How to be good at light assault?

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  1. Maxence822

    I come from playing almost only infiltrator and I'm starting light assault (weirdly, I have most light assault guns unlocked already) and this is very hard for me. I have to move from being behind the scenes, waiting invisible to pick my fight and then almost always striking when the enemy could not see me or I had a clear advantage. So now that I've started light assault, my average kdr per session has dropped from around 1.5 to 0.3. Do you have any tips on how to survive in the world of light assault? Could you also give me a copy of your best builds and how to use them please? I'm NC so NC builds are preferred but any other build is appreciated as well :)
    Thank you very much,
  2. Iridar51

    You can check out my LA guide, link is in my signature. It has some suggested builds among other things.

    I'm surprised you find it difficult to transition from infil to LA, we are very similar to each other. We both have rather weak weapons, and no other advantage in direct combat, so we have to rely on our abilities to give us an edge.
    We both rely on our stealth to survive, and surprise advantage to kill.

    This is the general philosophy behind LA gameplay (turn on subtitles):

    What you should unlearn, I guess, is the reliance on cloak to regain stealth. With LA you have to do that by putting cover and distance behind you and the enemy.

    The upside is that as LA you can go pretty much anywhere, the freedom of movement is overwhelming. And you can use your main ability, the Jet pack, much more freely than you can use the cloak, as jet pack's sound is barely audible, compared to the cloak which instantly notifies everyone within 50m that there's an infiltrator of certain faction in the area.

    If you remember one thing, just don't be where normal infantry is. Always try to be in places where only LA can go. This alone increases chances of your survival tenfold.

    Let me know if you have more questions after watching the video.
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  3. Maxence822

    Thanks a lot! I'll make sure to check it out. Anyone else have any more builds for me? I would love a build that works well for close/medium range based around the ac-x11 if anyone has one?
  4. Maxence822

    Just watched your guide video! Thank you for your help. Now I just need some builds, does not have to be ac-x11, can be anything else really, except shotguns, I'm very bad with those
  5. Iridar51

    There's pretty much only one "not awful" build for AC-X11, which is just standard long range setup: forward grip, compensator, HVA. Normally I don't recommend using compensator on carbines, but AC-X11 is a unique case; it has unusually high vertical recoil, and compensator reduces it more than on other weapons.

    You can, of course, try using it with laser sight / no barrel, as I have done for one of my LA montages, but it's a suboptimal loadout which I used just for giggles.

    As for other certifications, there's really only one LA setup: nanoweave, regeneration, jump jets, frag grenade, C4.
    Other certifications are either subpar or situational.

    If C4 is too expensive for you, you can use med kits instead, and any other implant you want.
    You're also not in a hurry to get highest rank of Jump Jets and Nanoweave.
  6. Maxence822

    Thanks a lot, can you reccomend any other gun? I'm trying to pick a definite gun to play with and so far I only tried to x11 because of its high damage. Are there more guns you could recommend?
  7. Maxence822

    I already have rank 4 jump jets and I have the first c4 upgrade. I also have rank 4 nanoweave although I might switch to running speed to get extra boost with my jetpack
  8. AlterEgo

    I'll be honest, I am no Iridar-class JetTrooper, but I do have a few bits of advice:p
    As a New Conglomerate Light Assault, your weapons are mostly hard-hitting and fairly controllable (This goes doubly-so for the ACX). Thus, going against Terran enemies should be no problem at ranges above 30-50 meters, the range at which your high-caliber rounds deal more damage than the low-caliber Terran rounds that lose more damage than your rounds. Plus, the lower rate of fire does complement a ranged fight, and if you want to tweak your loadout, try a 2x-3.4x scope, a definite forward grip, HVA if you like, and, because you are an Infiltrator at heart, a silencer if you like. The last two are purely the way I think an Infiltrator-turned-Light Assault would tweak his weapons out, but it depends on how you play.

    Now, my genetically modified brethren may prove a bit more obnoxious, as we have weapons with almost Terran fire rates, only coupled with accuracies higher than both the TR and NC. Here is where you must become a bit head-hunting. Aim for the head whenever possible. The high damage from NC weapons should do nicely, and what's even better about the ACX is that you need score two bodyshots and finish your target with a headshot (Dealing a punishing 400 damage), or a double headshot, with a consecutive body shot to secure the kill. Otherwise, try to use cover to remain as small of a target as possible; VS weapons have more horizontal recoil than NC weapons, so ensure that you use this side-to-side shaking to your advantage. Hope I helped, and good luck!:D

    Edit: The Razor would be a good choice, as it is considered by many to be one of the most accurate NC weapon in the game, Drathamus approved. Try it out to see if it fits you!
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  9. Iridar51

    As NC, you can't go wrong with Mercenary, it's one of the best carbines in the game, and it works equally well with Laser or Forward Grip. If it kicks a bit too hard, or if you want something with a bit more range, you can try Razor.

    If you have lots of experience using SMGs as infiltrator, you can try that, they work well for LAs. Bandit offers very similar playstyle to Cyclone, but has more ammo and longer effective range. Worse hip fire, obviously.

    GD-7F is an utter beast, arguably the best CQC carbine in the game, but it's not something I would recommend to someone not confident in his LA gameplay, as it has bad accuracy, small mag, and fires very fast, so you can't afford to do any mistakes with that gun.

    AC-X11 is also something I wouldn't recommend to a beginner, but if you like playing with that, go ahead, it's not a terrible weapon.

    NC LAs are blessed with very strong and diverse arsenal, so you can't go wrong with any gun, as long as you remember to play to its strengths.
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  10. Maxence822

    Thanks a lot I'll make sure to do that! If anyone has a weapon (preferably carbine) for short to medium ranged fights please give me loadout :) Thanks!
  11. Iridar51

    Thumbs upped for good basic gunplay advice.
  12. Maxence822

    Ok I think I'll try the Mercenary once again and then go and use my razor if I don't like the mercenary. Any recommended loadouts for those two guns?
  13. AlterEgo


    Hear that world??? My advice is BASICALLY GOOD!
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  14. Maxence822

  15. Iridar51

    I just wanted to specify I didn't thumbs up just because you called me a high-caliber LA ;)

    Like I said, Mercenary works equally well with laser or grip. I suggest you use it stock, just add a 1x or 2x reflex. Then play normally.

    Try to note what you are doing more, aiming down sights, or hip firing, then use the corresponding attachment to improve that.

    Razor is a bit more ranged combat oriented than Mercenary, so it's better to use a long range setup: forward grip and HVA, compensator isn't recommended, but you can use it if you struggle with vertical recoil. Scope at your preference, I would recommend starting with 3.4x, and then, as you get more familiar with LA playstyle and the weapon itself, dial it down to 2x.
  16. Leivve

    The biggest tip anyone can teach you is to think vertically.

    And max your jet pack asap. when you get max jump jets you can climb all the way to the top of an amp station in a single go. You can start reliably using the supports under biolab landing pads, ect. All those places of legend that are the best places to farm suddenly become reality.
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  17. Leivve

    I think there are a few implants that can stand toe to toe with regeneration. Enhanced targeting is good for picking off weakened targets hiding behind a rock formation. And it GREATLY help with tank hunting (the main reason I bring it.)

    I think Range Finder can also help someone who is starting out so they can make sure they are in a effective range if they are use to LMGs or other long range weaponry.
  18. Maxence822

    Ok I just played a little using some techniques from your video and I got my kdr back to around 0.8 for that session :) I just can't seem to figure out the way to do the whole "enemy sees you, you run around a corner and then fly up the building then flank him" thing because the enemies always seem to see me when I'm flying up the building. What I was really good at was killing maxes by flying above them and dropping c4 and then blowing them up :) I think in the 30 minutes I played I got about 3 max kills.
    Well thank you very much for your advice and I will do my best to be a good NC light assault.
  19. Maxence822

    I also think for light assault that the fall damage reduction helps greatly :) It allows you to escape and to fall safely and much faster than with the jets :)
  20. Iridar51

    You should try to stay in the air for as little as possible, flying LA is very vulnerable. So if you need to get on top of the building, first run up to said building, and then fly vertically along the wall:


    As for the mind game itself, it's a very situational thing. Ideally, you don't want for the enemy to see you at all, but if that happens, most of the time you want to escape via safest route and then reset the engagement, i.e. restart it on your terms.
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