How to climb trees and stuff

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by IshootRAW, Dec 20, 2015.

  1. IshootRAW

    Saw someone ask how to climb trees - made this a while back
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  2. CuteBeaver

    I'm happy your back :) PS2 needs more tree loving infils. I'll always remember your shrubbery and tree antics in VDRS. Actually if your down for some science later I am working on TR/VS camo guide. Maybe you can test out the top performers in hide sniping combat and give some feedback as to which ones worked out better for you.

    Camouflage and Cryptic Behavior (WIP)

    Additional Information on Climbing Thread
  3. IshootRAW

    Love to :D
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  4. CuteBeaver

    Sounds good, I think once the holidays settle down we can experiment a bit. Running on fumes right now >.> Damn Lupus.
  5. DCWarHound

    Still no luck.

    Either i jump in place, jump backwards or slide down.I tried one of the trees in VR training and after an hour i got near the first branch but i can't go any higher because i keep jumping in place.

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  6. CuteBeaver

    Pair this technique with....

    Your goal is to find a place on the tree where you can rest. Alternatively you can just "let go" hands off keyboard while you still have some speed left, and you should **stick** to the tree. Don't touch anything for about 8 seconds. You should be able to continue onward after that. Repeat the process of resetting your base momentum as necessary. Next when your nearing the top of your climb.... start using left or right directional keys to dig your shoulder into the surface which will inject a small extra boost in speed to help makeup some momentum lost towards the end of your climb. This will help your chances of successfully getting on top of something by increasing your momentum slightly and helping make up for any losses. You see every time you jump consecutively the game penalizes your movement speed. (This is done to prevent people from bunny hopping like crazy in close quarters combat.) When you boost your adding speed to makeup for some of what has been taken away. Its important to time this injection of momentum towards the end of your climb to enable you to actually get on top of things. Doing this is more effective then using the adrenaline pump overall. This is because your total speed is constantly being reduced for every jump you take. However the left and right keys producing "strafe" speed are not affected UNTIL you start pressing them which allows you to shield them from any negative reductions from jumping until the end of your climb. If your really having a hard time consider using the pump as well since both benefits can be stacked. Another thing you might want to make sure you are doing is using the mouse to steer yourself... Sometimes people use left and right keys out of habit and by using them too early for positioning they nerf themselves since they won't be able to boost. Use your mouse to look where you want to go. Getting used to Directional Influence this will pay off later on when it comes to using gravity lifts creatively too.

  7. DCWarHound

    Thanks, i made it into the tree.The part about "digging" my shoulder in near the top of my climb really helped.

    still took me 10 minutes of trying but i guess practice makes perfect.

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  8. Campagne

    Am I really one of the only ones who frown upon this? :confused:

    It's exploiting, plain and simple. Abusing faulty game mechanics to gain an advantage over other players. :eek:
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  9. CuteBeaver

    Probably, Iv been told it is classified as emergent game-play and not to worry.

    Since we are simply using existing movement mechanics & placed objects to get into these locations. Over the years I have been quite transparent about exactly "how" I am able to do this with the PS2 community and devs. You will notice when testing H1Z1 the developers added a secondary jumping delay which prevents micro-jumping entirely. That being said I can still scale pretty well in H1Z1 its just there are less things to scale. Multi level structures are fewer in number and usually spaced out. Trees are lump free . Buildings have an overhanging roof most of the time. However if you imported an Indar tree into H1Z1 I could still climb that given I paused every time I land on a tree lump... and waited a sec for the jump delay to wear off and then continued. I was still able to get on rooftops in H1Z1 using fences, garbage bins, sheds, doors, ect.

    Personally I have no problem if someone looks at a tree and says " Oh look some lumpy stairs" . If his enemy just sees a tree as a tree that is not the fault of the person climbing it. As I have shown as well on multiple occasions there is more to it then just rubbing yourself against something and jumping. That might work sometimes but it won't always pan out. Its not efficient, and It certainly won't allow you to do anything fast or decrease the risk of getting shot to bits. There is a method to the madness.

    Your fine to carry on thinking this way. Your mind is your own. However all the information is here on how it works... Iv tried to be transparent about it.

    I personally consider it just part of the game like lag compensation and directional influence. We can't change anything about it because that is how Forgelight handles player movement. If anything the developers could modify Planetside 2 to be similar to H1Z1 and prevent micro-jumping by adding the same delay. This would create other problems though in CQC. Mainly some awkwardness in cluttered indoor areas. Getting stuck on cover objects and not being able to do anything about it. Even so that won't solve the issue at large since the majority of scaling in PS2 is based on a staircase approach going from A to B to C in order to reach higher vantage points. Not to mention cover in PS2 is much more available and our bases allow other means to reach rooftops just by using boxes, lifts, or vines on Hossin.

    I personally don't think its fun to stop players from creatively moving around. If it makes you feel better its really not possible to outpace a light assault doing this. (I did actually try and race a friend around an obstacle course - he beat me w/o even trying) They are always going to have more freedom, flexibility, speed, and less risk (from pancakes) in multi layer settings.
  10. SarahM

    Most places are designed without such mobility in mind.

    That would be good. Hopefully the devs will come up with a proper solution to this bug.
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  11. CuteBeaver

    Over the last two years new double decker buildings were designed. You will notice them mainly as the ones which have window coverings. Their geometry was altered so the walls were not able to be climbed on the ground floor. Developers accomplished this by making sure the buildings walls were 100% legitimately straight / true and not slanted in any direction.

    They also began adding overhanging rooftops or having overhanging ledges frame their buildings. If a climb happy player does manage to get up near the roof they would bump their heads on the lip and fall down or deflect away from the building. All of these solutions do prevent me from getting up. The walls around Esamir bases are great (provided there are no natural rock / snow formations or trees too close to them) The large Pipe around Quarts Ridge Camp was placed very well because the exterior side cannot be scaled, but the interior side can be used by defenders if those player can get up on certain locations. (No microjumping required for the record)

    Just by base design, and object orientation alone, the developers can make "climb free" zones. Xander has been doing an excellent job with this and I have been on PTS checking his new bases out. I think they have found a pretty good balance between having strategic strongholds which are climby proof, and still allowing for creative movement.

    I cringe at the idea of an H1Z1 style jump delay. It would be so clunky and solve nothing in the grand scheme of things. A better option would be harsher speed reductions on microjumps. So say after the magic number of spamming the jump key 4-5 times within x seconds, your speed is drastically reduced. What would happen is people would just fall off the walls like drunken sloths and never reach the top. Normal jumping around or stair-casing creatively from point A to B to C would be fine. However "effective" micro-jumps would be removed.
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  12. DCWarHound

    I hope they don't fix it, it's a much needed buff for infiltrators to get into good shooting and hiding positions.Above all, it's not easy to get into a tree and there is nothing stopping someone else from either shooting your from below, flying up as light assault or climbing the tree themselves.

    It's one of the things that makes PS2 unique.
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  13. CuteBeaver

    I agree with you. I really don't think you have much to be concerned about. If you climbed the tree this should be no problem.

    Climbing like this is not a bug, as there is nothing broken or wrong with forgelights engine. As far as I am concerned if a player spends countless hours learning to control their speed to circumvent limitations thats just good gameplay.
    Honestly everyone in this thread has been pretty respectful, but as they say "haters gonna hate." You should never just give up on doing something you love because other people don't like it. Guides exist if those people want to learn how. Developers could have changed it years ago but they have chosen instead to just work around any major issues with a few tweaks to buildings. Happy to report I'v yet to crack any of their improvements.

    DCWarhound once your feeling more comfortable try heading over to Geological Survey next.

    You can practice on some of the structures. For windows always try to enter them diagonally if you can. Its easier jumping into the window frame diagonally like this [ / ] instead of trying to jump straight through the window like this [ | ].
  14. Iridar51

    This is racist, yo.


    Just because I'm a sloth doesn't mean I have a drinking problem.

    Not until I run out, anyway.
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  15. Ghoest

    Any thoughts about how this applies to PS4 game play?
  16. CuteBeaver

    Yes, the frames are capped but it is still possible. I received a thank you a while back for the biolab video from a PS4 player. Microjumps are typically not possible, but majority of climbs don't involve them. As long as you can find a place to rest and recharge your golden.
  17. SarahM

    Emotion and meaning are sometimes hard to convey through purely textual means. It was not my intention to devalue the time and effort you've put into perfecting your climbing skills. If I came across as such, please accept my sincere apology.

    I am all for emergent gameplay, but I am also for balance. The airgame is divided betwee pilots who know and can pull of the reverse maneuver and thoose who can't. I fear for the effects such a division might cause for the infantry classes. Not everyone 'plays forumside'.

    Many other games tend to have special maps created to make use of certain quirks of the movement system, TF2s surf maps or quake/hl jump maps come to mind. Most normal maps released for theese games though take into account the (known) quirks of the movement system, aiming to provide a balanced experience. (Unless the game's specifically build around movement quirks, like "warsow" and similar quake clones, where bunnyhopping between walljumps is the norm.) In planetside 2, we have the advantage and disatvantage of playing on the same 'map'.

    !SPOILER ALERT! and also slightly offtopic:
    Here's a video of Half Life 2, episode 2 done in 30 Minutes:

    The speedrunners found out that movement speed was capped upon jumping to prevent bunnyhopping and to limit the impact of strafejumping, which was commonly used in Half Life 1. To accomplish this cap, or rather slowdown, the player is accelerated backwards. This lead to another quirk: Jumping backwards increases the speed.

    Also, falling onto objects at certain angles stops the player without fall damage being triggered. Thus, with enough dedication, the game can be beat flying backwards through levels at insane speeds. The speedrunners also did a great job documenting the techniques used, it's quite the worthwhile read.
  18. Moz

    This is an interesting point...

    Let me ask you this? Do you ever "wall walk" round a cliff? You know staying on the same level of a very steep slope that you could never walk up from the bottom.
  19. Campagne

    No, not really. Most of the terrain is etheir flat enough to walk up, or steep enough to slide down. Typically, it's only one or the other. :p

    There isn't really much of a need to do this.
  20. Moz

    Oh, i use this quite a bit as do many players... can be especially useful for an infil.