How to be good at light assault?

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Maxence822, Jan 6, 2015.

  1. Iridar51

    That video isn't really about techniques, more about general ideas behind LA play. If you want more specific stuff, Moukass has a great video:
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  2. Maxence822

    Ok that makes more sense :) thanks for the other video
  3. Leivve

    Or you could not do that and just use your jump jets. You can base dive from a very high point and you'll fall so fast that by the time your jets slow you down enough to keep you from going splat you'll already be at the ground.

    The fall damage should only be for drifters and people who are literally fresh to the game and have never used a jet pack before.
  4. Maxence822

    ok well then I will use something else
  5. Maxence822

    Does anyone have strategies for attacking the different types of bases?
  6. Reclaimer77

    Well you are getting a lot of good advice here. But my two cents?

    Get a Razor GD-23. It's godly and I honestly don't understand why more NC don't appreciate it. As a starting Light Assault player, this will give you an excellent feel for lining up enemies at medium range, and dispatching them quickly. The Razor is aptly named, because it's so accurate you feel like you're performing surgery.

    You don't NEED a 200 damage weapon to be an effective Light Assault player. Don't be seduced by the AX-11's stats. The thing is really unwieldy in a lot of cases and doesn't handle well.

    Accuracy, in my opinion, is THE most important thing you want in a carbine. You are going to constantly find yourself locked in combat with oversheild heavies. And the only thing that's going to save you, is putting more bullets into his face than he can put on yours.

    Accuracy and mobilty: That's the key to light assault.
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  7. Leivve

    My LC2 Lynx and LC3 Jaguar would like to have a word with you on this matter.
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  8. Reclaimer77

    lol oh no you don't. Keep that bullet hose Lynx pointed away from me!
  9. ATRA_Wampa-One

    One thing that helped me switching from HA to LA was watching streams of the best LA's and pick up their positioning habits. You'll probably not be able to match their accuracy, but at least you will know where to move and how to do it without exposing yourself.

    Also, the AX-11 and Razor are like the Pulsar C in which they're something that you should really reserve to long range work with a 3.4x, like camping the tree inside a bio-lab and picking off wounded targets across the base. Remember, the #1 rule for playing LA is that no one ever looks up.

    There really isn't a bad carbine on NC, but as other have said the default Mercenary, Compact S, or even Bandit would be good for you starting out. I would stay away from the GD-7F until you get the hang of things since while it's a beast in CQC it's crap damage per magazine and long reload time makes it really unforgiving, but if you really something that's beastly in CQC while being very forgiving there is always the Cyclone.

    A few things to remember about setting up weapons is that non long range carbines are meant to be hip fired so the general rule (minus a few exceptions) is to run laser and never run a barrel attachment since both compensators flash suppressors effect boom negatively which is very bad and silencers drastically reduce a carbines already low velocity. SPA on the other hand should always be run since the velocity hit is well worth extending the max damage distance since carbines have really bad damage drop-off.
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  10. K2k4

    Get up in trees and use the leaves and branches as cover. Learn to aim for the head, control your recoil and use short bursts of 4 bullets to keep your bloom down. Pick fights where your opponent is distracted and don't shoot at people out of your comfort range unless they are too busy to shoot back.
  11. Reclaimer77

    The only thing I don't like about the starter weapons is the lack of attachments. Specifically, Soft Point Ammo. Without SPA, carbines feel broken.

    That's why I saved the Solstice for my last Auraxium on the way to the Eclipse. And ugh, it was the worst grind of them all.
  12. Iridar51

    Yeah, SPA is what makes auraxium carbines really strong. Exceeeept for Eclipse :rolleyes:
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  13. ATRA_Wampa-One

    Don't remind me.

    Yes, lets take a gun with already atrocious damage per magazine, nerf that, but give it unlimited ammo.

    Realistically nerfing the damage per magazine made sense on the Betelgeuse, but on the Eclipse and Darkstar it just makes them unusable.
  14. Reclaimer77

    Hey hey the shine isn't even worn off my new toy and you're already trying to ruin my fun :p Besides it's not about how good the gun is. It's about saying "I have a Directive Carbine and you don't, therefore, I'm better than you!" LOL just kidding.

    I can't agree that it's "unusable". But 5 more bullets before overheating would make a world of difference. Or 10 :)
  15. ATRA_Wampa-One

    I'm about 2k kills away from it myself (did the Betelgeuse and only have 350 more shotgun kills for the LA armor) but all sub 750 ROF 143 AR/Carbines need 5 more rounds per magazine to bring them up to 167 & 200 damage AR/Carbines damage per magazine.

    Why it's sub 750 ROF is because the highest ROF 167 is 632 which is equivalent to a 738 ROF 143. Don't want to needlessly give a buff to high ROF 143 weapons when there isn't an equivalent 167 one DPS wise.
  16. Iridar51

    Even with 25 rounds per mag, Eclipse still has the fastest reload speed among carbines, 1.67 seconds is barely even a time.
  17. ATRA_Wampa-One

    Damage per magazine is vastly superior to fast reload speed in a game with sub second TTK times though.
  18. Reclaimer77

    The problem is HA shield. It's always been. But instead of fixing it, which should have been done years ago, the Devs try to balance everything around it.

    When you try to balance around an imbalance, without fixing the original problem, you get stuff like this. An elegant superb weapon, being viewed as useless because of that freaking overshield nonsense.
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  19. cykael

    Why do you consider ASC subpar? Maybe it's a playstyle difference but I consider it the best thing to have on almost all loadouts in the game.
  20. Iridar51

    I have laid out my reasoning behind this in the suit slot section of my gunplay guide, here's the link: