[Guide] How to deal with common annoyances in Planetside

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by JibbaJabba, Feb 20, 2020.

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  2. Exileant

  3. Lord_Avatar

    Seems handy indeed. :cool:
  4. pnkdth

    Bumped cause useful.
  5. Gooyoung

    How do I deal with having no cert as poor f2p pleb?
  6. Lord_Avatar

    You play the game.
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  7. Campagne

    Well it would appear it is once again up to me to sprinkle in a pinch of pessimistic realism! This guide isn't helpful to just about anyone with any experience in playing the game and offers multiple non-solutions.

    Much of it is very common sense. Some of the proposed "solutions" are to just ignore the problem.

    The real issue I have however is once again in offering behavioural or playstyle-based solutions which don't actually work or aren't viable in the majority of situations. Firstly there are the obvious ones like "roadkill the MAX" not being particularly effective in biolabs.

    Suggestions like shooting small arms at ESFs or walking into a MAX to dodge fire. Temporary solutions at best and assisted suicide at worse. Go ahead and fire off your carbine at that Banshee ESF. Maybe if there were ten other players doing the same, but mostly all that will happen is the ESF will just ignore the fire, kill the player, just fly off for thirty seconds, or all of the above. I've never tried walking into a MAX, but isn't quick-melee just a radial hitscan attack? Maybe a player could avoid some of the hits from the main guns but just hit that OP melee key and not waste a thought or bullet.

    The guide has good intentions but to an experienced player it's all common sense or nonsense, and to a new player it might be useful but is also filled with questionable suggestions liable to frustration more than avoiding these annoyances.
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  8. Lord_Avatar

    What you wrote is all true, but it's a decent attempt at "lending a hand" without going into tons of detail.
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  9. PlanetBound

    I scratch the paint on the smaller aircraft with my Emissary and they don't hang around. And it has a silencer.
  10. JibbaJabba

    Guide isn't useful because if you have experience you don't need a guide? Ohhh Kaaayyy

    Maybe the guide just isn't for you?

    Or maybe it is?? haha that max tip actually works pretty well. :p You clip through them and out the other side. Toss in a pinch of therum shuffle and some client side and you'll complete that rocket reload. :p It's not the end-all-be-all solution but it's a good thing to have in your bag of tricks.
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  11. pnkdth

    The funniest part of it all is the advice he picked as silly, e.g. shooting at an ESF, actually is really useful the more people do it. Almost as if that's the purpose of the guide or something. Then again he is an NC main so teamwork must be a foreign concept (*ducks behind a table* huehuehuehuehue, sowwy!).
  12. Exileant

    ;) The best way to deal with that is to find a friend who plays very often. This way you can tag along in their activities whatever they may be. This will give you a chance to see up close how pros play, lend a hand, and be taught some of the "Should NEVERS" without being aimless, and while picking up squad points. An absolute must for new players is knowing how to be a good gunner. :D If you become one, you will all but be bullied into taking command of a passenger gun by good drivers. That alone can easily remove the "No Cert" part of your title. o_O A few simple rules to become liked:

    1: :confused: Do not shoot at NOTHING, drivers HATE when a passenger wastes ammunition, while giving away their position.

    2: o_O Do not shoot at Friendly Targets (People or vehicles the same color as you) for extended amounts of time. :eek: Not only will you lock your own weapons, but that is the fastest way of being kicked out of a vehicle and murdered. Attacking a team vehicle can trigger a fight between the drivers, especially new drivers who may not realize it was the passenger dealing all that damage, thus risking both your lives and THEIR equipment.

    3: o_O Mind which vehicles actually WANT or NEED a gunner.... (This applies mainly to Sunderers) High level Sunderers will be built for different things. Some roll around looking for trouble, (Rare Battle Bus) some are built to hold points, (Sunderers with Deployment Shields) and some are meant to stay hidden no matter what. (Sunderers with Deployment Cloaking) The first 2 usually happy if you hop in and start trying to lay out a target or two as they are easy to be seen by enemies and in their case killing the enemy as soon as possible is good for the Truck. :eek: However this is not always the case with a Cloaked Sunderer, People can drive right these especially at night. Firing drops their cloak and lights them up on radar, ruining their hiding spot. So if you are going to hop in a gunners seat of a cloaked truck, only shoot if you have no other choice like say another truck or tank hits you and you know they see you.

    4: ;) Know when it is best to shoot as support or when it is best to heal as support. When there are walking enemies about, shooting is usually the best way to go, as you will be shielded and they will not be. When Vehicles are afoot, healing by means of an Engineer Repair Tool is your best bet. Someone will almost always jump in a turret and try to shoot. Be the smart one and heal the vehicle while you enjoy the free cert gain. :D Or be the superhero, grab your C4, and go for the kill!
  13. Campagne

    Oh, I didn't realize it was the semi-annual gathering of my fan club today.

    Almost everyone showed up too! But where's Prudentia? Even Exileant came, though he has yet to join in the festivities. Somebody better go get him. He's going to miss the cake! :rolleyes:

    Well posting the link here on the forums is in all practicality only showing it to vets. There are what, maybe 20 of us who regular the forums enough to see this thread? And even with the rather low traffic we see the thread will fall into obscurity soon. Effectively posting the link here is only showing majoritarily veteran players, of whom the guide is of no use.

    Secondly, you haven't even addressed my point of it not being useful to new players either.

    As for the MAX trick, the player would have to turn a corner and bump noses with a MAX to have a realistic chance of getting so close he would be difficult to hit without taking huge amounts of damage to begin with. Secondly, reloading a launcher is all fine and dandy but the splash won't be from that close. Back up to avoid suicide but then just get shot. Furthermore, this would still only protect against gunshots from the MAX. The player would still be exposed to other enemies in the area as well as copious amounts of friendly fire I'm sure. And finally, you still haven't addressed the MAX's melee capabilities.

    It's a two-hit-kill against healthy infantry, which isn't likely if that close to a MAX. Can't use a heavy shield to soak an extra hit because then the player would be too slow for it to work. Try to dodge a radial hitscan attack for several seconds for a reload while potentially under fire from various other sources only to face the option of probable suicide or a high-risk maneuver to gain enough distance to survive the splash, but at the cost of the time it would take to move and aim. This is just assuming the MAX doesn't have flak armour nor Emergency Repair equipped...

    So no, I contest the guide as useful or productive and defy you to say otherwise!

    That's the real issue with it though, isn't it? It needs more people than a player is going to get on average to even scare off an ESF. Take a handful of random infantry in a contested base and point them at a Banshee Mossie. Even if they deter the thing, it could have killed them all in the time it would have taken them, will simply return in less than a minute, and will leave each and every infantry player exposed and vulnerable with an empty gun and a compromised position. Bonus points for losing all situational awareness from looking up at the sky for a prolonged period of time.

    This is not a solution. It's a last-ditch effort to stop a god-unit from wrecking everyone in the base in an instant when in the absence of a few AA units.

    Sorry friend, but it looks like you'll have to be quarantined to prevent the PathOwOgen from spreading...
  14. Somentine

    I read it when it was first posted and while some of it is okay it is mostly meh to bad/incorrect advice.
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  15. pnkdth

    Precisely, it is about using what you have to a good enough effect. Complaining about air-balance strikes me as a bit of a futile gesture though or are we to suppose the pilot upon realising this will simply eject out of shame and leave you alone? At the end of the day, this advice is about being aware of the option which might just save your behind long enough for it to matter, e.g. reaching a certain point on the map, finishing an ESF off a friendly is already engaging, or simply concentrating fire with several friendlies.
  16. JibbaJabba

    If you want to dispute it or add to it or whatever... I recommend you take it up with the author on the original post.

    I shared it here to be helpful, not get to get dragged into yet another pissing match. I will not match your wall of text sir, I just don't give that many..
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  17. Twerllewr

  18. Campagne

    Yes, exactly. It's the last thing a player should do, not the first, but the guide doesn't indicate this in any way. It says in just three short words "small arms hurt." Given the title of "How to deal with common annoyances in [PS2]" there is the strong implication that small arms will "deal with" A2G ESFs, when in reality they rarely will if ever.

    An experienced player knows this and ought to know when to fire and when to simply avoid it or dodge munitions, but a new player, for whom the guide caters to, will not. There ought to be more information to help players understand the circumstances rather than just shoot at it.

    As I said initially, this doesn't solve the problem. If anything, it would probably make things worse for new players.

    Bleh, Reddit.

    But really, I'm just giving a commentary on a public forum.

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