[Vehicle] How to fix the GK

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  1. Jake the Dog

    Are you mental? Are you even comprehending what you just said??? You just compared the vulcan to the GK... At point blank range no duh the vulcans going to kill faster. How about instead of measuring it with something thats not its equivalent do it with something that is. I challenge you to get a stop watch. Engage sunderers in VR at various distances, using GK, Saron and enforcer. Don't forget the time it takes to range in with the enforcer. My suggestion, 100m, 200m, 300m, and 400m tell me your opinion then with each weapon.
  2. Jake the Dog

    He won't go either way. He insists everything is perfect as is.
  3. Villanuk

    The thing is, the GK is the 6th best performing secondary on Vehicle and 5th best on uniques, still behind the NC and VS so its hard to justify nerfing something that is not over performing by a long margin. Its range can be a pain in the butt, but then you can take the lancer which is also a pain in the butt at long range although it is the best performing launcher in the game, so why is their nerf calls on this?

    Then you look at the tank kills and the titanAP is still the best performing, so its it not effecting that is it, but then it has the shield which we would all trade for the GK.

    So i agree with you, the evidence does not support any nerf at all.
  4. Disconsented

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  5. Mongychops

    ...The VS Halberd has literally double the VKPU of the TR Halberd despite having exactly the same stats. Comparing the performance of MBT secondaries between platforms while ignoring matters like MBT main gun and usage patterns is pointless.

    Look at the vehicle deaths for the; Sunderer, Harasser, Lightning, and MBT. Look at the level of GK & GK-H deaths, then look at the number of Lancer deaths (if it even kills enough to show up on the list).

    The "best performing launcher in the game" is, it turns out, the least used ESRL in the game, with fewer users using it for less time than even the Striker, mostly by much higher BR players. The Lancers potential is to an extent balanced by its situationality. Does the Lancer need a nerf? Maybe, because there are certain situations where it is too powerful, however these situations are less common than you are implying. The GK / GK-H is capable of this long range combat while being used as a go-to weapon.

    MBTs is literally the only vehicle where the Titan AP (narrowly) outperforms the P2-120. The Vanguard has been the best MBT at fighting MBTs for a long time, but no one cared because it gives up a lot (especially against infantry) in order to specialise in tank combat. Oh, and that "outperforms" is at least partially explained by there actually being slightly more playtime with the Titan AP than P2-120 AP. Oh, and there is also proportionally as well as numerically far more non-AP Prowlers without a manned AV secondary than the other MBTs, so this is also predictable for tank against tank main gun death numbers.
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  6. Mezinov

    You forgot one. Introducing...

    Option 3: The Option The Devs Will Do.
    • Leave the Gatekeeper alone.
    • Declare the Vulcan, Meowmeow, and iFell-on as Close Range AV.
    • Declare Enforcer, Saron as Mid-Range AV. Introduce new Mid-Range option for TR.
    • Declare GreatKeeper as Long-Range AV. Introduce new Long-Range options for NC and VS.
    This option means they do not have to touch weapon numbers, which they are clearly terrified of doing. This option also means they now have more weapons to sell, which they are clearly fond of doing.

    Lets face it, they already have a Railgun model for the NC, that we have all seen, and who knows what rainy day assets they have been sitting on for the TR and VS.
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  7. Scr1nRusher

    But its like.......

    The Mjol isn't a bad weapon but it needs more velocity so its less CQC niche.

    The Enforcer has bad drop, which limits it at range.

    The Saron should have its mag dump ability removed and then buffed to be longer range focused.
  8. WetPatch

    The Gatekeeper is total ridiculous at the moment, 1 Prowler with a GK can destroy every turret at a Tech Plant within 30 seconds atm at extreme range. How is that balance?

  9. Scr1nRusher

    A Long range weapon good at killing a stationary target thats over a long range?

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  10. WetPatch

    I see your back to being a total prat on here. Tell me what other long range weapons are capable of doing this with such ease.
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  11. Scr1nRusher

    Lancer,Vortex,Raven, Various vehicle Primary & Secondaries.

    That Gatekeeper wasn't that far away.
  12. Jake the Dog

    Vortex and ravens both share a unique commonality... They're max weapons. Currently fractures are total s***, because the devs don't know how to fix them I imagine. Everyone has been waiting for fracture buffs for months now.

    Striker is pretty garbage too. HOWEVER, this post is about balancing vehicular based AV against one another.
  13. Jake the Dog

    He's not wrong though. Unlike harassers AV turrets aren't a huge issue, just stay out of the line of fire.
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  14. Jake the Dog

    Buff mid-ranges weapons then with slightly higher dps, because atm, GK has very similar dps to the "mid-range" weapons the NC and VS have currently.

    And buff Mjol because its garbage, compared to aphellion and vulcan. Otherwise, I really like this idea. More so than both of my solutions actually.
  15. Villanuk

  16. Scr1nRusher

    The Fracture is EASY to fix.

    Just up the Velocity to 220 m/s(same as the current striker) and give it a Ground Coyote.
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  17. Villanuk

    Once again i state, the GK is the 6th best performing secondary on a MBT. Yes it has an advantage long range but the figuers prove its performing less than the Vs and NC.
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  18. Scr1nRusher

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  19. Jake the Dog

    Ik, lol, I said devs didn't I?
  20. Collin

    Again as long as TR has no other long range option the GK needs to stay as it is. Let me remind you the GK has the stats of a single VORTEX. Its perfoming good given, but can´t the TR have something they can compete with? Why the salt and whine VS. We know you won forumside otherwise the Betel would have been nerfed a long time ago.

    It seems aleart wise and stat wise the VS are very good on the Battlefield. Lets see how many times the TR have been choosen on the SS. Ahhh that often.........