawn again, and an additional minute each death after that,
    until it reaches 5 minutes.

    There is just too much infantry spam in this game... foot zergs are everywhere... we need to tone that down, drastically.
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  2. f0d

    the reason infantry av is getting nerfed is because the vehicle AI was nerfed long ago and they promised to nerf infantry at the time
    there is no problem with vehicle spam - they are part of the game so deal with it

    and as the above poster said its infantry that can spam
    they have zero resource cost
    they can spawn again almost instantly all over the map
    they can change loadouts to combat any threat

    this isnt infantryside you do have to deal with vehicles
    there was a chart posted by higby AGES (back before the vehicle nerfs) ago showing that infantry gets WAY more kills than vehicles, something like 80/20 split
    vehicleside my a$$
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  3. H0urg1ass

    Planetside 1 already fixed vehicle spam. Planetside 2 took a huge step backwards.

    In PS1, Instead of getting unlimited cert points, you only got as many cert points as levels. This made you pick and choose what role you wanted to fulfill in the game.

    Didn't put any points into a Sunderer? Couldn't pull one. No points in Prowler? So sad, too bad.

    Not only that, but vehicles had cert trees. Want to drive an MBT? You had to cert through the lightening first.

    PS1 was a far superior game. If they'd update the graphics, then I'd uninstall PS2 and never look back.
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  4. Spydominator

    I am currently satisfied with the nanite system the way it is.It's not like 1 person doesn't run out of nanites if he buys a lighting twice or even yet 1 MBT.From my point of view even if the amount of vehicles would get high during big fights it would still feel satisfying to be part of that huge vehicle battle.Surely it can get annoying for infantry but such battles are meant to be fought by vehicles.Vehicles are not spammed,i could say the same about anti vehicle engis that camp on hills and snipe vehicles without them even knowing what's hitting them,shall I mention raven maxes too?The point is there are enough ways to counter vehicles as infantry.I wished people would see things from a different perspective than their own.
  5. Meeka

    We used to have timers, and it worked quite well.
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  6. Leftconsin

    This is true, but the timers were not 30 minutes with no method of reducing that time.
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  7. f0d

    the chart somehow disappreared but heres the tweet
    "No one got it right, but a couple got close! Kills caused by Vehicles [blue] vs Kills caused by Infantry [red]. http://yfrog.com/nx8ehjp"

    "@DeKay85 well, it's 80% infantry kills."

    80% of kills were from infantry EIGHTY PERCENT
    and that was back before vehicles got nerfed to hell and they had AOE the size of a nuclear bomb

    so no - vehicles dont need nerfing anymore

    edit: found the pic
    and that was BEFORE vehicles got nerfed to hell
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  8. DelusionsOfGrandeur


    It doesn't matter the time/resources/location etc... If everyone can pull a vehicle, odds are they will.

    Zergs suck for all involved, including the vehicle drivers.
  9. f0d

    yet there was way more vehicle battles and vehicles being used in ps1 than ps2

    5 minute timer on everything and way WAY more variety of vehicles meant that i could stay in a vehicle my whole entire life of playing ps2
    no resources (or none that really mattered for pulling vehicles) means i can get a heavy tank every 5 mins and if by some strange reason i died in the 5 minute window i get an aurora and spam infantry with mass amounts of AI globules

    i honestly prefer the ps1 way as i could actually pull way WAY more vehicles than i ever could in ps2
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  10. FateJH

    Then you'd still have to deal with the "kills everyone on the continent" hackers.
  11. Ronin Oni

    Not to mention, they had a cooldown once.

    They did away with it because it drove away new players and made it near impossible to learn how to tank when you can only get in a single 1 minute fight (if you're lucky) after driving 5 minutes, die, then stuck on a 20 minute timer before you can do it again.

    Timers were a major fail. The PROBLEM is the accessibility on the front and the never ending stream... on the front.

    Resource phase 2 with power should largely fix that.
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  12. SirCuitous

    30 minutes for a cooldown is an idiotic number. For people (like me) who absolutely suck at driving vehicles and get blown up within 5 minutes, how the heck would anyone ever learn to drive?
  13. axiom537

    I think when they finalize the resource revamp, this should help throttle in the problem of grenade spam and vehicle spam to a certain degree. However, over all I think the main issue is there is very little for vehicles to do and because of the lattice the fighting gets very localized.

    Vehicles need objectives, when infantry are fighting over the points in the base, there should be an objective in the area for vehicles to fight over as well, otherwise they will focus on the one target that matters in EVERY single base capture, which is stopping infantry from reaching the points. For example, instead of having Infantry take out a shield generator, perhaps they can remove a component from the generator and the that component would then need to taken back to a friendly base and installed into a friendly generator, so that the attackers can sync the shields with their factions nanites which would then allow them to pass.

    I also think a Hybrid Lattice/Hex capture mechanic would help spread the fighting out around the lattice controlled main bases and vehicles will become essential, because they will be able to respond and move around to the various adjacent bases, rather then become bottle necked at every lattice linked facility...
  14. Xind

    Hard timers worked for PS1 but I don't know if timers are a better method than a real resource system that has similar limits that are adjusted by faction holdings. As in, you would still be able to pull a vehicle/max in the same frame of time as you would with a hard time limit, but if you faction controls such and such base then you get a discount.

    There should be something that prevents chain pulling however. Successfully defeating an enemy aircraft or tank only to have the exact same guy come back in the exact same vehicle is incredibly defeating to people who are suffering through anti-those roles. (Aimed at aircraft more than tanks, but tanks are still very hard to kill with dumbfires/g2g lock ons)
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  15. Shockwave44

    No, there are hardly big vehicle fights in this game anyway. What if PS2 still had the pop at launch? I don't know why you are playing this game but the only thing it has going for it is big battles. Don't like it? Play BF4.
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  16. iccle

    There is no tank spam issue. There is infantry spam issues 80% of all kills are by infantry not vehicles.

    The 'tank spam' issue is only a perception, its caused by the fact that 90% of the player base teleport around the map to get from A to B. Vehicles cannot do this so must drive from A to B, the journey eats up the cooldown on the vehicle. From the infantry perspective all they see is the vehicles arriving at a given base, little to no consideration is paid to the journey the vehicle has to make and very few squads make a point of intercepting vehicle convoys en-route, some air specialize in this though, and this is where most 2/2 AP MBT get their kicks.

    Most savvy drivers/pilots/av squads will determine where vehicles are likely to come from when attacking or defending any given base and will intercept them appropriately. Its not the vehicle drivers fault that most infantry are only ever in bases and choose to teleport between them rather than travel. If teleportation were severely restricted then vehicles would be far to busy ferrying/escorting troops from A <> B, or intercepting enemy convoys that are attempting to do the same.

    If you limited tanks to 30 minutes you would not achieve any reduction to the spam you face as infantry since most of it comes from infantry. This timer would also cripple new players who wish to learn to drive MBT leaving only the veteran sharks who already can keep their vehicles alive for 20-30 minutes on a regular basis. Also your MBT 'spam' would be replaced by the much cheaper sunderer 'spam' and mass sunderers in motion are much harder to get rid of without MBT support.

    I utterly refute the suggestion that there is not already enough barriers or counters to vehicle play, MBT is the only vehicle tied to tech plant ownership, no tech plant link = no MBT in that lattice lane. Yesterday I had over 50 vehicle kills in an hour as an engineer (MBT/Lightnings/Sunderers) using just an AV mana turret setup in a decent place (at the Crown/TI alloys), infantry have equal access to the tools I am guessing just not the will or experience to use them.
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  17. MajiinBuu

    You can't fix what isn't broken.
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  18. OldMaster80

    I already stopped here, because your words mean this is never going to happen.
  19. I play by many names

    The problem with vehicles isn't just how easily they are obtained. While that is a large problem in itself, another issue is that vehicles serve no purpose other than to farm infantry. Were as infantry can capture facilities, vehicles have nothing but farming aside from the Sundy which is a spawn point (and even then you see more farm sundys than spawn ones). Even the lowly flash has been balanced into a infantry farming tool first, transportation second.

    Transportation needs to be made important again somehow, without it becoming too hard to find the size fights you want. Vehicles also need some kind of objective or mission that impacts the war effort more directly and helps nudge them away from just free farming infantry all the time.
  20. OldMaster80

    In other words: nerf redeploy, complete the mission system, implement the ANT.
    In can you didn't notice the Cancel button is free mass teleporter, it makes transport vehicles totally useless. The XP in PS2 comes from killing, not from achieving objectives. The whole Directives system that provides cool stuff is around killing killing and killing.

    What many players have been saying for 1 year and Higby always refused to listen to.