How to fix FPS

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    You cant.
    How the hell do you optimize rendering a massive Zerg?
    One does not simply manage to find a way to render massive amounts of players In number of 100+ without causing massive FPS drops.
    In the future we will have more continents to fight on, resulting In less larger concentrations of Zerg and AMD will get optimizations thanks to the PS4 using AMD.
    But once we get continent locking and you guys are fighting the entire server population of one faction on one continent, your going to get FPS lag, like before.

    /end random crap.
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  3. Tricky

    There is things you can do to at least make it bearable. If you're running Intel I found this video helped me a lot:

    Though I've had AMD friends tried this and it made things worse. The point is to know what your system is capable of and try to minimize things it's slow at and capitalize on things it's strong at.

    Also if you're running SLI, TURN IT OFF. I know, it sucks and you have to remember to turn it on for other games but for whatever reason SLI kills FPS in this game.

    While the game is amazingly pretty with everything cranked, turning a lot of things down or off will help you out in the long run as well. I personally run at 720p just so I keep 60+ FPS in massive biolab fights. Does it suck you have to do all this? Hell yes, but if you know what you're doing it is possible to at least keep your FPS up.
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    This. +1