[Suggestion] How to easily make the Implants system not annoying with these two simple fixes

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  1. Camycamera

    yes, another implant thread, but hear me out SOE.

    as you can see, loads of people hate the implant system currently, because of the way it has been implemented. the two major problems with the implant system are:

    1. the crafting system is random. i saw a thread earlier where a guy bought a 3 T1 implant pack, and then put all 3 of them into the crafting system thinking it would give him a T3 implant. instead, it gave him 1 T1 implant. so he just not only wasted money (although he didn't read the instructions, but that's besides the point...), but he crafted an implant that he pretty much did not want. this is pretty much gambling. that is what this system is. a gamble.
    and nobody likes random crap, especially not in a game like this, a F2P game. you craft stuff by throwing away implants that took you a while to get, and you might not even get what you want. this is stupid.

    2. the way energy is consumed. currently, if you have an implant equipped, you are loosing precious energy, even though you are actually not using the damn thing, because you could be driving somewhere, waiting for a base to cap, etc etc. it is an absolute waste of energy, and people pay their time and/or money (since you can craft chargers randomly by getting implants and crafting them which take time, or you can buy chargers from the store) for this energy.
    so essentially you are throwing away this time and/or money every time you aren't using it. the only way to not waste energy however is to go into an infantry terminal and unequip whatever implant you have currently, but that is not only a huge hassle, but you aren't going to do that in the heat of battle, are you? or when you are driving for point A to point B, nobody wants to stop off at the nearest base just to stop wasting their energy.
    this is just a waste of money and/or time, and that is stupid.

    so Cam, what are the solutions? well, here they are, they are quite simple:

    1. to fix the random crafting system:

    add recipes, remove the randomness of crafting. that's it. i believe Wrel proposed this as well. simply put, if you have two T1 enhanced targeting implants for example, crafting them gives you 1 T2 enhanced targeting. to get chargers, simply get 1 T1 implant and convert it for a charger. i think you can guess where i am going here.
    i'm not going to go through the whole list of crafting stuff, and they might not necessarily be the exact way to craft things obviously, but still, it removes the randomness, thus removing the annoyance and the gambling, thus not confusing people that much because people know how to craft the things that they ACTUALLY WANT, so people dont get pissed off. this is good.

    2. to fix wasting energy:

    there are two ways to fix this in my eyes. one of them is to have it so you only waste energy when you actually use the ability. for example, you have a reduced fall damage implant T3, you fall off a large distance and survive. it takes off X amount of energy from that fall, instead of passively wasting energy over time like now. another example: you have enhanced targeting T1. you spot someone (or however it works, i forget), and it uses x amount of energy. so with this, you aren't wasting energy when you dont need to, energy is only wasted when you actually use those implant's abilities.

    the other way to fix implants however (and i imagine SOE actually implementing this) is to have a toggle on/off button for implants, similarly to the class "f" special abilities like the heavy's shield. once again, people can activate their implants when they actually need it, without having to unequip it from terminals.

    and that's it. that is all you need to do SOE. do it, or come up with a better solution. because i dont really feel like playing this game with all this random crap until this is dealt with.


    remove the random crafting, add in recipes

    make implants not waste energy over time, and instead have them waste energy only when you need them, or have an on/off button for implants like the classes special abilities (such as the heavy's shield).
  2. Phyr

    Random chance crafting, in any game, is ******** and only used to pad a bad system. The energy is a bit trickier. They need to give you a reason to buy these things, without it looking like you're being gouged.
  3. Ronin Oni


    The only fix needed is major increase, or removal, of Charger drop cap. They're looking at what this number will need to be by analyzing data they can only get after they launched the system.

    An increase in implant drop cap would be nice as well, but not a big issue.

    #1: The guy who combined 3 T1 implants thinking he'd get a T3 is just someone who failed to read directions. It takes 5 to get one of next tier. 3 gives you 1 random reroll.

    #2: Random is fine! Why? Because you'll be getting 10 implants a day. That's 2 T2 implants a day. Free.

    #3: the current power drain is just easy. Your 2nd idea won't work. Otherwise the fall damage implant would almost never drain power. The former suggestion is the only viable alternate option and would take a LOT more work to make happen. So long as Charger drop rate is frequent enough, it shouldn't matter anyways, and energy consumption under that system would make it so the implants would last about the same amount of time anyways.