How to be good at light assault?

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Maxence822, Jan 6, 2015.

  1. cykael

    I guess I fall under the "adapt playstyle" kind of people, can't imagine playing without ASC nowadays. Only loadouts I don't run it on are my HA which runs Adren/Flak, CQC sniping with Nano and regular sniping with extra ammo.
  2. Iridar51

    95% people who think that are just too addicted to short shield regen time. Just saying :p
    It's fine to love and use ASC, just be conscious that it's not a combat efficiency booster most of the time, but a convenience item.

    Out of all classes, ASC is the least useful to LA, since the ability to control our engagements and put cover between LA and enemies to safely recharge shields, reload and reset the fight is one of main LA's advantages.
    Ground troopers are limited in their cover choices, and can't always choose when to engage. We have that luxury much more often.
  3. cykael

    Well I mean even if it's 2.5 seconds earlier, it's 2.5 seconds earlier I'm killing someone so I consider that an advantage big enough.
  4. Iridar51

    It's convenience, not advantage, since in most situations you should be able to survive for additional 2.5 seconds before starting an engagement.
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  5. cykael

    The idea is I can start shooting at people earlier. In most situations I won't pop out of cover before I'm at full health anyway, even if technically I'm not going to get shot at instantly I'm still going to shoot at people earlier than I would with Nanoweave. The advantage is being able to pop out of cover so technically it is 4 seconds advantage _for me_.
  6. Siilk

    AC-X11 is surprisingly versatile,despite being perceived as a long-range specialist weapon. It's trickier to use at shorter engagement distances and will require more skill than more generalist-type carbines but you will come to appreciate this weapon after getting used to it, it's mid and close range capabilities are nothing but exceptional. See below for my recommended configuration for AC-X11
    Let me correct you here: AC-X11 does not need a forward grip. Why? Because all forward grip does is reduces horizontal recoil. But AC-X11 does not have horizontal in the first place(check here for example: Recoil angle Min/Max: 0°/0°), so forward grip does absolutely nothing. Instead, you should always equip a laser sight. It will make AC-X11 way easier to use at close range without compromising your long range capabilities. I turn it off while hiding or perching on a sniping position and turn it on when I plan to engage in CQC.

    So for anyone interested in trying this excellent carbine, here's my AC-X11 loadout of choice: Compensator, Laser Sight, HV ammo, x4 scope. High magnification scope and HV ammo, paired with high natural damage of this carbine allows me to engage targets at tremendous distances. Using this scope for mid-range engagements is a bit tricky but still perfectly doable after some time getting used to it. And for CQC I rely on laser-sight assisted hipfiring, AC-X1 is surprisingly effective at that despite being a supposedly long(ish) range weapon.

    One more thing: if, like me, you often run solo or in small LA-only fire teams, consider equipping an ammo belt when using AC-X11, as it might run out of ammo a bit quicker than your usual carbine, because of sllightly lower total ammo count.

    As a side note, you might be interested to try Razor GD-23, it's not as powerful as AC-X11 and not as good at long range but it's much easier to use and all in all is also a great weapon for NC LA.
  7. cykael

    The angle thing refers to whether it pulls to the left or right side. It still has the random shake that can be reduced with grip.

    This is what you're looking for:

    Horizontal, Min/Max:
  8. Iridar51

    Orly. How about you do a bit of research before you start correcting me on weapon mechanics. Recoil Angle and Horizontal Recoil are two completely different things, though Forward Grip reduces both of them. Just because weapon has no Recoil Angle, it doesn't mean it has no Horizontal Recoil.

    If you would like to know more about how recoil actually works in this game, I welcome you to my Gunplay Guide.
  9. Siilk

    I wouldn't be saying what I said not to mention actually using the loadout I suggested unless I tried that myself. Horizontal shake is negligible as it's doesn't affect your aim much in CQC and you wouldn't be firing aull-auto at long range anyway.
  10. Iridar51

    Whatever you say, honey. You heard it here first, folks! Forward grip is useless for AC-X11. :rolleyes:

    I'd explain why AC-X11 makes a really bad CQC carbine, but I think you're in too deep in your delusions to understand my points.
  11. Reclaimer77

    I think when you're spitting out 200 damage bullets from your carbine, you get kills through sheer luck or randomness of the COF quite easily. And you start to convince yourself that the way you have it setup is optimal based on your results alone.

    Not to get between you two on this, but yeah, I tried the AC-X11 on my NC alt last night and the difference is pretty noticeable playing with and without a forward grip.

    Without the forward grip, the AC-X11 feels like a pure spray n' pray weapon from just about ANY range.

    But then again I'm the crazy guy who uses a compensator on some carbines, so what do I know :p
  12. Skiptrace

    Dude, dont correct Iridar, he's pretty much the master of the Light Assault Class. Just dont do it. If you do, good luck surviving...
  13. Leivve

    Don't you see it throbbing? You don't get to talk dirty like that, and get it all excited and not put out.
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  14. Iridar51

    When it comes to LA, there are much better players than me, but it's not about LA, it's about weapon mechanics. Not saying I'm the best in that field either, but I put a lot of hours into figuring this stuff out, and I certainly won't be corrected about something as basic whether Forward Grip does anything for AC-X11 or not.
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  15. Skiptrace

    Well, for most of my guns I use, i get forward grip anyway, because I personally almost always use ADS (unless it's an odd gun like the MKV-Suppressed or something like that) so Forward Grip is the most useful to me.
  16. Agiond

    Soooooo.... i come back to PS2 from like 3 month of forced retirement, and people are still arguing Iridar about game mechanics? Humans never learn.

    There's one thing we all must consider: the games mechanics are what they are, BUT some so-called "subpar" loadouts may work better on you than a "better" loadout. Why? Personal taste and playstyle. As simple as that. You may not need a FG on your AC-X11 (if so, i must congrat you. That gives you a nice edge so you can use LS over people like me, who can't hit an elephant at 10m without FG).

    So try to keep that in mind. I've seen Iridar "sniping" with a GD-7F quite well, but that doesn't mean that the weapon is meant to be used like that. Same goes on AC-X11: is not meant to be used in CQC but you CAN do it and be profficient at that if you know how to use that gun.

    Personally, I love sucking at LA. Being a pro at LA must be trully awesome.

    BTW, I have a problem. I'm in love with AC-X11, GD-7F and the Razor. Any help trying to find my true love? I usually go for mid-range engagements, sometimes i try some 50m shots and if i lose a CQC engagement i become the "crazy german kid".
  17. Maxence822

    So I tried the razor and I must say I love it. I use a 2x scope, forward grip and hva on it. I love it so much that I now love it more than my beloved cyclone. I have succeeded in getting about 6 8x kill streaks with that weapon in the past 3 or 4 days and I still love it. I have begun to play more or less like I used to with my infiltrator except now I have a f***ing jetpack and two c4 explosives to help me! I love light assault. Thanks for all the help!
  18. Leivve

    Excellent work gentlemen, we have brought another into the LA master race.

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  19. Reclaimer77

    Glad you tried it and are having fun!
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  20. Maxence822

    I just tried to play VS light assault rather than my NC light assault. Play styles are so different... I'm not sure which one I like more. I love the VS guns though, I think the only reason I'm going to stay with NC in the long run is because my character is BR 45 or so and the VS one I just made is only BR 5. But maybe one day, when I have time to play a lot, I will come back to you, VS......