How to fix mine dumping and vehicles instant kills?

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  1. Tasogie

    There is nothing wrong with the system, is not broken so needs no "nerf" Everything can be linked directly to the fact players "refuse" to defend sundys, they "refuse" to work with others to place sundy in a defensible position....

    In fact everything is because of the player with sundy, NOT the person that blows it up. he is playing exactly as he should be.
    By the way, as an engi myself, you can NOT drop 4 mines unless you have spent a great many certs,nearly 2 thousand.
    It also costs alot of res, an means to use more, they have to go resupply.

    your idea is purely based on you not wanting to defend your sundy, you have every tool imaginable to make mines nothing... yet its you who refuse to use mine guard, its you who refuse to use NVG its you to refuse to work with gunners, its you who refuse to park in proper places, its you who refuse to....well, do anything.
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  2. Daedrick

    Alright, lets counter every troll in this thread right now with one post.

    I play engineer 90% of the time the rest I spend it as a heavy or as a max. Nobody EVER stopped me from destroying a parked sunderer with land mines no matter how hard they tried.

    Because I can;

    Rush it on foot.
    Rush it with a flash.
    Rush it with a lighning.
    I can drop from a wall unto it.
    I can drop pod on it.
    I can drop from a reaver on top of it.
    I can even sneak around until I reach it.

    Once this is done all I have to do is dance a little and drop 3 mines in less than 3 seconds on it and all the XP is for me. There is nothing defenders can do to stop me if I really want it dead. I respawn in a couple of seconds, I can try indefinetly from multiples angles with many different tactic.

    As soon as I reach it, its game over. They can't get rid of me fast enough and its pretty darn hard to hit a target in between all your friendlies trying to access the computers on the sides of it. Not only that, but its even easier when its swarming of enemies right next to it, nobody even notice me because shapes and colors are not different enough in this game and everybody look alike.

    You say ''get mine guard''. I have mine guard and it doesn't change a **** unless its fully certed. 3 mines will always blow it up. Then if you have that crap equiped you are very vulnerable to everything else because you are not using blockade armor. A tank come around or a couple of heavies have the jump on it and voila, your sundy is gone.

    Point is; it is way too easy FOR ONE SINGLE PERSON to break a siege, instantly killing the thoughest vehicle in the game and many people at the same time. I know I do it all the time and I dont feel especialy skilled.
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  3. Ancalagon


    While mineguard stops one mine, possibly two, there is just no way to defend against "mine" spam on a deployed Sunderer.

    Only reason it's not being (ab?)-used more is because most people have already dropped their mines in some other spot, such as bridges, bottlenecks or similar and just wait for a random kill.. or they don't want to suicide in (which is what happens 9 out of 10 times when you rush an AMS with mines).

    But, an AMS is a long cooldown, and needs to be driven back from another base to be up and running again.

    A solo defender who chooses to suicide to kill an AMS will respawn again within seconds and take at most 30 seconds to get from spawn and back into the action.
  4. Tasogie

    As an BR 45 engi myself I dont believe you, none can attack a sundy an never be killed before they get to it. law of averages will get you.
    It is so easy to defend a sundy, but because people say"oh woe is me if I use Mine guard I cant be safe against everything els". that is what its designed for, you make you choose.If you dont have mien guard maxed, its your fault, as usual...
    You cant have everything as much as you might like to.
    As for me being a troll, lol so I am a troll because I state the bleedin obvious.... interesting.

    its about time people stopped demanding devs play for them, an show some backbone in playing an taking responsibility for themselves.

    there is no such thing as Mine spam, its VERY limited, an is a one shot deal.
  5. The King

    But this isn't a solution, it is fine as it is.
    There is no problem with it. If a person does have a problem with it, then they are only trolling.. Trolling themselves..Because, most people are laughing at this non-issue.

    Nah, it stops more than you think. And if an engineer died after placing 2-3 mines, then comes back and was able to place 2-3 more mines, then the people around that sunderer did not care at all about that sunderer. They should have deconstructed it to save that poor engineer the cwapload of resources he used just to destroy that truck.
    Myself, I do not use mineguard and my truck only died 2-3x over a month time due to mines..
    But if I did have mineguard and some guy actually put mines around my sunderer, I can easily repair it way before that engineer comes back to place more.

    Generally, when an engineer places 2-3 mines and the sunderer doesn't blow up. They don't bother to use mines anymore because most people, even cavemen will repair their sunderer.
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  6. Daedrick

    Point is; it is way too easy FOR ONE SINGLE PERSON to break a siege, instantly killing the thoughest vehicle in the game and many people at the same time. I know I do it all the time and I dont feel especialy skilled.

    I only hope for better mechanics and balance, but if you clowns dont want to see the truth I will simply keep mining the **** out of every sunderers I see, making tons of certificates while not a single drop of sweat got created in the process.
  7. Iksniljiksul

    No fix. Nothing broken. Go away. Bye.
  8. Armchair

    Mine guard level 1 stops 2 mines. Mine guard level 2 stops 3. Mine guard level 4 requires 7 mines to destroy.

    Stop listening the disinformation people who will tell you that !@#$ like mineguard not protecting mines on the roof. Just man up and defend the sunderer. All it takes is one guy with a carbine. You can go many steps further by using claymores, upgraded sundie turrets, motion darts, etc.
  9. Bubbalicious

    I think the majority of responses are correct there is nothing wrong with the way the Tank mines work since you are very exposed, more then LA when you try to get them under the vehicle. I just run as fast as I can and hope for the best. Stewie show them the war cry for Engineers !!!

  10. Darlith

    Mines aren't really much of an issue, most engineers can be killed before they get that close to a defended sundy.

    What gets me is the C4 especially in the hands of LAs, an LA is much harder to defend a sundy against than an Engy and since the C4 remains after death without any real way to disarm it you are just waiting for the next shell/missile/etc to set it off and destroy you.

    Feel like the C4 is fairly balanced though, just wish there was a way to disarm it quickly if not set off.
  11. Fireborn

    Costs for AMS Sunderer
    50 Certs; 400 V.Res

    Ways to instant-kill a sunderer
    - 2 AT Mines (100 Certs; 150 I.Res)
    - 2 C4 and a grenade (700 Certs; 220 I.Res)
    - 2 C4 + 1 Rocket (700 Certs; 200 I.Res)

    Mine Guard
    30 Certs counter 100 Certs. (& 150 I.Res)
    80 Certs counter 250 Certs. (& 225 I.Res)
    (Continuing to assuming one engy with Utility Pouch now)
    180 Certs counter 650 Certs (& 300 I.Res)
    330 Certs counter 1650 Certs (& 375 I.Res)

    When I'm rolling as my squad's main respawn point: I guard the sunderer, and I put Mineguard on it. I've still lost them from full health to the other two ways. Mines are just the quickest and cheapest route, but they have the hardest counter.

    Blockade does help when it's getting shelled, but it doesn't seem to do much to C4's damage.

    But you want to know something crazy? A liberator can survive two AT mines.
  12. FinWiz

    Nah, what mines need is a sligh reduce in dmg, 1 mine against default sundy makes 60-65% dmg, could be 50-55%. Also, Im not sure how mines work, but mines shouln't be sticky but instead only could be placed on ground.( I have seen a mine levitating in air). Laying out 2 mines should be just as slow as laying out 2 c4. Would give a change to actually kill that engi.

    And btw, blockade does help against C4. 2 C4 takes sundy without armor down, but with blockade armor it wont.
  13. RasFW

    One mine exploding should not set off a chain reaction. They should destroy other mines in their blast raduis. Similar to how PS1 worked. A boomer would destroy a tank mine and not set it off.

    The only way to make them all explode would be to throw a jammer grenade (EMP nade) at them. Then they'd all be triggered. Just like PS1.

    Funny how often people keep referencing PS1 in this game, isn't it? Its almost like so many things were done right in that game that should be transferred to this one....
  14. {joer

    Fully certed mine guard sunderer takes SEVEN mines to kill, IF NO ONE REPAIRS.

    You people are cheap, and horrible. You won't spend certs on cheap mineguard and you want the devs to make your horrible play better.

    I dislike people like you with a passion, because its making PC gaming boring. Skill, thought, no don't use those!
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  15. Joe-H2O

    Kill the guy.

    I have mineguard. I protected my bus. It did not die. It got low a few times due to ***** engineers, but it survived. We kept the push going and took the base.

    This is not broken. Fully certed mineguard is cheap, cheap, cheap (330 certs total?). The number of engineers who have three mines (and who actually drop all three) is vanishingly small, and funny enough - it costs him 300 certs to get that.

    As soon as you reach my sunderer it's far from "game over". You can drop your mines if you make it close enough (if I don't shoot you first), but they will not kill it. I'll then just heal it back up and you can try again if you like.

    I'll counter your red rage post with one of my own, in soothing green:

    It's very easy for everyone in the game to pull a sunderer. If one dies, there are plenty more to take its place. It's too easy for a single person to bring a bus up to the front lines!

    Killing a bus might not feel "skilled" to you, despite you managing to sneak up on something of such high value without being seen and dropping mines on it, but it is very tactically useful and very easy to defend against.

    If that single bus is the lynchpin of your siege and is so important then PROTECT IT WITH THE TOOLS YOU HAVE AVAILABLE. You have a gun. You have two turret hardpoints and a selection of weapons to equip (and the default ones are not half bad), you have mines of your own, you have defensive utilities that make you unkillable by a fully certed engineer (who are as rare as hen's teeth - the vast majority have just two mines, so even level 2 mineguard will save you there, albeit with a sliver of health).

    You say you have mine guard, but clearly you don;t use it, or you're not defending your bus.

    You need to make choices about defence. Either you are vulnerable to tanks and aircraft, or you are vulnerable to mines, or vulnerable to all attacks if you choose ammo/repair. This is by design. Sunderers are ubiquitous vehicles. You can pull them from anywhere, by anyone, with very little penalty. They are not supposed to be impregnable fortresses. Try defending it. I hear it works.

    If tanks are coming up to your bus and you don't have blockade on, then mine the approaches to your bus or use a couple of heavies to keep them away.

    If heavies are coming, use your guns to shoot them until they die. You can also put AP mines in likely locations.

    If an engineer comes up, shoot him until he dies. If he manages to lay mines, just repair the damage (if you have guard), or take the risk that you can kill him before he puts 2 mines down. Engineers are also vulnerable to AP mines.

    You're essentially saying "it's too hard! wahhh!" because a lone engineer makes it all the way to your most valuable asset and destroys it when you refuse to use the tools you have and your own brain to deal with it. Instead you want mines nerfed because you don;t want to give up blockade armour, or you want to just leave your bus unattended while you fight.
  16. Joe-H2O

    I make sure no one is around and shoot it myself, making sure the bus is fully healed up.

    Short of a way to disarm it, it's the easiest way to manage the damage so it doesn't add on to a rocket or tank shell etc.
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  17. Tasogie

    HAH, spoken like a true Teenager.Sundys are not important, there's usually 20 of them, an soon as one dies, another one shows up. As for your obviously superior skills to everyone in the game, I am sure you will have fun instantly killing every sunderer in the game by shear will alone... you are naturally "awesome brah"
  18. MyOdessa

    Congrats OP, this is the most ******** thread I've seen in a while. Buy mineguard, problem solved.

    Or even better, quit PS2 and go play farmville, no mines there.
  19. Aghar30

    Probably been said about 300 times already, USE MINEGUARD.
  20. Armchair

    I just need to nitpick this one thing.

    Level 1 mineguard is enough to defend against 2 AT mines.

    Level 2 is enough to stop 3.

    Level 3 is enough to stop 4.

    Level 4 is enough to stop 6.

    That's right folks. 30 certs is enough to stop 98% of engineer AT mine attacks in their tracks.

    As for the folks saying "mineguard is worthless because they just come back and use more mines".....why didn't you repair the sunderer in the meantime? .