How to fix mine dumping and vehicles instant kills?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Daedrick, Feb 10, 2013.

  1. Daedrick

    Hello, its been a while now that many engineers abuse land mines to instantly destroy deployed sunderer or any vehicles for that matter. I am myself using this trick quite often, to be honest, I use it every single time a sunderer park too close a base im trying to defend.

    I like joint ops but there are way too many vehicles and are way too easy to be pulled out in my opinion. Anyway, mine dumping right now is not considered an abuse but personnaly I think its a broken mechanic which was unintented.

    Mines are currently more effective at taking stationnary vehicles than C4. No class which have access to mines will choose C4 over them. That in my opinion is a broken mechanic.

    So my solution is;

    Reduce mine damage considerably. (suggestion; half their current damage)
    Increase carrying/deploying capacity considerably. (suggestion; twice they current numbers (4 to 8 for engies)
    Increase the time to deploy a mine a couple of seconds. (suggestion; 2-3 seconds, or a small cooldown between mines, just like ammo packs)

    So now with these simple changes engineers wont be able to drop mines 2-3 mines under a second which is more than enough to take out a sunderer. Instead an engineer attempting to destroy a sunderer with mines wont have the time to deploy enough mines before they trigger killing him in the process.

    Of course if he drop lets say, 2 mines, run away, they blow up then he drop 2 more mines effectively destroying the sunderer I believe said sundy deserved to be destroyed since there were nobodies there to defend it. The point is, its no longer an instant kill, instead it take some time which let defenders react. Either they repair it while the engi respawn or they kill you the second time you attempt to drop your mines.
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  2. makrome

    this deserved a new thread why exactly ?
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  3. t31os

    Large glass please, i prefer white, but will take red if you're all out of white.
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  4. makrome

    *offers cheese* ;)
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  5. jack mehoffer

    Woah, wooooaaaaaah. Wait a minute here, you mean mines are good at blowing up vehicles? This is OUTRAGEOUS.
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  6. HannaDest

    Oh noes :( Someone used a anti vehicle mine to destroy ma vehicle.....outrage !!!!!!
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  7. Nature

    Or just buy the damn mineguard. And how is killing enemy vehicles with AT mines abuse? Is it also abusive to shoot enemies with my weapons? One more time IF YOUR SUNDY KEEPS DYING TO MINES, GET THE MOTHER****ING MINEGUARD.
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  8. Cinnamon

    There is a pretty simple fix. Make it so that mine and claymores do not go "live" for 5 seconds after they are deployed. Then increase carry capacity by one because why not. The point of mines is that they are cheap static defences not top end assault gear.
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  9. HannaDest

    I asume the OP thinks mines should work ww1 style and someone has to drive over it and push a button to explode.
  10. iamrob7

    There is nothing to fix, it's an excellent mechanic that works well and means vehicles have to be a bit more careful. If it bothers you in your vehicle, get mineguard.
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  11. CommodoreFrank

    Step 1: Buy mine guard
    Step 2: Hit pile of mines
    Step 3: Laugh at the wasted resources of the enemy

    I really don't see why people think mines are such an issue. If a single soldier is getting in on your Sundy, you either need to position better or DEFEND YOUR BLOODY SUNDY.
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  12. Dice

    If you are placing your EX farm close to my spawn location and your going to let me get close enough to drop mines then you have to deal with it.

    Not everyone is going to sit back and let you shoot them while they try to rocket the thing. I am going to personally use the best tool for the job. Now if that tool means running at a spawn location, headlong into fire, then it really is not on me if I do not get cut down on the way. I mean if I am running with mines out I am a free target.

    Also there is a counter to mines. If you dislike mines use the counter. If you don't like giving up something to use that counter then so be it but that's not my or my mines fault.
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  13. Daedrick

    Read the topic before posting, thank you very much.
  14. makrome

    read one of the countless threads about this before opening a new one.
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  15. Veri

    I can understand landmines blowing up a moving vehicle but not a stationary one.
  16. Daedrick

    I did troll. Read my post now.
  17. Dice

    Magnetic mine placed under large metal device. I wonder if it would go off even if that bit of metal was not moving?

    Also, space travel now exists, we can make mines that scan possible targets to check if they are friendly but somehow can not scan to see if they are foe? Hmm... Wait we can fire guass cannons and other future tec but we are holding ourselves to only stuff that exists now when we want too.... Hmm... Yep. Makes sense.
  18. HannaDest

    Yeah, because you think about ww1 era mines.
  19. Joe-H2O

    Spend 30 certs on mineguard.

    Shoot engineer.

    Problem solved.
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  20. ShureShot

    Wait wat? People are now abusing anti-vehicle mines to kill vehicles??? NERF THEM!

    Please go away.

    If anything, mine guard should be nerfed, it is ridiculous that any vehicle can survive 5 mines and not even be in critical state. Please explain to me how that works? They have 20 inch armor plating under their vehicles??
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