How to change server without losing character ?

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by BlueyTheWolf, Dec 5, 2012.

  1. BlueyTheWolf

    Anyone know how can you change your server without losing SC spend on character ? I found Miller is kinda laggy but I happen to already spend so much money on one character on that server .
  2. MrBaracu

    I don't think you can change the server without losing your character.
  3. ShokkWave

    That is correct. Characters are server specific. Unspent SC will be there of course, but spent stuff stays there.
  4. Chubzdoomer

    This is one of the worst aspects of the game so far. Not being able to change servers is pretty disappointing. I sure hope they add that functionality sometime in the near future.
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  5. Grundibular

    Agreed. All they need do is have it cost some station cash and/or certs.

    Maybe have a spin-up/cool-down on it. Could set the request to go to another server and happens after 24 hours. You're then locked to that server for a week, month, whatever.

    I'm on Waterson right now (liked to look of Let The Brit Drop for some team fun) but it's not my timezone, ping isn't great and I've spent too long in games with no leadership or comms at all. Just running around silent and bored. I want to switch server, but can't. :(
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  6. Dubious

    They are working on sever transfers and this is one of the reasons names are unique across all servers
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  7. z3usy

    I hope they start working faster... this is annoying I've invested good money in my character and want to go help some buddies on another server! Please make this priority for immediate release early 2013 :)
  8. hulltech63

    I hope they fix it too. I got 60.00 in cards for the triple credit on Dec 21st and I don't want to throw that away. I may as well cancel my Premium membership if I am stuck on a server where it is run and gun or you get TKed. the coms don't work and there is very little in the choice of a team.
  9. Dr. Natas

    I also hope that it will be possible to change the server - soon!
  10. Hamdan

    Hope they will consider tat sooooner
    am kynd of fed up with the server am in :)
  11. starlinvf

    I would rather they go back to the original plan of adding more continents and merging populations to fill them. That way people can't flood a server based on population advantage.

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