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  1. silgagghia54

    hello guys , I'm new to the light assault and before I started asking 4 a build I have some questions :

    1) is LA less good than HA , I saw some people saying that
    2) does LA have same HP than engineer , medic ?

    now the build :
    I am looking for an hybrid LA , LA than can fight in all situation
    please tell me what weapon to take ( I play my LA in cqc) and what to put on my weapon
    I have C4 and the one that give u life , well I will do a choice for the moment
    an what else could I put ? ( capacity .. everything )

  2. Iridar51

    1) "good" is a subjective term. LA is less versatile and more limited, as we are primarily anti infantry class that thrives only in bases. We're weak against vehicles and in mid-field combat. And even against infantry we have limited firepower and must rely on our mobility to get better engagements.

    To me, LA is still way more fun to play than any other class, and that makes it "good" to me.

    2) Yes, all classes have same HP and shields, except infiltrators who have 100 less shields. More here:

    It's not "hybrid", it's "versatile". The most versatile you can get is too simply use a carbine, C4 and regeneration implant.

    Carbine will give you a wide range of engagements, and it's still very effective in close quarters.
    C4 will add some firepower and will make you able to fight vehicles in certain conditions.
    And regeneration implant - of any rank - is used to regen your health without having to use medkits or look for medics.

    It's basically a standard LA loadout:

    Any carbine will do, but default carbines are probably the most versatile ones.
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  3. silgagghia54

    FIRST , thanks

    I have the lynx , is it good for our playstyle ?
  4. Iridar51

  5. Nehlis

    If you get 2 bricks of C4 then you become the terror of tanks everywhere. This is universal to all LA. You do have to work on steath play though, especially since you don't have a cloak. Undoubtedly effective though, since the C4 on the LA is something that tankers keep raging about.
  6. chuck105

    Think of light assault like mix between infiltrator and engineer. You want to always be shooting people in the back, or at least with their pants down. Often you'll shoot from rooftops. Thus there are 2 different play styles, snipe from roofs and towers, and dropping in behind groups with cqc weapons. C4 is your friend for clearing rooms, as well as grenade bandolier.

    As far as priorities, focus on default jets first, at max rank you can near constantly bunny hop from ledge to ledge, I like to stay moving. Don't engage anyone who's shooting you if you can help it. As far as getting kill streaks, LA is to me by far the best for large combat, since with HA you might win 1v1 or even 1v2, but you'll eventually come under more fire than you can suppress, whereas LA can run escape bad situations.

    Be selective of targets, just like infiltrator. Only shoot what you can kill, and kill quickly. Once you get your jets maxed I'd get 2 bricks of c4, since it allows you to kill tanks and gives you a second try against maxes or even a second max. Some find c4 use against infantry cheesy, but it is the most efficient way to kill a mass of 8 players. You'll often find groups next to sundies or in cp rooms, often you can rush in from behind or above and murder the whole lot of them. Maxes are top priority, then medics, also engineers in AI turrets. Even just forcing a group to turn their attention on you can allow friendlies to push forward. The most effective use of LA in many situations is just C4 delivery, if there's a large group in rooms or for breaking tank zergs.

    Some will suggest medkits, which can allow you to extend streaks, but encourage bad play, and ultimately deaths are cheap, dying doesn't matter as LA, since you don't control space, you blow stuff up. Killing a few players doesn't matter, killing a max does. Killing a tank does. Killing a cluster of medics does. Thus you should focus on using your agility to eliminate key targets, as opposed to simply holding capture points or pushing forward head on.
  7. Nicknobreak

    Yeah man, LC2 Lynx is amazing for LA. I just Auraxium'd it and it's really good. It is limited on range, especially if you use a suppressor on it like I did. Light Assaults should ALWAYS carry two bricks of C4. You have no idea how useful and necessary C4 is until you find yourself in a situation where you wish you had it. I also put nanoweave armor in the suit slot so I can survive 1v1 engagements a bit better. Also, default Jump Jets are probably the best for most situations. My advice is to have one long range weapon and one short range. Right now I'm running the T5 AMC and T4 AMP, but find what works best for you.
  8. Daigons

    While playing LA, it's all about "Death From Above". Find a nice perch at the top of a base and look for opportunities to drop in behind a few opponents to quickly dispatch them from behind. Start with going after single opponents while you're learning your abilities and weapons. It's so rewarding being able to swoop in and taking out 5-6 huddled opponents in one pass. Most of the time they're not even aware of what's happening until half of them are dead.

    If you have the time, you should check out YouTube for LA gameplay videos. I find most to be very inspiring. A big thank you to all the LA players who spent a lot of time and effort with the posting of their YouTube videos. Thank you!
  9. MrMinistry30

    personally, i always use 3 loadouts according to the situation:

    1. shotgun/CQC carbine - commissioner - grenade bandolier - frag grenades - C4 - regeneration implant ("i don't need to live long to spread a lot of damage" - loadout, used in biolabs or tower fights)

    2. mid or long range carbine - crossbow(standard ammo) - ammo belt - frag grenade - medkits - regeneration / enhanced targeting implant (long range / camping - loadout)

    3. any carbine - crossbow(explosive ammo) - adrenaline pump / ammo belt - frag grenade - C4 - enhanced targeting implant (vehicle destruction loadout)

    Only on my vehicle destruction loadout i sometimes use drifter jets, otherwise only standard. I do have maxed out icarus but i hardly find any situations where i would prefer it over the standard ones.