How to counter VS alert domination?

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  1. CompletelyDeadCoyote

    According to, on Miller, VS win almost every second alert. TR and NC, guys, what the hell?
    Why does that happerns? We don't have VS overpop, they are not op (exept for magriders, of course) , they don't even have that many players in the top of the server:
    And yet too much times in a row i see how they take continent after continent with little resistance. Aren't you tired of that? What should we do to counter that?
  2. liquead

    People don't like to fight against VS, thats why.
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  3. NinjaTurtle

    In a game as large as this when you have 100+ people fighting over a base the individual skill level of a single player is less relevant so that leader board tells you nothing.

    I can't speak for Miller VS but Emerald VS are it seems much more organized. Their medics actually heal you, their engineers actually know there is an F button and the Infils actually recon.

    Organization and communication is OP. Though Emerald VS do have some top quality players as well

    Also whilst I do not think the 0.75 ADS is OP or makes too much difference in real terms (obviously there is an advantage just not as much as people would have you believe) I think it does make people feel more comfortable going VS. As a result you see more experienced players going over to VS because of the perceived advantage.
  4. xMaxdamage

    Vanu just has a bigger % of good/organized players. This is because VS has the best 1 vs 1 LMGs, so most k/d ratio warriors join them, followed by their outfit.

    Betelgeuse is by far the most performant KPU-wise LMG For BR100s, it means the "skilled" playerbase thinks Vanu's HA is a lot stronger, and that just make VS almost an obvious choice for a lot of outfits, just like vanu is almost always the fav faction for server smashes
  5. GhostAvatar

    Its pretty simple really. Fighting VS isn't generally fun (especially on Miller) due to outfits like DIG (not that you can call them an outfit, they are just more organised pubbies with comms). The problem is the design of the game is weighted towards the instant gratification entitled generation players. Thus the larger portion of the player base consists of players who don't give a damn about a meaningless victory condition, which they will see no benefit from due to short play sessions and will be gone by the next time they log in. They just want to have fun. Yeah its sometimes fun to fight against the VS. But more often than not, its not fun and there is a better more fun fight on the NC/TR front.

    In short, VS (especially Miller VS) are the red headed step child of PS2. No one like to play with them and only do so when forced to (or when no one is looking).
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  6. pnkdth

    VS do not dominate the alerts unless you count alerts during off-peak hours. During prime time, NC actually win 35% of the alerts and VS only win 1-2% more alerts than TR. Then again, this is forumside so abandon all logic ye who enter here.
  7. Agarthan

    Teamwork > Zerg to a certain point, enough zerg can overwhelm good teamwork but it takes a long time and good team work is much better at staying mobile across the map and quick capping bases than the zerg, which all just gravitate to the biggest battle points and don't make strategic plays for territory. A good squad can hold off a substantial zerg rush or even a disorganized platoon.
  8. Lemposs

    Because Miller VS really don't want to fight, they'll spend most of their time dropping vast amount of troops on the opposite side of the continent, where one lonely guy is testing his weapons out, and for the most part they don't see resistance because it is often discovered too late to do anything about it.
    It isn't even because VS are more skillful, they don't win that many alerts or fights when they are in equal numbers or when DIG decides they don't want to spam Galaxies all day.

    Honestly, Miller alerts have to be some of the worst, even as a VS player. Far too little action, and far too much thumbs up the bum waiting time to win uncontested bases.
  9. Crayv

    So... good players go where the OP toys are.
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  10. Shiaari

    On an Indar alert last night we were defending Howling Pass Checkpoint against a fairly well organized TR assault. I don't think they anticipated organized defense. We didn't just run out of the spawn room into a barrage of bullets, but rather counter attacked from the air. We took control of the air supply platform and set up suppressing fire positions from that elevated position using Lashers.

    As organized as they were they couldn't move between points. They were being hosed with Lasher bolts, which having experienced that I can say is very demoralizing. They tried keeping us off the platform with snipers, but by then it was too late. We were entrenched at point bravo, and had total control of alpha. They got bottled up at charley and had to withdraw.

    Eventually they did take Howling Pass, but it took them several tries to do so. In their defense we failed to capture Abandoned NS Offices.
  11. WTSherman

    It seems like the NC on Emerald have lately decided the answer is smoke grenades. Lots and lots of smoke grenades. I guess they decided if they can't win DPS races, their next best option is to make it incredibly difficult for the other teams to shoot back.

    It seems to have been working for them though, they've been on a winning streak ever since they started spamming smoke on every push, so I guess they're on to something. To be honest it's been helping me quite a lot too as long as I remember to equip my NV scope before going into a base.
  12. ElricVIII

    The thermal scope is one of the first toys I bought in this game and I use it on every one of my short-/mid-range builds. I've noticed this smoke spam and I love mowing down people trying to Rambo through it. ;)

    While I can't speak for Miller, when I play on Emerald I notice that one of the best driving forces for victory is the DaPP outfit who just let randoms join in and force teamwork (I tend to be one of those randoms with a mic). Whenever they have a few people on, they organize squads of unassociated players into strong infantry pushes. Obviously, this tends to lose against more organized outfits, but what they do is a great idea that makes team play accessible to everyone.
  13. CorporationUSA

    That's basically a rule a rule at this point.
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  14. Atorum

    Its simple.
    Its pact between NC and VS on that server.
    In equal population it always goes like this (but always); in the beginning both NC and VS attack TR combined until last 30 minutes, then they ease their pressure and turn on each other, unfortunately for NC the VS is more OP and has higher prime time population leaving them easy winners.
  15. HadesR

    Simple ... just requires people to do it ..

    Double team and gank them at all times even outside of alerts ..

    No laws or game rules that forbids it ..
  16. Ianneman

    ban DIG
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  17. Sekaszy

  18. Littleman

    VS players seem to over all just be better players. At least on Emerald. I can't explain why I can run around as my VS and consistently log off with at least a 3.0 K/D while I struggle to even maintain a 2.0 K/D on my TR main.

    ... Actually, I can explain - VS infils use their recon tools, engineers drop ammo everywhere and repair their maxes, medics (the few that exist) heal and revive people. Light assaults know to take the high ground and are hungry for tanks and sunderers. HA, well, Orion. Overall, VS players have far better situational awareness, they know how to check a room, look up, prioritize armored targets shelling their position, etc. They're aggressive too - they understand that simply holing up at the door and taking pot shots won't accomplish anything.

    TR is the exact opposite. They cower behind cover that will inevitably fail them because they lack situational awareness, so getting them on the flank is easy. This is made hilarious by the fact that they don't even seem to respond to nearby sounds at all. To them, a VS rifle sounds the exact same as a T1 Cycler. Frankly, they're a mess. Buffs to their equipment and nerfs to everyone else will help them, but such changes will not save them. They'll still get wrecked because they're simply bad.

    I quit my TR main. I only check out the situation every once in a while, but often it's more of the same - can't count on my allies to do $#!%, to the point where I swear the average TR has a K/D of .3. I do so well as a VS primarily because I can count on my allies to watch my back and do their job. TR? Everyone might as well be an infil that doesn't know they can cloak, hauling a BASR into CQC (I'd have started TKing these idiots if I didn't leave the TR.)

    P.S. The number of TR that will shoot at a tank with bullets, but run like hell from a MAX or ESF is mind boggling.
  19. Cynicismic

    Good players go where Community hype from players such as yourself encourage them to go.
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  20. DeadlyPeanutt

    I play NC on miller and we've won alerts recently. We cap plenty of VS bases when I play. win some/lose some.
    I also play VS on Emerald and we get out behinds kicked pretty often. We've lost several alerts recently when i've played.

    I'm not getting the VS hysteria at all
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