How to battle hopping Light Assault?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Diplocaulus, Jan 4, 2013.

  1. Diplocaulus

    I've discovered that experienced Light Assault can pounce like a grasshopper in close quarters (e.g., inside a capture point) and make quick work of me, typically by leaping on top of me (without making a sound) and taking me out with a head shot before I can get more than just a few rounds off. Even armed with a Lasher I seem to be no match for these silent lightning assaults. Any suggestions?
  2. LordTankT9

    I play mostly as HA and poison those guys with lead, works great.
  3. Silverfish

    Let us continue?
  4. serenekaos

    LA's across all 3 factions have access to the fastest firing weapons available. Thus when they jet-pack up and rain down the pain on you they are doing it with a great CQC weapon and have superior position to shoot you in the face.....

    So yea....they can rip you a new one with ease.
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  5. Diplocaulus

    Dern. Maybe what's needed is an insecticide fogger?
  6. ent|ty

    So is that what the kids are calling 'bunny hopping' nowadays? yes, its technically not 'bunny hopping', but if you bounce around in the middle of a firefight while you're reloading to mess up the hitboxes for the other person who is shooting at you, which was known as 'hopping around like an idiot/bunny' which was then used later as 'bunny hopping'... well ummm... whatever you get the point.

    Hopping around works.

    Hopping makes my game look stupid.

    Hopping works only short term against skilled enemies.
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  7. MeltingCPU

    I used to have no respect for LAs when playing HA till one of them did that to me lol. Kudos to him.
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  8. Diplocaulus

    I used to play a lot of Battlefield 2 where bunny hopping was explicitly forbidden on many servers, but yes, it's otherwise effective. I guess what annoys me most about the Light Assault close-quarters version is that it's silent--no hiss of a jet pack or pitter-patter of hopping feet.
  9. Talizzar

    Situational Awarness.........

    Don't put yourself in places where you cannot protect yourself or have team members protecting your flanks etc.
  10. MarioO

    Hopping around is very uneffective on range (beginning with medium range). It is only usefull if the the hopping one jumps around right next to his enemy. And even then not always. And actually that's not a problem you have only with LA. Actually I see it happen much more often with infiltrators and medics.
    Also the shooting while flying isn't a real problem, since it's very unaccurate. It's fun if you're able to shoot someone while flying, though.
  11. Isila

    To defeat the cyberdemon, shoot it until it dies.

    A player's COF is at its absolute worst when jumping. You have the accuracy advantage on a jumping light assault, use it to plug his face full of lead.

    "Bunny Hopping" actually comes from early 3D FPS games like Quake, where the player physics were such that repeatedly jumping while moving would cause the player to move considerably quicker than normal speed. The term has since been misunderstood by successive generations of players new to FPS games who take it to mean any situation in which an enemy jumps when you wish they hadn't.

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  12. DankFist

    Stay on the move while he's in the air. His accuracy is **** while hovering and he not only has to actively aim at you, but control where he's flying.
  13. Dubious

    Unless he has a shotgun :p
  14. {joer

    When a LA jumps his COF goes to hell, as such I think of a jumping LA as skeet shooting. Worry about them on the ground, in the air, they are free certs.
  15. YPHOS

    man, just run behind him and try to stay behind. aiming while flying is still horrible do this all at once, you can outmove him and wait until he lands and in his last second he comes to bottom you can start shooting. you can also use his jumps for your advantage if you play right.
  16. Isila

    You can get a shotgun too. In fact, you should; shotguns are some of the best value-per-cert you can get in the game. A single cert expenditure unlocks the gun and each of its attachments for four classes at a time (HA, LA, Med, Engi). With extended mags, slugs, and your favorite close-to-mid-range optics, shotguns become very good weapons for typical base battle ranges.
  17. phungus420

    They have to be in CQ to do this effectively, and if so you have to kill them without aiming down sights and strafing, it's actually not unlike dealing with actual bunny hopping in Doom2 really - except now you have super shields which I think is better (but kudos to the LA's who've put in the effort to learn this skill, I'm lazy and will stick to reflexively hitting f).
  18. D0n

    Play HA.
  19. Badname3073

    Shoot them in the balls, get a ballsshot
  20. ozziewolf

    Jet Packs aren't silent. I frequently hear other Light Assault players using their jump jets and get the drop on them because of it. It's just often times hard to hear with all of the guns and explosions going off.
    Switch to a Light Assault and use your jet packs. That is the same sound you will hear when a player is using his jet pack near you.

    As for jumping Light Assault most of the ones doing it are guys with shotguns who are trying to make it hard to hit them while they get within shotgun range to kill you.
    The main counters I can think of is having a shotgun of your own, having friends, or having superior positioning that makes it difficult for the light assault to get in range.
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